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The Beauty of Murals
By Andrew Ritchie

Decorative murals have been part of households for centuries and an expression of culture for even longer. Nearly every culture in the world has expressed its historical evolution through the creation of murals, using chalks, paints, inks and pencils to recreate a dramatic event in history or preserve, on the very walls of civilization, the essence of a cultural ideal. The techniques for creating murals vary from place to place and have evolved over time to include some fantastic new ways of decorating the walls of a room, or the exterior of a building. (Read More)

Anatomy Of A Lady Killer
Deconstructing Byron

A weekly serial written by Andrew Ritchie. Join us every week for a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Byron’s book Martha Inc. and get to know the book that will soon be the basis for an upcoming film. Read Andrew’s weekly reviews and judge for yourself whether Martha Inc. is worth its salt.

Volume 1: Deconstructing the prologue
Vol. 2 – Nancy Drew and the Case of the Hidden Childhood
Vol. 3 – A Model Life
Vol. 4 – To Wall Street.
Vol. 5 The Page Turns

SaveMartha in the News:
Supporters put their stock in Martha --The Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Martha's saving grace--The Boston Herald
Martha's line of furniture to be unveiled--Miami Herald
Stewart's fans still loyal--The Oakland Press

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Martha Stewart Flashback:
Time Magazine,December 19, 1988
A New Guru of American Taste?
Hostess Martha Stewart brings her message to the masses, BY ELIZABETH L. BLAND.

Standing in front of copper pots that sit on an industrial stove, with a wall of homemade preserves behind her and old-fashioned baskets above, Martha Stewart is right where she belongs -- in her big country kitchen. She is spinning sugar, a complex task that will result in a haze of edible angel hair adorning a dessert of red currant ice cream in brandy-snap cups. As she slings the liquid sugar onto a laundry rack with a flick of her whisk, Stewart effortlessly alternates advice ("The hot sugar can get stuck in your cats' fur. Keep them out of the room") and anecdotes ("I forgot to buy regular squares... )

Martha, The Movie

MarthaThe TV movie, set for next spring, is based on the book Martha, Inc. by Christopher Byron, who is making millions at Martha's expense. Before they mess this thing up any more, we decided to let you decide who should be cast in the leading roles. Vote for who you think should play Martha, Christopher Byron, Billy Tauzin and Sam Waksal....

Candice Bergin is the early favorite to play Martha herself. With all the recent events, and events yet to come, this should be a very demanding role. John Malkovich and Mean Simon from American Idol are in a dead heat to play the author Chris Byron. We think both are excellent choices. Tommy Lee Jones is the favorite to play the investigator Rep. Billy Tauzin. Getting that Ragin' Cajun flavor into the role is key. And David Letterman leads the voting for the role of embattled CEO of ImClone Sam Waksal. Ah, sweet revenge....
Vote Now!

Rosie to The Rescue

Rosie O'Donnell, currently battling publisher G+J for control of her own name, stands up for Martha in her final issue of Rosie Magazine. "I love Martha Stewart," O'Donnell writes. Rosie calls Martha "the most successful entrepreneur of our time. I buy her magazine, order from her catalog and sleep soundly every night in Martha-designed sheets and comforters. We need successful women to be either mentally ill or wildly cunning, Martha Stewart is neither. I believe in Martha Stewart. I always have, I always will."

Reader Mail

I don't believe even Congress can stop Martha Stewart. Here's how much I believe it--having never owned stock in my life--I bought 100 shares of MSO last month! I'm not stupid enough to believe I could have a life style like hers but I can add some elegance and polish to mine because of what I learn from her magazine, T.V. shows, and books. GO MARTHA!!!!!!!!
Darla Kavanaugh

Dear Martha,
You have been an inspiration to me from the beginning. You are a decent individual playing ball with some high shakers and they cannot stand your success. You will prevail, however, and there are enough of us who support you out here to make a difference. Do not cave in, stand strong, and keep doing all of the good things you are doing. I have a juris doctor in law degree and cannot see where you as a stock broker yourself would ever commit to doing yourself in - you are too smart! God Bless. You are the lady statue of liberty....hold your torch high. You will win! Best wishes, Carol Gillis, J.D.

The Company We Keep
Remember how your mother always warned you not to hang out with the wrong crowd? It looks like Martha was doing just that, and this may help explain all the trouble she's in today. The NY Post reports that the Waksal brothers (Sam and Harlan) have quite a colorful past. And the color in this case is white:

"Harlan does have at least one sinister episode buried in his past. Shortly after graduating from medical school in Boston, he was convicted for smuggling two pounds of cocaine in his underwear in Florida. The case was thrown out and expunged from Harlan's record for what was deemed an illegal search. Harlan claimed later he had carried the drugs for someone else, and some have speculated that it may have been his brother (Sam). " We hope he was at least wearing his Joe Boxers...

Kmart and Martha
Dependence between Kmart and Martha Stewart grows as both face scrutiny--NY Times
In an interview, KMart CEO Jim Adamson said, "The business shows signs of returning to life," and said that Martha Stewart products continued to sell strongly. "Right now, as part of our revitalization of this company, we are depending on all of our partners," Adamson said. "Martha is an integral part of that."

Martha isn't the worst guy--E. R. Shipp, NY Daily News
How did we get to this, that Martha Stewart is the face of corporate greed and insider trading when, in reality, a whole bunch of others - chief executives of corporations from GE to Enron to Kmart to ImClone - have been the biggest violators of the trust?

Stewart should step down for now--The Spectrum
First the media turns a single stock sale into the crime of the century, then they tell you us it's time for Martha to step down. Is this reporting news, or are they just making it up from scratch?

A BOLD-FACED SCANDAL--Lauren Barack, NY Post
Call it Six Degrees of Sam Waksal. Now that he has pleaded guilty to fraud charges, his phone logs have been turned over as evidence, and the search is on for the mystery stock sellers who made suspicious trades of $600,000 and $30 million on Dec. 27 and Dec. 28, former ImClone CEO Sam Waksal is drawing more and more of Manhattan's bold-faced names into his corporate insider trading mess. These days, even a passing association with Waksal is enough to get people running for their attorneys.

We didn't know Chris Byron was also reporting for the National Enquirer! This same crazy story about Martha scaring small children at her door was repeated in his biography, Martha Inc., a frightening imitation of a book which is easily the scariest thing you could possibly give a small child for Halloween...besides Chris Byron himself, of course. Journalist Andrew Ritchie has his own take on the situation:

"That National Enquirer story was too much. Did you know that Cher Savage (the mother) had to drive 15 miles from New Haven to Westport just to send her daughter to Martha's house? Sounds to me like she could care less about what her daughter wanted to do and dragged the poor girl out there just so "mom" could get a glimpse of Martha. Martha, loving Halloween, played the part of a haunted home-owner and probably tried to be spooky for her guests (fists clenched, frowning at the kids) - But when the little Savage kid started to whine, amid camera flashes courtesy of Mommy Dearest, she probably figured she had been ambushed by some crazed fan and went inside. The NERVE!"

What's Martha Minus Martha?--Business Week
Not much, judging by the way investors have trashed the stock. Still, advertisers and fans will decide the Stewart empire's ultimate fate

Waksal’s plea could backfire--MSNBC 
Prosecutors may force a pre-setencing hearing. Sam's risky strategy of pleaiing to only hal the charges has prosecutors fuming that he's trying to dodge charges that could land his father and daughter in jail.

Stewart makes Krispy Kreme appearance

Good News! Waksal Plea May Help Stewart
Legal analysts say case against Martha is weak
"If I were betting at this point, I'd say Martha Stewart walks," said Larry Mitchell, a securities-law expert at George Washington University. "The case against her is very tenuous."

Waksal Plea May Help Stewart
ImClone Founder Made No Agreement to Testify Against Frien
d--Washington Post

Sam Waksal's guilty plea may actually help Martha Stewart! While Sam may have pled guilty to insider trading, he did not provide investigators with information about his friend Martha. According to the Washington Post: "The unusual guilty pleas that the former chief of ImClone Systems Inc. entered in federal court yesterday markedly weaken the chances that prosecutors will obtain damaging new information against style maven Martha Stewart, legal analysts said."

"Since Waksal is probably the only person, other than Stewart, who knows whether he tipped his good friend to sell her ImClone shares just ahead of bad news about the company's cancer drug, the plea maneuver means that any case against Stewart would most likely have to go forward without that potentially decisive piece of testimony, the analysts said. "If I were betting at this point, I'd say Martha Stewart walks," said Larry Mitchell, a securities-law expert at George Washington University. "The case against her is very tenuous."

As many who have followed this tempest in a cuisinart already know, this very weak case should never have gone this far. Even if Martha did everything that she has been unfairly accused of by almost every major media outlet (which we sincerely doubt) the process, the editorializing, the name calling, and the damage done to her reputation and good name is beyond any honest person's idea of fairness.

Congressional panels and editorial boards, pundits and pontificators have piled on the biggest mess this side of Afghanistan, relentlessly covering a fender bender as if it was a 100 car pileup. Bad news about Martha is always on the front page. Good news about Martha is buried deep inside, if covered at all. The NY Post has even stopped running their Martha Meter since her stock started rising again. When Martha is finally cleared of all these allegations, we doubt you'll even know it happened, unless you read about it here on Save Martha...

In risky move, Waksal Pleads guilty to 6 of 13 charges, faces up to 65 years in jail--Washington Post

Prosecutors say additional charges possible--Forbes

MSO up 10% in heavy trading

ImClone founder Sam Waksal refused to negotiate with prosecutors and instead pled guilty today to 6 of 13 counts of insider trading and obstruction to justice. When sentenced in January he faces up to 65 years behind bars. Yet another warlock is trapped, while the witchunt continues.

His legal strategy seeks to protect both his daughter and father from jail time. But what about Martha? Waksal will testify to what he knows about any stock sales in his company. Will he turn on Martha and provide evidence that will damage her even further? Or does he not know enough to help prosecutors get Martha?

The key to the case seems to be in Merrill Lynch broker Peter Bacanovic, who is rumored to be negotiating a possible deal. His assistant Douglas Faneuil has already agreed to testify against his bosses account about the stop-loss order. But the vote count is still 2 to 1 in Martha's favor. Prosecutors still need another person to verify Faneuils account.

The wild card in all of this: Martha's friend Mariana Pasternak, who was on the plane ride to Mexico with Martha when the phone calls and stock sale took place. She is rumored to be cooperating with investigators as well. Stay tuned...

Mercy Me! Waksal seeks plea deal--Forbes
Waksal will not enter a plea bargain or provide information against his family or his famous friend Martha Stewart. Instead he will throw himself on the mercy of the court and hope the U.S. Justice Department will decide to drop the other charges, such as bank fraud, which can carry a stiffer sentence than insider trading.

ImClone founder Waksal to plead guilty--CNN
ImClone founder Sam Waksal has decided to plead guilty in the biotech company's insider trading scandal, a law enforcement source told The Associated Press. The plea could bring even more heat to Martha Stewart, who is being investigated for allegedly receiving inside information about the company and dumping ImClone stock before it plummeted. Waksal is reportedly protecting both his daughter and father from prosecution.

Muscling Martha: Will Martha's fans stay loyal if she is behind bars? --Newsweek

The Dish on Martha--Newsday
Her neighbors - and with five houses and a place in the city she has plenty of them - offer their views on the domestic diva

I Love Martha--New York Magazine
If Martha Stewart gets sent away, I'll miss not only her but her genius business model: a media empire built around the idea that Martha could be paid to be Martha, By Michael Wolff

Despite business scandal, fans remain faithful to beleaguered Stewart --by Lauren Beckham Falcone, Boston Herald
"Why do people love to read about Stewart's problems? Perhaps it's because the empress of excellence has finally taken a fall. Maybe the food metaphors are just too fun to ignore. (Her stocks are falling faster than a souffle. Martha is being whipped harder than an egg at breakfast.) Whatever the case, people who can't boil pasta are laughing all the way to the take-out counter.

But what about the steadfast Martha fans? The ones who still buy her bakeware at Kmart? Who collect jadeite glass? Has the business cunning of their crafty idol changed their opinions? Will they - gasp! - change the channel from ``Martha Stewart Living'' to ``The Christopher Lowell Show'' and read Better Homes and Gardens?

No way, said Nancy Dillon, 68, of Millis, a self-described Stewart devotee who has all of Martha's books, subscribes to Martha Stewart Living magazine and never misses her shows. `It makes me so sad to see this happening to her,'' Dillon said. ``She has done so much for the women in this country."
(Read More)

Martha Stewart Signature Furniture Collection Expected to Thrive in Spite of Ongoing Controversy
Martha Launches New Furniture Collection
"This collection will sell if I'm alive or dead," says Martha

Martha Stewart's new furniture collection was unveiled this week in the midst of Sam Waksal's guilty plea Tuesday and ongoing federal investigations into insider trading. Early reports give high marks to Martha's line of quality furniture at an affordable price, and retailers are hoping for strong sales in a slumping market. The furniture, in two distinctive styles, ranges from stylish hutches and dining room furniture to luxurious arm chairs and sofas. The look can be described as New American classic, simple and elegant, understated yet distinctive. The two lines are inspired by her homes in East Hampton and in Seal Harbor, Maine. Selected retailers nationwide will begin to carry the furniture in the spring.

Selling Furniture From The Hot Seat--NY Times


Finally, here's a NY Post article with a headline we can embrace. KMart still loves Martha. Both SaveMartha and USA Today have done our own customer surveys that suggest that Martha's customers have every intention of staying with her. And SaveMartha has received information from KMart officials who confirm their ongoing support for Martha Stewart. Why? Because it's good business. Martha has a level of brand loyalty that would make even Procter & Gamble jealous. Most brands would have been severely damaged by now with all of the negative publicity. As a brand management trainee at P&G many years ago, I learned about how various brands in crisis, from Ivory Snow (which experienced an early spokesmodel disaster starring Marilyn Chambers) to Old Spice (victim of aging customer syndrome) to Rely (toxic shock syndrome), to J&J's Tylenol (product tampering), had been able to survive a crisis with varying levels of success. The key to survival for any brand is it's relationship with the customer. The key element of the relationship is trust. And the basis of trust is love. The media has been relentlessly attempting to usurp that trust between the customer and Martha Stewart. But the content of our emails, and tremendous interest from the public we have received of over 4 million hits in 3 months, and many thousands of emails, shows that Martha has something that is missing in the rest of the market, something that can not be easily replaced. It's a love of what she does that translates directly to the customer. It's that something you can't pick up at WalMart or get on CNN. It's the inner peace and knowledge that comes from a job well done. It's the essence of what will ultimately Save Martha....

From the NY Post: "What do you do if you're Kmart and your most important spokeswoman looks like she's about to be indicted? Well, put her in your TV ads, of course. That's what Kmart is doing now with beleaguered domestic diva Martha Stewart. The ads, previously made but not aired since the spring, feature Stewart browsing through her product offerings at the bankrupt mass merchant and plugging a regularly scheduled white sale. The advertisement ends with Stewart, snug as a bug in a rug, cuddled up in a bed made with her "Everyday" linens."


A Child's Guide To ImClone--Forbes
At Thursday's congressional hearing into alleged wrongdoing by Samuel Waksal, the deposed chief executive of ImClone now under indictment for insider trading and fraud, board members of the biotech company revealed that they knew about more than one incident of forgery by Waksal, yet did not move to fire him

Martha: Everything You Wanted to Know--Business Week
How will the guilty plea by her broker's assistant affect her case? What might happen to her company? Here are some answers

Stewart's new KMart ads puzzling--THE WASHINGTON TIMES
Kmart is running a new television advertisement featuring embattled domestic diva Martha Stewart — a move that has some folks on Wall Street and Madison Avenue scratching their heads. This may be just another example of the fiercely loyal relationship between Kmart and Mrs. Stewart.

Read our Save Martha contest entries

Save Rosie!
First, Rosie O'Donnell lost control of her magazine. Now she is losing her name. Her publisher G+J is suing her for $300 million! G+J just shut down the magazine and laid off 120 people. Visit, join the boycott of Bertelsmann's products, and give Rosie a Hug!

Latest News
What's The Big Deal About Martha?
ImClone Stock Sale Is Small Potatoes Compared With Enron--AP
It's still worth asking whether this case is really worth the amount of attention it's getting. Much more money is involved in other scandals, including Enron, Tyco and WorldCom. Making an example of Stewart might be understandable, but it's hard to be convinced that she is the worst offender in corporate America today.

Update: Pumpkin company drops lawsuit against Martha--Rocky Mountain News
Just a day after filing a patent infringement lawsuit against Martha Stewart, Denver based Pumpkin Masters has dropped it's lawsuit without comment. The same company did the same thing last year. So for a few hours worth of legal fees, the company received massive national exposure. What a great country! The good news: now you can buy Martha's pumpkin- carving kits and not worry about breaking the law.

Martha’s Shrinking Act--NEWSWEEK
She’s keeping a low profile. It may soon get even lower.  As Martha Stewart’s legal troubles grow, finding her face in her magazine is like playing Where’s Waldo? The former model was once splashed across the pages of Martha Stewart Living. But in the new Thanksgiving issue, Stewart appears only in an ad for her home-decorating products and a promo for her TV show. Even her signed “Letter From Martha” at the front of the magazine is Martha-free. Instead of her usual photo, we’re treated to a shot of her antique rolling-pin collection.

ImClone Denies Drug Report as Shares Fall 10%-Reuters
ImClone Systems Inc.'s shares fell 10 percent on Tuesday after a report on a Web site said the company's cancer drug may have failed an important European trial. ImClone and its German partner, Merck KGaA both denied the report, which appeared on, a financial Web site.

Is Another Setback in Store for ImClone?
ImClone shares have lost 85% of their value since Dec. 28, when the Food and Drug Administration rejected the company's application for Erbitux, chiding the biotech for sloppy work that obscured the drug's efficacy. That ruling set off a cascade of damaging disclosures that forced former ImClone CEO Sam Waksal to plead guilty to some charges of insider trading on Oct. 15, and have ensnared lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, a Waksal friend, in the controversy over her sales of ImClone stock. Now, the European clinical trial of Erbitux that ImClone has counted on may have failed.

In New York Martha is the #1 selling Halloween costume. Who are you going to be for halloween?

Martha Stewart Living and Kmart Launch Martha Stewart EverydayHoliday--PR Newswire
Martha Stewart will offer A Complete Line of Holiday Decorating Products Available in Stores in November

Peter Bacanovic is laying low while lawyers hash out a response to Wells notices sent out several weeks ago. A deal is expected to be near.

Martha's is shutting down online wedding registry and transitioning it into her own site registry. Some people are complaining. Be patient, ladies. Martha's been a little busy lately.

No winners in Martha Stewart takedown--Financial Post

NY Post Contest Renames Martha Stewart Living. SaveMartha Contest Renames NY Post

Not content just reporting the news, which it leaves to other reputable news outlets to do, the NY Post staged a reader contest to rename Martha's company in the event she has to step down as CEO. The winners get NY Post goodies, including an IQ test with all the answers filled in. The winners, with commentary, are:

  • Martha Stewart Living Ominously (We don't think so)
  • Big House Beautiful (They could use some decorating tips)
  • Martha Stewart Leaving (More wishful thinking, but then what would Chris Byron write about?)
  • Martha By Jail (Sorry, UPS doesn't do pickups in jail)
  • Inside Trading Co. (A good name for Merrill Lynch)
  • Ridiculousness Omnimedia (The NY Post knows all about ridiculousness)

And the winners names? There were six, and we hear they were all Chris Byron, writing under six new pseudonyms.

So it is in this spirit we announce our own reader contest. Pick a new name for the NY Post that they will need use after Martha is saved and the public realizes this was all just a media vendetta. . The winner gets a SaveMartha VooDoo Doll and Pincushion, which you can use on the media outlet of your choice.

Rename The NY Post

Win a SaveMartha Voodoo Doll

I think the NY Post should
be called...the NY Toast

I think the NY Post t should
be called...the NY Pig Roast

I think the NY Post should
be called... the NY Pest

I think the NYPost should
be called... the NY Posthole

I think the NY Post should
be called... the NY Pothole

I think the NY Post should
be called...the NY Ghost

MARTHA Stewart, no doubt, isn't used to getting advice from a former triple-X porn star, but this week she did - and the porn queen had some choice words for the "queen of clean." And Martha should listen-up. It may not be too late.

While Martha Stewart's reign as America's corporate queen of domesticity goes up in flames, her high-flying former stockbroker is taking it all in stride. When federal investigators revealed a week ago they intended to bring insider-trading charges against the domestic diva, Peter Bacanovic was planning to get away from it all by moving to sunny Los Angeles.

While Martha Stewart strolls Manhattan yesterday, angry customers say her wedding registry has been a disaster. Martha Stewart is shutting down a high-end online wedding retailer only seven months after her company bought it, leaving a bevy of angry brides in the lurch. Several brides told The Post that since Martha Stewart's company took over in March, their gift registers have become a total fiasco.

Latest News
NY Post Reverses Course! "Martha Stewart, Scapegoat"

In the NY Posts first positive ink on Martha since Larry Kudlow's op-ed piece over 3 months ago, Alan Reynolds writes: "It is about time that the media noticed that the fishiest thing about the Martha Stewart case is not her little stock trade last December, but the fanatical attention it has gotten from federal officials who surely have more important chores to attend to.'

Yes, Martha, there is a Santa Claus...

Stewart whips up collection and buzz--Charlotte Observer

Save Rosie!
First, Rosie O'Donnell lost control of her magazine. Now she is losing her name. Her publisher G+J is suing her for $300 million! G+J just shut down the magazine and laid off 120 people. Visit, join the boycott of Bertelsmann's products, and give Rosie a Hug!

Martha Should Strike Back
By Andrew Ritchie
She may feel it's bad form to fight fire with fire, but the time has come for Martha Stewart to speak up about the ever-mounting pile of allegations surrounding her sale of the ImClone shares.

Fans, employees of MSO, and certainly the company's investors, deserve as much, given their unwavering support through a very tumultuous time. It's not just Martha feeling the blast from this horrendous whirlwind of bad press and litigation, it's her staff, her supporters and the reputation of her company, which is suffering the most damage.

With moronic insults from the likes of New York Post columnist Chris Byron, all cozy in his little arsenal of anti-Martha ice picks, it's easy to see why the CEO of a world-famous company would not want to dignify such meaningless drivel with a rebuke.

And yet, the image of Martha Stewart holed up in her Connecticut mansion, tight-lipped and dismissive in the midst of this flurry of conjecture and rumour, does nothing to endear her to the millions of readers and viewers who have been following the case, wondering if she did or did not do this. (Read More)

Pumpkin-Carving Kit Company Sues Martha Stewart--AP
We're sorry, but this is just too funny. The SEC, the Justice Department, Congress, the entire US media, thousands of shareholders, and millions of misogynists everywhere are investigating, suing, and abusing Martha every chance they get. Now a pumpkin carving company wants to carve out a piece of the "Get Martha" pie too. According to AP: "Denver-based Pumpkin Masters claimed in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday that Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. is marketing and selling pumpkin- carving kits that violate its patent." So now you can't even let your kids carve a pumpkin without getting someone else's permission. What's next, carving Thanksgiving turkeys? Trimming Christmas trees? Spinning dradles? We sincerely hope that our link to the recipe of the day, Jack-o'-lantern Tarts, isn't violating the law. Get your patent infringing pumpkin- carving kits now!

On Martha Stewart Living
Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will look twice when they notice homemade Wiffle Ball eyes suspended from your windows. (This must be what scared that little girl in the exclusive National Enquirer story entitled MARTHA STEWART LEAVES TRICK-OR-TREATER IN TEARS. ) With long-lasting glow sticks and a little ingenuity, you can make creepy glow-in-the-dark spiders. (If Martha used this trick, the little one must have been really really scared!) Martha Stewart Living kids and crafts editor Jodi Levine creates an array of costumes from supermarket staples: Paper bags become fringed cowboy chaps, sugar packets are transformed into a flapper's dress, and doilies are fashioned into a scalloped hem fit for a princess. (Maybe next year her mommy will trick or treat in her own neighborhood instead of driving the poor kid 15 miles out of her way) (also watch Martha on the Food Network and HGTV)

Save Rosie!
First, Rosie O'Donnell lost control of her magazine. Now she is losing her name. Her publisher G+J is suing her for $300 million! G+J just shut down the magazine and laid off 120 people. Visit, join the boycott of Bertelsmann's products, and give Rosie a Hug!

Latest News
By popular demand, and in light of rapidly breaking news, the SaveMartha Discussion forum has finally reopened. This is your chance to advise Martha and tell her what you think she should do now. Settle? Fight? Take her company private? Has Martha received the right advice? What would you do differently to help Save Martha?. Please respect this forum. Abusers will be banned and reported to their service providers, and also will not be eligible to win any cool SaveMartha prizes. Join the discussion now.

S.E.C. Move Could Mean Stewart's Resignation-- Constance L. Hays--NY Times
Martha Stewart could be forced to step down from the company that bears her name, securities lawyers say, if the Securities and Exchange Commission brings a complaint against her in the coming weeks.

SEC Attempting To Force Martha to Resign--Washington Post
Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement lawyers will probably try to make lifestyle maven Martha Stewart step down as chief executive of her media company and pay a significant fine.

After months of speculation, investors turned optimistic on the actual news. "The business is holding up well, and the suggestion that she may be able to settle thi iis good newUnless thers. e's a smoking gun, this looks like a weak case. The civil charge may have been interpreted as a way out here."

EMBATTLED home entertainment diva Martha Stewart beat a hasty retreat from the annual magazine pow-wow in Phoenix yesterday.

It could be the beginning of the end for Martha Stewart's reign at her namesake company. And it was all for $42,000 - the approximate profit Stewart made by selling 3,928 shares of ImClone on Dec. 27, or the cost of about 617 metal files one can buy on her Web site.

Martha's Fraud Rap--NY Post

If Martha's having a really bad day, you can be sure the NY Post is having a really good one. A sniper is loose in Washington DC, NY Knick Latrell Sprewell is about to put team owner Jimmy Dolan into one of his famous choke holds, and yet the Post still puts Martha as the top story on the front page: "Martha Stewart's goose could be cooked. The scandal-fueled smoke pouring from her kitchen erupted yesterday into a carreer-threatening blaze...blah blah blah" Where do they find these writers? Harvard? Williams? Oh, silly us we almost forgot: they also hired Chris Byron...

SEC likely to charge Stewart--CBS MarketWatch
The Securities and Exchange Commission's decision to notify Martha Stewart that it is considering civil charges against her makes it almost a certainty that it will file those charges, and in no way acts as an obstacle to regulators following up with a criminal case, legal experts said Tuesday.

SaveMartha Readers Send a Message to Martha: Fight, Don't Settle!

U.S. seeks almost $10 mln from Waksal's parents Jack and Sabina, both Holocaust survivors. and daughter Aliza--Reuters

Japan's Seiyu May End Its Sales Alliance With Martha Stewart
Seiyu Ltd. may end an exclusive sales agreement with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. on concern a U.S. probe into its founder's sale of stock may tarnish the image of Japan's fifth-largest retailer.

KMart Planning Martha Christmas--NY Post
"The government could be the Grinch that stole Christmas from Martha Stewart." That's basically what we've been saying for months. At least the Grinch brought back all the presents.

SEC Officials to Recommend Fraud Charges Against Stewart--WSJ

US regulators plan civil case against Stewart--FT

According to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal, federal regulators have sent Martha Stewart a Wells notice, informing her of their plans to pursue legal action against her. Recipients typically have 30 days to respond to such a notice, giving Martha until at least mid-November to provide a reason why this action should not move forward. We have one: becuase its a witchunt! Fact: 7,730,200 shares of ImClone were traded on the same day that Martha Stewart sold 3,923 shares. Where is the investigation into who sold the other 99.9% of shares traded that day? From the FT:

"US securities regulators have told Martha Stewart they plan to bring a civil case against the home design guru stemming from their probe of inside trading at ImClone, the biotechnology company. The Securities and Exchange Commission has informed Ms Stewart's lawyers of the likely charges and asked for their response, according to people familiar with the investigation. The onus is now on Ms Stewart and her lawyers to convince regulators why they should not bring charges."

The Wells notice was sent to Martha over a week ago, or just about the time that rumors of a possible deal with former Merrill Lynch broker Peter Bacanovic were circulating. and while Sam Waksal was pleading guilty to 6 of 13 charges. Also in play: testimony from Martha's friend Mariana Pasternak, who was on the plane ride to Mexico with Martha when the phone calls and stock sale took place. She is rumored to be cooperating with investigators as well. Developing...

Fact: 7,730,200 shares of ImClone were traded on the same day that Martha Stewart sold 3,923 shares. Where is the investigation into who sold the other 99.9% of shares traded that day?

Should Martha settle and put this all behind her? Or should she fight this unfair persecution? Tell us now

U.S. seeks almost $10 mln from Waksal's relatives--Reuters
Prosecutors moved on Monday to take almost $10 million from the parents and daughter of Samuel Waksal, the former chief executive of ImClone Systems Inc. stemming from an insider trading scheme involving the company's shares.

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