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Human billboard Joe Tamargo gets a permanent Save Martha Tattoo today

SaveMartha gets it's pound of flesh

"I have now officially shed blood for Martha Stewart" Joe Tamargo

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The Save Martha Tattoo Parlor Our first Save Martha tattoo was planted on Joe Tamargo's right arm today at 2 PM. at Cliff's Tattoo & Body Piercing in Huntington Village, NY. It features a stylish blend of complementary colors, in our classic Hollywood san serif font.

This permanent tattoo will forever carry the message forward forever that saving Martha is a good thing. (The original message "Sign the petiition to pardon Martha Stewart" was changed due to the opinion of tattoo experts that it would be too long for Joe's arm.) We think (and we hope) that Martha would approve.

Check out the blow by blow video recap of the event which was produced by Long Island videographer Annie McKenna. Please say a prayer for Joe that it didn't hurt too much. The new Save Martha Tattoo Parlor should be open later today for those of you who have either never been to jail or in a biker club but still want a tattoo.

Body As Billboard: New Trend In Advertising?--1010Wins

Man earns money by using his body as a billboard--Newsday

Update: Joe is in the tattoo chair as we speak, surrounded by a media horde. We should have a video replay of the stenciling of his right arm shortly.

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Man earns money by using his body as a billboard--Newsday
Joe Tamargo wears his support for Martha Stewart on his sleeve. Actually, it's UNDER his sleeve. Tamargo, 31, has started a new enterprise, selling advertisers the opportunity to permanently tattoo their messages on his body.

John Small, the leader of the Martha Stewart fan group, says he has been exploring various ways to keep the spotlight on the domestic goddess's plight. She was convicted last year for lying about a stock deal in 2001. "We were looking for a way to make our message heard," Small said. "We were thinking this would be a good shot in the arm."

"I definitely support her," Tamargo said of Stewart. "I think she was targeted for the wrong reasons and I think her punishment was too severe."

Readers sign up for Save Martha Comeback Team: Tell Martha I miss her shows and her smiling face, and the things she teaches people. It was a crime to send her to jail she is a good and brave person. She had to take a lot of crap to build her company and the men were jealous so they scammed her. Love you Martha, Lee Nicoletti

Tattoo if you love Martha--CNN
Joe Tamargo to get first Save Martha tattoo Thursday at 1PM

Joe Tamargo jr. says he also supports Martha...
The folks at the Save Martha! Web site have come up with a sharp new way to give their fallen heroine a "shot in the arm" ... they bought ad space on the body of entrepreneurial Long Islander Joe Tamargo.

Yep, Tamargo is targeted for a tattoo reading "Save Martha! Sign the petition to pardon Martha Stewart!," in multicolored graphics. After they wheel him out of Cliff's Tattoo& Body Piercing in Huntington Village, New York this Thursday, Tamargo's arm will bear a permanent plea for mercy for the domestic diva.

John Small hopes "to inspire people to get their own tattoo in support of Martha." He neglected to mention whether he himself would go under the needle.

Martha's new TV show clears 60% of the country!

Group pays LI man to have 'Save Martha' tattoo ad on arm--Newsday

Fans get Martha her pound of flesh--Boston Herald

Would you get a tattoo for Martha?

As seen on :
Sacrifice Your Naked Flesh In The Name Of Martha Stewart

Human Body Art and Billboard Joe Tamargo (above) goes under the needle Thursday.

He has divided his body into sections for sale as shown in the diagram below.

Won on Ebay Long Islander Joe Tamargo is heading to Cliff's Tattoo & Body Piercing at 394 New York Ave. in Huntington Village this Thursday at 1PM to get the first permanent Save Martha tattoo. We will be capturing the moment on video so we can share it with all of Martha's fans online. It cost us an arm and a leg, but having a piece of body art done for Martha is worth it. The tattoo will be on Joe's right arm, and will say "Save Martha! Sign the petition to pardon Martha Stewart!"

Joe has a pool cleaning business and he has a family of five children to support. He just started this new business selling tattoos on his body and already has sold his first one to online pharmacy When Joe learned he was getting a tattoo to support Martha Stewart he was thrilled. "I love Martha Stewart, my whole family supports her and thinks what happened was wrong. I'll support her any way I can."

What better way to keep the Save Martha message alive that with a permanent tattoo? We think Joe may just the first of many. Would you be willing to get a tattoo for Martha?

Meanwhile, a group of young ladies needs your help so they can go down to Alderson on March 6th to celebrate her release. Ebay auction: Send these fans to Alderson to welcome Martha Stewart back to freedom

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Would you be willing to get a tattoo for Martha?

If I came home with a tattoo my wife would tattoo me upside the head with one of our Martha frying pans LOL. BUT, we are still buying Martha products and investing in MSO!
Michael Wright

I would get a tattoo for Martha if it would help her get out of jail a few weeks early. I would get a tattoo with a big heart and her name in the middle, and underneath it would say "It's a good thing!" After all she has done for us it is the least I could do.


I will get a liver transplant for Martha..I have been on the waiting list at Scripps Torrey Pines, in La Jolla Calif, for over 3 months
Tom McLean

I would get a tattoo for Martha anyday she is my hero and she shouldn't be put in jail.
Baili C.

No, but they were talking about Martha today on SIRIUS Jazz Cafe - they said that there is a good chance her attorneys may get her released early, and that she had good things to report about how much she was learning in prison.

Is there breaking news that you aren't aware of? I checked both AP and Reuters and am finding zippo.

You are always on top of everything Martha - perhaps you need to dig around a bit and see what SIRUIS was talking about - I heard this about 2PM.


NO--nor for anyone else. That just isn't my cup of tea! I don't think Miss Martha would be tatooed for anyone either. It just isn't the thing a lady would do.
Marjorie Allison

Would you? This is stupid.... Martha is old news. I stumbled upon this web site through CNN. Why anyone cares about M is a mystery. Can you not figure out how to stuff your own pillow or bake your own cookie? Flat out lame.


Editor's reply: Actually, Martha's cookies are the best. Now go take a nap on your own stuffed Martha pillow.

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