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Sigourney Weaver as Martha Stewart - It's a good thing!

by Andrew Ritchie

The thought of seeing Cybill Shepherd play Martha again gives me hives. I got to thinking who else might be able to play the role.

When John Small saw Martha Stewart going in and out of the courthouse last year he marveled at how statuesque she was - a graceful woman at 5'9" with a commanding presence and a strong attitude. This got me thinking...

Sigourney Weaver is a natural to play Martha.

She is 5'11" and has played so many incredible roles over the years (nominated for 3 Academy Awards along the way), all of them defined by a clear sense of strength and purpose, not to mention depth and importance.

There was Ellen Ripley - the intrepid galactic martyr who seemed destined to battle a horrible species of alien for the rest of her life. There was Katherine Parker, the uptown executive in Working Girl who espoused the ways of simple elegance and corporate power. There was her stunning portrayal of environmentalist and activist Diane Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist that won her wide critical acclaim. To each role Sigourney plays she brings her unique brand of female power and authority.

Sigourney Weaver would bring grace, power and beauty to the role of Martha Stewart. She would put Cybill Shepherd to shame.

Weaver's agents, take note! I did a bit of enhancing using Photoshop to illustrate how perfect Sigourney is for the role. A little hair dye can go a long way!

-Andrew Ritchie 

Dear Cybill,
I really hope you choose not to play this role. I've had the pleasure of interviewing Martha and hosting her at my store in Toronto. Your performance was unrealistic, stiff and quite frankly untelling. It would be quite hard for us to believe a revamped martha as the first one was so unrealistic. Please let someone else have the chance.

Shawn G

Dear Cybill,

I think playing the part Martha Stewart in the CBS TV movie is a big mistake because your portrayal of Martha Stewart in Martha Inc. on NBC was far less than that of which you are capable. Why appear in yet another low-budget TV Movie about her? Why portray someone using a negative and repitious script? How can you take part in such tabloid trash?

Assume that Christopher Byron, who wrote the awful & unauthorized biography of Ms. Stewart & other trash-like articles in the tabloid where he works, will be present at the filming to give the cast his "expect advice". Did you ever consider that his vengeful, vindictive and venonous manner may be applied toward you?

More-than-many refuse to watch CBS, at all now that they dropped Martha's appearances but especially MARTHA STEWART LIVING! It will be a long, long time before I tune in to CBS!

Also your physical appearance is nothing at all like the person "Martha" except for your mutal blondeness. You were incapable in the 1st TV movie of exhibiting any of her positive qualities & your portrayal of her opposite qualities were laughable. Why do another movie portraying Martha Stewart, another hastily thrown together film when others especially Candice Bergen could do a much better job?

Think about this, do you wish to be forever labeled as a "Martha basher" or the one that played Martha Stewart in yet another nade-for TV movie? Why not salvage you career now, while you can? Leave that to Byron who appears to consider himself an expert; he already has the corner on the above label.

It seems that the media has done an excellent job of relating the story of Martha rise to fame, her investigation, her trial and her time spent at Alderson, West Virginia Federal prison, at home, at work and just about anything & anywhere she goes. WE DON'T NEED MORE. Daily we search websites like for GOOD NEWS about Martha. Before considering the portrayal of MARTHA STEWART again, please refer to them.


Dear Cybill,

No no no! Not again!

All I can say is, Madam, when you begin the round of talk shows please keep in mind that you are no Martha Stewart. Past comparisons by youself to MS have only prompted a good chuckle from viewers.

Dr. Didigee
Woodside, California

Dear Cybill,
Please don't play Martha again. If you do please don't present yourself the mean you you did in the last movie. Martha always has a happy look on her face, in the movie you looked as if she were frowning. Please note Martha NEVER fowns. thanks

A fan

Dear Cybill,
If you do take the role to play Martha Stewart please do a better acting job and play her with the class she has brought into all our homes all these years. Martha is not a hash slinger as you portrayed her in the last so called movie.

Dear Cybill,

CBS seeks to exploit you in their continued hostile agenda against Martha Stewart. Also, you are lacking in intellect and talents to portray fairly and do justice to our truly noble Martha Stewart. For the sake of your personal and professional dignity and the cause of decency in your profession, you are urged to decline the role and just say NO to CBS.


Dear Cybill,

Dear Save Martha,

Martha should be allowed to go on with her life. This whole debacle was idiotic and ego laden. They say she was punished for lying to the federal government??? Excuse me but, didn't Bill Clinton do that publicly and which prison was he in? Martha should go on being just Martha, that is who we all rooted for and admire. All companies experience growth and change and who better than the woman who created it with her vision and strength can and should lead them through it? Whatever your belief with regard to her guilt or innocence, she has paid the debt she supposedly owed to society and should be left in peace to do whatever it is she wants to do with the blessing of everyone.

Lori Falconer

Dear Jay Leno,

I wonder Jay if  it was Oprah in this position if you would continue with the bantering that you are heaping on Martha. Shame on you your retiring does not come soon enough for me. If you think well people still watch my show you are so wrong,I stopped when your jokes first started about Martha,I heard about your jokes from a friend and they to are  disappointed in you.      Linda Smith

Dear Jay,
Making jokes about Martha is your prerogative.  I've heard Martha say that she doesn't mind if you and Dave Letterman do that because it's your job.  But I think it's really tacky to mention Martha's name in the same sentence as Michael Jackson (a child molestor) and Enron executives who have destroyed the life savings of so many people.

Lorraine H.

Martha,Dear Martha,
I am so so so proud of you. You should never have spent a second in jail as far as I am concerned. I have been a fan from the beginning and let me say this you are a NOW A DAY HERO for women and I think that's what (pissed in everybody's post toasties) as my Grandpa used to say!!(The Big Bad Goverment and Male CEO's) They were just JEALOUS PERIOD!!!!! and for your success they wrongly persucuted you and I am truly truly sorry for that. As for the media well (ma'ma used to call some ppl) The Big One Eyed Green Monster got a hold of em and did a number on their little peabrains, that green monster went to town on what brains they had left. Some one VERY wise once said ....(and I quote) Forgive them Father for they know-not what they do........ So either they temporaily went insane or they are insanely JEALOUS. Sweet Martha You became BIG and Badder than any of them ever will ON YOUR OWN, it wasn't handed to you YOU EARNED IT FAIR AND SQUARE. and that's what made them FEAR you!
. So come girl ...Let's pick you up dust yourself off and this time Give em' a Double Whammy of Good ol' Martha Stewart Success. Because NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can do it as well as Martha Stewart can... I will and always will support and pray for you & your company & everyone who help's you. So Hold your Head High and Let's get you back in the saddle again...shoot for the Moon this time Martha us fans have your back all the way!!!!!!!
Love,Hugs,Kisses,Prayers &
Most of all I got a BIG size 12 in men's cowboy boot to help you Kick em,Stomp em and send em home cryin to their mommies.....hehehehehehe YeeHaw and GOD BLESS MARTHA STEWART
Cause Texas Does.

By popular demand, here is the Save Martha to Do list, a simple list of things we think you can do to help Martha, her company and her shareholders. Do one or do all of them. Do them early, and often. If you see something that is missing from the list, e-mail it to us at

1. Participate

The only way a democracy can truly function is with everyone's participation. Here are a few ways you can participate to help Martha Stewart and her company.


It is time for us all to help Martha put her company back in order and to be there to support her along the way. Join The Save Martha Comback Team

2. Meetup

Organize a local meeting in your area to have a Kmart party or a Save Martha rally with other fans at

Come to the February 5th meetup in your area

(Meetups are the first Saturday of the month)

Join other Martha Stewart fans at a local meetup in your area to discuss ways to support Martha and her company. Sign up now!

3. Speak out

Sign the petition to President Bush asking him to pardon Martha Stewart.

Write to the President aand tell him how you feel:

President George W. Bush:
Vice President Richard Cheney:

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Comments:   202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414
FAX:             202-456-2461

Online contact form

We need your help: send the petition to a friend...

4. Promote

Martha's company now faces serious financial uncertainty. Here at we will promote Martha's products and magazines, letting visitors know of new books, new magazines and new products by Martha as they become available. Each month we will give our top-five Martha products with a review of each. You can help us by buying these Martha Stewart products as gifts for friends or for your own collection.

You can start today by subscribing to Martha Stewart magazines, or sending them as gifts to your friends. Don't forget Everyday Food! Subscribe or buy it each month at the grocery store.

See Martha Stewart's books at

5. Support

Tell Martha
Send Martha supportive words of encouragement via her website, - that's why it's there. She will need us now more than ever. Tell her and show her you care. Her company also needs to see that we care so send feedback to her magazines, give the editors ideas for content and show Martha's employees you care about them too.

Tell the local TV station and cable company you support Martha's programming

Write to TV stations and networks that have canceled her shows, or have produced unflattering shows about her trial, and express your discontent. Tell CBS canceling Martha Stewart Living is not a good thing!e

Write to stations that continue to carry Martha Stewart programming, and tell them you appreciate their support:

In NY, contact WLNY

Write to your local TV station if they discontinue the programming. Please email us at with this information asap so we can alert others.

6. Invest
Many have suggested setting up an easy way to invest in Martha Stewart Omnimedia. We are not an investment advisor, and the last thing we intend to do is provide any insider tips. Talk to an investment professional and see if this is a good option for you. (See MSO stock price)

7. Dress for success
Wear your Save Martha gear around the neighborhood and to Kmart. It helps keep the message alive and is a great conversation starter. Also makes a great gift for Mother's day. Proceeds help us keep this website continue the thousands of hours of work it has taken to make this campaign a success.

8. Donate
We need your help to continue this campaign

Donations will also help us to expand and continue the campaign that is now going into it's third year. Help keep the campaign to Save Martha going strong. Donations of over $75 get a free Save Martha chefs hat. Make a donation now!

Note: for those who do not want to use PayPal, you can send your donation to:

John Small
400 2nd Ave 3a
New York, NY 10010

9. Express

Write letters to House members as well as to your Senator about your outrage regarding the outcome of this trial. Tell them, politely but firmly, that you find their tactics in this investigation and trial to be aggressive and unfair. Show your disappointment.

Tell Leno, Letterman and Conan their late night jokes may be funny to some, but they are not helping to repair all the damage that has been done.

Write letters to the editors of your favorite papers expressing your sadness and frustration about the guilty verdict and cancel subscriptions to papers you feel have given Martha unfair press, letting the editors know why you are unsubscribing.

Write to TV stations that maintain Martha's shows and tell them you are pleased by their decision.

Tell your cable company you want channels that carry Martha Stewart programming.

10. Help make Martha's combeack the succes it promises to be!