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Our readers are wondering why the National Organization for Women (NOW) is spending so much time on a boycott of The Masters golf tournament at Augusta, but not any time helping one of the most successful women in America in her time of need. NOW hasn't said a word on behalf of Martha, a woman who made it into the "Boys Club" on her own merits and is now being forced out by the unfair media attention (remember her resignation from the NYSE?) Now is your chance to tell NOW to help Save Martha! Tell Now To Help save Martha!

Giving Thanks
By Andrew Ritchie
Imagine yourself on the northern coast of Canada, on Baffin Island, in the year 1576. The land is harsh, the wind is cold and there is nary a hint of human settlement. It was here that Martin Forbisher, an English explorer, celebrated the first recorded Thanksgiving on the North American continent, a full 43 years before the pilgrims of Massachusetts at Plymouth Rock. The notion of celebrating an autumn harvest, however, dates back centuries and can be found in numerous cultures all around the world. (Read More)

Vanity Fair Says Save Martha!



This month's Vanity Fair's Out & In column (p. 295) says is in, but FryMartha .com is out. Just goes to show that good conquers evil every time. We think that's a good thing! Now if they would only write good things about people who aren't tall, thin, straight and blonde and help Save Rosie!
First, Rosie O'Donnell lost control of her magazine. Now she is losing her name. Her publisher G+J is suing her for $300 million! G+J just shut down the magazine and laid off 120 people. Visit, join the boycott of Bertelsmann's products, and give Rosie a Hug!

Reader Mail

Dear Save Martha,

I would like to speak out in Marthas defense concerning the Ambiguous Stop-Loss Issue. After reading these articles, it is to wonder, how many other corporations have made this same mistake and been treated in this way? This attitude of veiled delight at seeing her hammered is strange considering at a time when we Americans are supposed to be banding together in unity, have sought out to injure Martha. She created jobs for Americans and honored other cultures on her shows and in her magazines. She is good to her mom. Still, somehow it seems she is being singled out for this stock problem for sake of a phantasmagoric vindication. Why this witch-burning propaganda? Why do this to Martha and target her for something almost every corporate hierarchy has been guilty of?

Angie Douglas

Dear Martha: I'm with you all the way. Don't let them bully you with false accusations and innuendos. I love your TV program and love to take down your recipes or get them on the internet. What's not tolike???? Nothing. Good luck. Marian Boone, Woodland, California

More Reader Mail

Read this week's brilliant installment of Deconstructing Byron by Andrew Ritchie:

Vol. 6., A Nascent Empire: the Martha Moment is Born

What Chris Byron is itching to say throughout Martha Inc., but never actually does, is rife with all the ugly misogyny that has afflicted his generation’s "Old Boy’s Club" since American women first entered the workforce. It goes something like this: "Martha is an uppity, greedy bitch who forgot her place as the dutiful housewife. She eats men for breakfast and uses their bones as floss, all the while plotting how to conquer the world, bent on a little girl’s fantasy of the perfect, doll-house life."

The sentiment is there, throughout the book, in all his references to her as the "alpha male," as the frigid mother who never had time for Alexis, as the wretched wife who is more interested in bank books than caring for her husband’s every need.

What Chris Byron has done in the process of writing such tripe, over and over again, is undermine the legitimacy of his biography on Martha Stewart, reducing it to a puffed-up tabloid rag on par with its predecessor, Jerry Oppenheimer’s Just Desserts, which will remembered not for its balanced research but for its nasty tone and cruel intent. (Read On)

Chestnuts Roasting?

Kmart goes hunk for the holidays
You won't see Martha in Kmart ads this holiday season, but you will be seeing plenty of Vaughn the Joe Boxer guy dancing around half naked in little red Santa shorts. It must be getting much harder for Santa to decide who's naughty, and who's nice? See Vaughn's reaction to the news...

Kmart CEO announces Martha Stewart sales are UP!--MSNBC
MSO shares up 10%

 “WE’RE SEEING THAT THE product is actually doing better than last year, on a per-store basis,” James Adamson, chief executive officer of Kmart, told reporters before a speech at the Detroit Economic Club. “We were very encouraged that people are separating Martha Stewart Living the brand from Martha Stewart the personality. We continue to try to separate the two,” Adamson said.

Hope it's not too late to put Martha back in those Kmart holiday ads...

The Party's Over; SJ lays off reporters that broke stories about Martha Stewart scandal--NY Post

What goes around comes around: Martha Inc. author Chistopher Byron Sued for Libel--Washington Post

Martha Stewart Living Says Investigations Have Taken Toll--Dow Jones

Kmart Unveils Holiday Marketing Campaign--Dow Jones
This year marks the first time Kmart's Martha Stewart Everyday productcategories include holiday items.

Martha Stewart Is Less Visible in Ads for Kmart--by CONSTANCE L. HAYS, NY Times

Kmart is calling its holiday ad campaign "Give More Gifts, Spread More Cheer." At the same time, the retailer is showing less Martha Stewart. Instead, her voice is heard while a festive Santa Claus appears inside a snow globe on the screen, along with a fully decorated Christmas tree and examples of the products.

This is the first visible sign that Kmart, which is operating under bankruptcy protection, may be trying to limit the association shoppers make between the store and Ms. Stewart.

The media makes 'em then breaks 'em, by Michael Korb, The Saratogian
As I sit here in my ''Free Winona'' T-shirt finishing up the needlepoint work on my ''Exonerate Martha, It's a Good Thing'' Thanksgiving tablecloth, I can't help but be filled with regret and self-loathing. You see, it appears I helped bring down these two scofflaws and you, the American people, are paying the price -- literally.
This year, because of her bad mojo and our bad media, Martha isn't getting a televised holiday special, meaning I won't be able to make those rum-covered, peanut butter and bacon Christmas tree-shaped cookies the neighborhood children love so much.

The Broker Did It!
Smoking Gun Found: Merrill Lynch Computer Glitch Confirms Martha's Story!

Thanksgiving arrives a few weeks early this year. As reported in the NY Post , a computer glitch at Martha Stewart's brokerage Merrill Lynch made it impossible at the time of her stock sale for computers to execute a stop-loss order. This would confirm what Martha has said all along, and would explain why assistant Douglas Faneuil knew nothing of the agreement between Martha and broker Peter Bacanovic. It also confirms many e-mails we have received for months from investors who have had the same thing happen to them. One writer even names Merrill Lynch as the broker who screwed up their stock sale, forgetting to sell at the agreed price. Martha's legal team is pursuing the investigation into Merrill Lynch's computer system, which has since corrected the glitch. How come this story isn't on the front page of the Post like all of the others? Save Martha!

Martha Stewart Investigation one Big Turkey--Newsday
After months of congressional grandstanding and front page headlines, the Martha Stewart case has slipped into the background, and some sources say the investigation has slowed to a near-stop, with no sign of an imminent resolution.Major players who once had nearly constant contact with investigators say they have not heard from the U.S. Justice Department or the Securities and Exchange Commission in more than a month. "Is the public thinking about Martha Stewart or are they thinking about turkey stuffing and lots of gifts?" asked one lawyer. "I would argue it would be the latter." Happy Turkey!

SEC Mess Means Agency Unable to Pursue Corporate Crime--NY Times
Does the current mess at the SEC explain why Martha Stewart has been the focal point of government investigations, while major corporate fraudsters walk free? The SEC's corporation finance division, which for years never examined in detail the filings of thousands of companies, including Enron, remains unable to analyze the majority of the 15,000 filings by corporations each year. The division now focuses on the nation's largest companies.

But in some cases, according to officials, reviewers have just one day to examine as many as six corporate annual reports to see if they are problematic. The secretarial staff is so small that many senior analysts spend huge amounts of time simply photocopying documents. Officials also labor under an antiquated computer system that makes it difficult to perform the most rudimentary kinds of analysis of financial information.

"The headline here inside the agency is a lot of noise and little action," said Michael Clampitt, a lawyer and accountant who has worked in the S.E.C.'s corporation finance division for the last 12 years. "People are basically hoping that everything blows over and nothing bad happens. It has been a travesty."

Happy 10th Anniversary Martha!
I have adored you and your show for many years now. I am so grateful to you for everything you have provided us with. I am 27 and have been a Martha Stewart Addict for almost the whole 10 years. I hope you will be around for many more as well. Enjoy your special day, you deserve it! Letha Newlan

Last year's dismal sales, consequentially growing debt problems and lackluster prospects sent the third largest mass retailer spiraling into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2002. The mass merchant was taking no chances yesterday. The chain opened at 5 a.m. across the country and offered everything from Martha Stewart Living Everyday products to toys and electronics at deep discounts.

Shoppers out in force on Black Friday --Courier-Post
It might be the triple whammy of retail - the day after Thanksgiving, the first day of Hanukkah and the kickoff of the shortest possible holiday shopping season. On Black Friday, so named because it's the time of year retailers expect to go "in the black," Janet Boyer of Haddonfield dragged three bags laden with board games through Cherry Hill Mall. "And I'm not done yet," she said.

Martha's elves get time in spotlight--Sun Sentinel
Unlike Ralph Lauren, whose empire of clothing and home furnishings projects an image beyond the man, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia is Martha Stewart.
These days the once ubiquitous "Domestic Diva" is taking the lowest profile of her career. She's even stepping aside and allowing the invisible elves on her staff to take some credit. It looks like Martha and her advisers are finally realizing the ImClone insider trading scandal really has tarnished the golden girl's image. They know if they want to save her brand, it will be a good thing to take the focus off Martha.

Buyers are gobbling up Martha Stewart stock, by TRACY CONNOR, DAILY NEWS
Martha Stewart has something to be thankful for this holiday - her company's stock isn't such a turkey anymore. Shares of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia shot up almost 15% yesterday, closing at $11.25. That's more than double since six weeks ago, when it sank to an all-time low because of Stewart's entanglement in the ImClone insider trading scandal.

Fed probe of Martha stalls,SEC faces tough fight on civil suit--NY Daily News

Utah group sticks up for Martha--Deseret News

U.S. to Try to Add To Waksal Sentence--Washington Post
When ImClone Systems Inc. founder Samuel Waksal returns to court in January, he is scheduled to become the first high-profile defendant to be sentenced in the current wave of corporate scandals, and federal prosecutors have signaled that they will take a tough but controversial approach.

U.S. Attorney James B. Comey's office has decided to ask Judge William H. Pauley III to give Waksal extra prison time for crimes he was not convicted of committing, according to sources.

ABC News reporting SEC puts Martha Stewart Investigation on hold!

(New York, 11/21/02 12:10 pm) ABC News New York reported today that the SEC has put their investigation into Martha's stock trade on hold indefinitely. As reported last week, a Merrill Lynch computer glitch prevented the firm from handling stop loss orders. Martha Stewart's legal team has uncovered evidence that supports Marthas accounts to investigators. With no evidence of wrongdoing, and the SEC in disarray following Harvey Pitts election-eve departure, the investigation is now on the shelf. Save Martha!

Fed probe of Martha stalls,SEC faces tough fight on civil suit--NY Daily News
The insider trading investigation of Martha Stewart is on the back burner for now, sources familiar with the case said yesterday. The criminal probe has been put on hold as federal prosecutors wait for a decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission on a potential civil suit against Stewart, the sources said. But the SEC hasn't acted because of a blazing counterattack on its claims launched by Stewart's platoon of lawyers.

Martha Stewart on short list for Time Magazine Person of The Year--Reuters

Question: What do Martha Stewart, President Bush and Eminem have in common with the world's most wanted men, Osama bin Laden, and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein?

Answer: They are all on the "short list" for Time Magazine's 2002 Person of the Year. Martha has been a big hit in the media this year, receiving more coverage than Ken Lay and Osama Bin Laden. Also on the list: Palestinian President Yasser Arafat, Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Vice President Dick Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Bush's national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State Colin Powell, FBI whistle-blower Coleen Rowley, Palestinian suicide bombers, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai, and General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan.

The issue hits newsstands on Dec. 23. A spokeswoman for Time said that the Person of the Year issue sells 1.5 times as much as a regular issue of the magazine.

Stock market says Buy! Buy! Buy!
MSO up 25% in past week on continuing positive news--Yahoo
Martha leads the pack for A&E's Biography of the year!
The other finalists are: Yasser Arafat, Ariel Sharon, The Osbournes, and Halle Berry . No competition! The show will air Dec. 9 (8-10 p.m.) on A&E. Set your Tivos now...

Save Martha in the news: Will Martha Walk? Probably. But get this: Even if she goes to jail, her company won't miss a beat by Julie Creswell, Fortune Magazine
What the government needs to prove its case is witnesses. Lots of them. While many details are unknown (both the feds and Stewart declined to comment for this story), sources close to the case say that it has been built on circumstantial evidence--records of phone calls made between Stewart, Bacanovic, and Faneuil. To date only Faneuil has turned against Stewart, cutting a deal with prosecutors. "Faneuil originally gave a totally different story, so his credibility is at issue, and any good defense attorney is going to go after that," says Meyers. "Without Bacanovic or another independent source, going forward with this case--filing charges--is going to be tough."

Being Martha Stewart--Chicago Tribune
SEC desperately seeks to prove weak case against Martha Stewart, by Sean J. Griffith

SEC, Justice preparing to make announcement...developing

Read this week's brilliant installment of Deconstructing Byron by Andew Ritchie:
Vol. 6., A Nascent Empire: the Martha Moment is Born

Being Martha Stewart--Chicago Tribune
SEC desperately seeks to prove weak case against Martha Stewart, by Sean J. Griffith
The Security and Exchange Commission has lost its head, and now it's going after Martha Stewart. The coincidence of Harvey Pitt resigning as SEC chairman and the probable commencement of an enforcement action against Stewart for insider trading reveals a directionless agency desperate to prove its own relevance to the public. Sure, we missed the massive fraud going on at companies like Enron and WorldCom, the SEC seems to be saying, but darn it, Martha Stewart is going to be baking cookies behind bars.

The Martha Stewart mess is a good example of the uncertain mission of the SEC and the political administration of justice in the United States. This is a literally headless administrative agency fumbling about for a big case. If the SEC wins, Stewart stands to be punished not for what she has done but for who she is. Her crime, in other words, is being Martha Stewart. And, for anyone genuinely concerned about justice and integrity, that's not a good thing.

Holiday Jeers: After suffering through a month of jokes about Winona, Jay Leno is making fun of Martha. Again:

"Martha Stewart's TV show was renewed. They gave her a 1 year deal, which could be interrupted if a judge gives her a 5 year deal!"

Tell Jay to take a hike...all the way to the North Pole!

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Reader Mail

Dear Martha Stewart,
It is such a ridiculous situation. Why are the Enron culprits paying lawyers money for protection when they should be giving the investors the money they invested in good faith. Now those people are paying dearly for their loss! This seems so out of balance. I was so happy when Martha Stewart's program replaced Jenny Jones. Why can't television produce more happy home making show rather than TRASH? I am all for Martha God Bless. Betty Musso

Dear Jay,
Why don't you give up. Because Martha makes more money than you and has a larger audience you should strive to do better rather than be jealous and vindictive. Martha hasn't done anything that the "good ole boy network" does all the time. Don't we all let our friends know when there is a hot sale or an opportunity to make or save money? Grow up! We women are tired of YOU MALES poking and making fun of successful women. Martha has made her money by working hard and being innovative. You might try the same. Laura Linfield

Dear Martha,
Good luck with all that you are going through!!!! I can relate well - our family is dealing with the Arthur Andersen mess - my husband WAS a partner with them - 24 years - now we are starting over again - all retirement and partnership savings are gone!!! We are having to sell our house and start over - at this point, he has no job - sure has been tough!!! I pray all goes well with you - I feel that someone as talented and smart as you are, will hopefully come out just fine. Somehow, certain people get pulled into situations that are not their doing!!!!! I know this for a fact!!!!

May God Bless you and all that you are going through!!!!

Annette Hecker

Dear Jay,

Your humor is tired....let this person alone....she has been vilified far too much in the press already.
Whatever happened to our freedoms in America, where a person is "innocent" until proven "guilty"?
The government does not have a CASE against Martha Stewart. If it had, this would have been out in the open a long time ago.
Speaking of ago....why don't you LET GO?
Your ratings are going to be dropping, as people are tired of this slanted humor of yours!


Dear Jay,
You're a jerk! My friends and I refuse to watch your show until you stop mocking Martha. Grow Up and stop making jokes at her expense.
A fan

More Reader Mail

Christopher Byron and Scrooge: Separated at birth? Byron predicts the demise of Kmart and Martha Stewart--NY Post

Martha Inc. author and Martha Stewart nemesis Chris Byron is back, and he's madder than ever. Mad that Martha's stock has been soaring, up over 100% in the past few weeks. Mad that the SEC and justice Department investigations have stalled out, because they haven't yet found enough young assistant brokers to back up their pathetic little case. Mad that Martha's legal team uncovered the computer glitch at Merrill Lynch that backs up Martha's stop loss story. Mad that Marth's TV show was renewed once again. And Mad Mad Mad that Kmart is still in business. Without Kmart, Martha has to find another retail partner. Fast. But that's not happening. Kmart is packed, everything is flying off the shelves, especially Martha Stewart Everyday products. Holiday greeting to Chris Byron: it's still not too late to get a Save Martha chefs hat and apron and join our little club. We know how you like to cook up a storm! So were Chris Byron and Scrooge really separated at birth?

Click on Scrooge, and we'll let you decide...

Christmas Crumble, or why I hate Kmart and Martha Stewart--NY Post, by Christopher Byron
"At the moment, the Troy, Mich., discount retailer may "look" alive. But so do corpses at Irish wakes. As the mourners file past, they murmur, "Isn't it amazing? Do you see how alive he looks?" But everyone knows uncle Seamus is dead, just as the big money on Wall Street knows Kmart is too. The company's bondholders and other creditors have already gotten whacked. And next it will be the turn of the company's 222,000 employees and suppliers - most notable of which is domestic arts hitter Martha Stewart, whose own company's recent rally could easily come apart as Kmart's future at last fades to black. " Hey Scrooge, wake up!

Martha Celebrates Hanukkah
The eight-day celebration of Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, commemorates the triumph of the Jews over their oppressors in ancient Israel. According to legend, when the Jews reclaimed their temple, they found only enough oil to create light for one day, but the oil lasted for eight days; the lighting of Hanukkah candles symbolizes that miracle. A menorah has nine holders, one for each night plus one for the shamash, the candle used to light all the others. The candles are placed from right to left, then lit from left to right; the new candle is always lit first. Sitting down to a Hanukkah meal with family and friends is as significant a part of the celebration as lighting the menorah candles.

Celebrating Hanukkah | Potato Latkes | Hanukkah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts

Make Martha Stewart the Media Person of the Year
So far, Martha Stewart and Us magazine's Bonnie Fuller are running neck-and-neck for First Place in the "Media Person of the Year" poll.'s new "Media Person of the Year" poll lets site visitors cast their vote or write in their choice for the person who had the most impact on the media landscape in 2002. We know who that is! Vote Now!

SEC Mess Means Agency Unable to Pursue Corporate Crimes--NY Times
Does the current mess at the SEC explain why Martha Stewart has been the focal point of government investigations, while major corporate fraudsters walk free? "The headline here inside the agency is a lot of noise and little action," said Michael Clampitt, a lawyer and accountant who has worked in the S.E.C.'s corporation finance division for the last 12 years. "People are basically hoping that everything blows over and nothing bad happens. It has been a travesty."

Holiday Safety Alert: Deep-fried turkey a holiday hazard, leads to fire fears--AP
Careful with those deep fried turkeys, they can be a worse fire hazard than an old frayed Christmas light wire on a dried out blue Scottish pine...

Squabble-Squabble: More Dirty Tricks by decorator in attempt to push Martha aside--NY Post
There's a new Turkey in town, and her name is Anne McKevitt
It's almost Thanksgiving, and another turkey is trying to hone in on Martha Stewart's territory. Pretender-to-the-throne Anne McKevitt, a British interior decorator to the stars, is playing dirty while trying to get to the Queen of Clean's perch. McKevitt is planning to sell a line of paints, crafts and linens through a yet-unnamed mass retailer here next year. And while trying to generate press for the newcomer, her publicity reps have started a mini-furor by mentioning Martha and one of her trusted employees.

Reuters reported a member of Martha Stewart Living's senior management team approached McKevitt, looking for a job. The McKevitt camp, while first declining comment, said it "does not deny that we have recently been approached by an individual seeking employment and currently having ‘living brand' experience in the home/lifestyle area." This is just another dumb attempt by a desperate PR team trying to get some publicity for their much-less-talented-than-Martha client. What can you do?
Go to Anne McKevitt's press release, click on the little red feedback button and let PR Newswire know you don't think this kind of blatant self-promotion is helpful at all.

Pretenders to the Throne--The Next Martha Stewart?
With domestic style maven Martha Stewart hamstrung by an insider trading investigation, branding experts say the door is open for a new flock of tastemakers to push their own mass-market cooking, decorating and gardening advice. At the head of the pack are New York-based restaurateur B. Smith, and two British imports: "domestic goddess" cooking guru Nigella Lawson and interior decorator to the stars Anne McKevitt. But despite Stewart's current difficulties, including the possibility of criminal charges, the challengers may find it difficult to displace her as top dog. And they would be wise to remember the old adage, be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it...

Recipe Of The Day:Cinnamon Basmati Rice with Golden Raisins
News, Rumors, Grab Bag...
Homemaker Alert: Martha Stewart Fans To Boycott Cooking on Thanksgiving

Dear Save Martha,
This is what women in our neighborhood are doing to show our support for Martha! The media is being SO UNFAIR, men in media especially!!! I doubt there are many of us in America who haven't benefited from Martha's talent at sometime in our lives. I haven't made a Thanksgiving dinner in 15 years that hasn't contained Martha recipes, and design ideas. Maybe the smartass men and Martha attackers would see thing differently if they were reduced to eating at McDonalds on Thanksgiving!!! Join with me in refusing to cook Thanksgiving dinner, show your support to the woman who made it respectable to be a homemaker again. Thank You. Sandy Johnson

Deconstructing Byron--Vol. 5 The Page Turns, by Andrew Ritchie

In chapter 4, Chris Byron sinks his teeth and claws into that pesky media prototype of Martha Stewart that has become so tired and overdone by just about every desperate hack in media today; the domineering control freak, the ill-tempered perfectionist, the evil wife from hell. It all rings so superficially shallow that it’s difficult to get through the chapter without yawning. He reduces this incredibly individualistic woman, yet again, to the caricature we’ve seen on countless tabloids, countless times in countless shades of yellow journalism, repeated like some celluloid recurring nightmare.

One wonders what script Chris Byron was reading from when he embarked on his little Martha project; the one in which it’s okay to impersonate a professional psychiatrist or therapist and draw all sorts of conclusions about a woman you barely know? Or maybe the one that says it’s okay to make money off another’s misfortune and reputation? (Read more)

House & Home Country Living (Broadcast Premiere)
Sun., Nov. 10 at 8p.m. ET/PT
Join HGTV host Lynda Reeves, with special guest Martha Stewart, for a taste of country life on House & Home Country Living. Filmed on the opening day of this year’s Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, this one-hour special explores the rich colour palette, inspired by life in the country, and features a tour of a beautiful country home that’s been converted from a barn. Stewart will judge the Fair’s annual jam competition and shares a recipe that celebrates the harvest season’s bounty. Stewart and Reeves also profile the
fair’s attractions, including the coaches and carriages showcased in the opening ceremonies and the Fair’s trophy room.

The History of Halloween, By Andrew Ritchie

The air is crisp. The leaves have left a crunchy carpet on the sidewalks and pathways. The moon looms larger with each passing evening and children across North America find it increasingly difficult to sleep, in anticipation of one of the most festive nights of the fall season – Halloween, of course!
But how did Halloween actually begin? Where did it originate? And how has it evolved over the years?
(Read More)

Dear Save Martha,
I have not made a dinner without including some helpful tip or a recipe from Marth Stewart. I watch her TV food program, I watch her in HGTV, I watch her CBS Specials and I order from Martha on-line shopping. I subscribe to her magazine because I get real information and helpful articles that effect my life and give me wonderful ideas as to how to approach an upcoming holiday or dinner party. Who else is there for women to go to in the media? I don't blame women for boycotting cooking on Thanksgiving! Martha has been more of a real help to women than all of the so-called "women's organizations" that exist, including the fradulent NOW. where IS NOW, by the way? Why aren't they supporting Martha? Why didn't they come our in support of Kathleen Willey (one of Clinton's famous victims). I am in complete support of Martha and know that she is getting a "bad rap" for doing nothing in comparison with the Kenneth Lays (Enron) of the world! We need Martha,
P. Kirk
Huntington Beach, California

Dear Save Martha,
I always thought one either had to be a company employee or a stock broker to be able to be guilty of inside trading. The whole thing looks like another instance of a bunch of insecure men are so bent out of shape over a successful woman they're trying to destroy her. If she settles she's saying she is guilty of something. Be like Carol Burnett and fight back if she isn't guilty of breaking any law. Constance V Ambrose

Martha's Bedeviled--NY Daily News
Not to be outdone, the Daily News puts Martha on the cover dressed up in little horns. Note the language: "Martha's bedeviled ...Backers scared by stock ills...'Living' Dangerously: Martha takes stock of her scary situation. Martha Stewart had a hellish Halloween....The media mogul, who donned devil horns for her TV show this week, admitted yesterday that her stock scandal is frightening off viewers, readers and advertisers." Scary.

Surrender Martha site says: We Surrender!
In a sign that proves mean spriritedness does not sell, Surrender Martha, the site "dedicated to having Martha Stewart resign from the NYSE Board of Governors, and bring her to trial for alleged obstruction of justice and false statements to Congress" has surrendered itself. The site has just has reduced all of its misogynist, negative, anti-Martha merchandise in a clearance sale and substituted RIP JAY t-shirts, in honor of the recently slain Run DMC deejay Jay Mizell. This comes just weeks after the founder of Surrender Martha claimed in the press that business was brisk. They must have been using Enron's accounting firm. Switching strategy in midstream from trying to bury one American icon to remembering another American icon who is literally about to be buried is admirable, but strange. Why not launch a new site for Jay Mizell, instead of lumping in news and merchandise from one tragic event with a separate tragedy (Martha's) that evidently wasn't profitable enough to pursue? We hope they at least donate these proceeds to a good cause...

Martha Stewart's StarBio Horoscope
You tend to be active, dynamic, mobile and assertive. You know that you're special and enjoy a charmed life. Intuition is your thing and you live by your own code, which is usually positive and life affirming. Competitive and flamboyant, you give people a strong and immediate impression of who you are. Timid and slow folk may find you overwhelming, rash and willful. You are more or less self-motivated. (Read More)

Almost famous --Kathie Marchlewski, The Midland Daily News
When Martha Stewart is asked if she likes Martha Stewart, she sighs, crinkles her nose and shrugs her shoulders. "Sometimes," she says, though it’s more of a question than a statement. The inquiry and careful consideration isn’t an excerpt from one of the do-it-all diva’s therapy sessions, it’s directed to 9-year-old Martha Stewart, a student at Meridian Elementary School.

Linda, Linda, Linda....what did I do do deserve this disrespect? If you had come to me as a friend, then these people that did this to you would be suffering this very day...and if you made enemies, then they would be my enemies, and then they would fear kiss my ring and show Martha a little respect...and write something nice next time.

Martha Stewart in need of a makeover--by Marcia Heroux Pounds, Sun-Sentinel
The very fabric of branding might need renovation after the Martha Stewart incident. Stewart has been widely admired as the master builder of a marketing empire. But today the Queen of Perfection is caught up in an insider trading scandal that is staining her once sterling reputation. The question is: Can she make lemonade out of this lemon? Branding experts say it will take a lot less Martha and a brand makeover that is less demanding of perfection.

Profits Tumble for Martha Stewart Living--Reuters
Media and retailing company Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia whose namesake founder is mired in an insider trading scandal, said on Thursday net income fell 42 percent in the third quarter and warned fourth-quarter earnings would miss Wall Street estimates.

However, the company said its free cash flow, or the amount of money it generates from operations after ordinary expenses, was growing year over year, and it finished the quarter with cash of $171 million and no debt.

Trick Or ... Insider Trading?--CBS News
CEO full Count: Martha Stewart--Forbes
-- As new charges loom--Star Magazine

Latest unconfirmed rumors: Peter Bacanovic hiding out in LA while discussions talks stall as probe heats up...investigators may upstage Martha Stewart earnings announcement

Is the media being unfair? What should Martha do? Join the discussion now

The Party's Over; WSJ lays off reporters that broke stories about Martha Stewart scandal--NY Post

Website out To Save Martha--The Trentonian

Save Martha in the news: Fortune Magazine
Will Martha Walk? Probably. But get this: Even if she goes to jail, her company won't miss a beat. ---By Julie Creswell
"What the government needs to prove its case is witnesses. Lots of them. While many details are unknown (both the feds and Stewart declined to comment for this story), sources close to the case say that it has been built on circumstantial evidence--records of phone calls made between Stewart, Bacanovic, and Faneuil. To date only Faneuil has turned against Stewart, cutting a deal with prosecutors. "Faneuil originally gave a totally different story, so his credibility is at issue, and any good defense attorney is going to go after that," says Meyers. "Without Bacanovic or another independent source, going forward with this case--filing charges--is going to be tough."

Martha Stewart Omnimedia's two biggest revenue streams--advertising and merchandise royalties--have been fairly resilient throughout the scandal. That's because hordes of Martha's fans are behind her. "I sleep on her pillows and sheets every night, and I subscribe to her magazine," says John Small, who launched the website in July. Small says fans have banded together online to form Kmart shopping parties, buy stock in Stewart's company and "Save Martha" T-shirts, and bake cakes to share with their neighbors in August to celebrate Martha's birthday.

Thanks to those and other loyalists, sales of Martha-licensed merchandise soared 21% in the latest quarter. (Read More)

Martha Stewart juggernaut rolls on at the Royal--The Globe and Mail
Doyenne of domesticity dodges questions about SEC probe of alleged insider trades

Martha Stewart Invades Canada, Shooting TV segment--Ottawa citizen

Martha heads north, in Toronto for Royal Agricultural Winter Fair--The Star

Public's Insatiable Appetite For Burning At The Stake Satisfied Again: Winona Found Guilty

Saks, Lies and Videotape--NY Post
"Jurors made reality bite for Winona Ryder yesterday, but it's doubtful the waif-like actress will have her freedom interrupted. "

Winona Ryder was found guilty in the most publicized shoplifting trial in the history of the world's leading democracy. Winona was convicted of grand theft and vandalism. She was acquitted of a commercial burglary charge. The NY Post has featured Winona, Martha, and Lizzie each on its front page more times than George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden and Ken Lay combined. With Lizzie Grubman in jail and Winona guilty, the media assault on Martha should resume shortly. In the words of one famous media pundit: "The floggings will continue until morale improves." We're sure Winona's attorney Marc Geragos would disagree.

Dear Save Martha,


I can't believe you'd soil the Save Martha website by taking up for Winona Ryder. Good Grief!!!
That woman epitomizes the assumption of privilege and the attitude of being "above the law" that Martha was being unfairly accused of. If you associate her with Martha Stewart supporters you create the impression of "birds of a feather". BIG MISTAKE!!!

No jury in their right mind would find Ryder innocent after hearing that idiotic defense about having an open tab at Saks, and intending to pay for the stuff later, and/or practicing for her upcoming role as a kleptomaniac. JEEEZE!!! She's not even going to have to spend time in jail. Just let some ordinary woman pull that stunt and see where SHE'D end up. Spare me.

I hope you print this e-mail, and demonstrate that Martha Stewart fans and supporters are not on the same page with people who would excuse Winona Ryder's shameless behavior.

Heidi Garofalo
Anthony, Florida

Dear Heidi,

Sorry, but I think you missed our point, so please let us clarify. We are not defending Winona, but we are pointing out the lack of fairness and proportionality that the media shows whenever a rich, famous female celebrity gets into a bit of trouble. Lizzie, Martha and Winona are quite different cases, but the media treats them as if they are all the same. They want you to believe these cases are more important than your 401k that's now a 201k, than Enron, than universal healthcare, than 100,000 lost ballots in Florida. SaveMartha is about defending Martha, who has been severely mistreated by the media and the public, but it's also about focussing the media's lens back on itself, and revealing the double standard that exists for women in business and in the press. And no, we won't be launching a Save Winona website, it's much too late for that.

John Small

Click Here for Home & GardenLet's all support Martha and K-Mart by purchasing items from her Christmas product line. There are several different themes and everything from tree skirts to all the trimmings.
Susan Smith, Orlando, FL

Forbes having a bit too much fun at Martha's expense.
Everyone knows Martha's favorite holiday is Halloween. Just two short years ago, Martha Stewart posed as a "black widow" for a Martha Stewart Living special. Some of her fans wore the costume to parties in her honor. This year, in the spirit of massive media misogyny, Forbes went a bit too far with their fun and made up their own Martha Stewart halloween mask. Pretty scary. Why does the media take so much joy is the downfall of American icons? We like the shut-up-I'm-talking-to-you Sam Waksal mask better. And the pumpkin-head Ken Lay mask. And the red devilish Dennis Kozlowski mask. And the neanderthal man Bernie Ebbers mask.

Real women vs. Martha Stewart--Sidney Herald
Martha's way #1; Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.
The real women's way: Just suck the ice cream out of the bottom of the cone, for Pete's sake, you are probably lying down on the couch, with your feet up, eating it anyway.

Martha's way #2: To keep potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag with the potatoes.
The real women's way: Buy Hungry Jack mashed potato mix and keep it in the pantry for up to a year.

Martha's way #6 :Brush some beaten egg white over pie-crust before baking to yield a beautiful glossy finish.
The real women's way: The Mrs. Smith frozen pie directions do not include brushing egg whites over the crust so I just don't do it.

Rosie O'Donnell Supports Martha--AP
Rosie O'Donnell says that if she still had her talk show, she would use it as a forum to defend Martha Stewart. "I'd be singing Martha Stewart a love song every day. I want every housewife in America to band together and refuse to let them tear down one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in our country's history," she says. Rosie has e-mailed us and says she will do more to speak out in support of Martha. Considering that Rosie has many of her own issues to deal with, including a $300 million lawsuit by her former publisher, that's an amazing show of true humanity. Thanks Rosie!

Martha visits KMart, Detroit--Detriot News
Martha met with Kmart Corp. executives and toured the retailer's prototype store in White Lake Township.(We sent the CEO of KMart a Save Martha chefs hat for the meeting--hope it went over well!) The store carries Stewart's new Holiday Collection, which goes on sale this week at Kmart stores nationwide.The Holiday Collection features seven distinct themes, including the formal "Golden Luster" to kid-friendly "Gumdrops & Candy Canes" with shatterproof ornaments. Martha is said to have enjoyed a plate of pan-seered sea scallops over black truffle whipped potatoes.

Martha Stewart, Hilfiger show risk of personality ties--Taipei Times

The Closing Bell: MSO Up 5%, Bacanovic deal rumors continue...

Martha Stewart 3rd-Quarter Earnings Fall 42%
"Executives indicated that the company is paying more to retain employees and to defend itself as the investigations continue. In addition, subscription renewals for its principal magazine, Martha Stewart Living, are weak , and sales of Martha Stewart Everyday products at Kmart declined 6.9 percent in the quarter compared with the corresponding period last year. A 4 percent increase in revenue came largely from magazine advertising. The company reported lower television advertising sales and continued losses at its Internet division, which has yet to turn a profit."

What Constance (L. for "Love Martha" ) Hays is trying to say (but her editors won't let her) is Martha needs your help! Subscribe To Martha Stewart Living Now!

Martha's Cruel Yule--NY Post
The NY Post brings back the Martha Meter just in time for the bad news: the excessive coverage of the scandal the media created has cost her company millions of dollars in legal and PR costs (but how much could it cost to say 'No Comment? " We could do that for free!). While the company is growing, profits are down due to these added expenses. The NY Post uses a very bad picture of Martha, with hair blowing in her eyes leaving Michael Jordans restaurant in Grand Central to illustrate their point that she was having a bad day. The caption notes Martha was taking home a salad. Why is it that salads keep popping up in this story? At the same time, the Post announces that circulation of their newspaper is up 10%. This is the same paper that staged a Lizzie Grubman Mobile contest to win a Mercedes SUV that only goes in reverse. The same paper that has featured Martha, Winona and Lizzie on the cover more times than George Bush, Ken Lay and Osama Bin Laden combined. Misogyny sells. So do newspapers that only cost a quarter during a recession.

Chris Byron: Fair or Foul?

Chris Byron has made a cottage industry out of covering Martha Stewart. Here is a list of his recent coverage, as well as a link to his recent unauthorized Martha tome. Is he being fair or not? read up, and take our instant poll.

Martha Inc.: The Incredible Story of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
by Christopher M. Byron

Is Chris Byron fair?
Is reporter Christopher Byron being fair to Martha Stewart?

Yes--hes been very fair
Somewhat--he has been mostly fair
No--He has gone after her with a sharp knife

Current Results

July 8, 2002 -- NO one knows what the future holds for Martha Stewart in the ImClone mess. But the sheer uncertainty of the situation gives rise to an obvious question: Can Martha Stewart's company survive without her?

July 3, 2002 -- As more names pop up in the Martha Stewart insider trading scandal, America's queen of hearth and home is undergoing a surprising makeover.

Martha Stewart in a real stew

June 25 —  Anyone for an update on the ImClone scandal? For Martha Stewart at least, the situation ain’t great. She’s got problems on both the legal and public image fronts, and they keep getting worse.  

Transcript of Chris Byron on Crossfire

Martha in the hot seat

The price of friendship for Martha Stewart 

By Christopher Byron
June 14 —  Choose your friends carefully. That’s the most obvious lesson to be drawn from the pickle in which lifestyle authority Martha Stewart now finds herself thanks to her long-time friendship with Manhattan social climber and cancer-cure businessman, Sam Waksal. For Martha Stewart, the price of that friendship is suddenly proving to be high indeed.