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10/10 Prosecutors widen probe of Martha Stewart stock sale--WSJ
Consider possible securities fraud charges
Bad news is good news: MSO Up 10% in early trading

In yet more bad news in this never-ending bad news parade, Federal prosecutors have widened their probe of Martha Stewart to include whether public statements about why she sold ImClone Systems Inc. shares were false, and whether they were intended to boost the price of her own company's stock, The Wall Street Journal reports today. The SEC is looking into whether two statements made by Martha on June 12 and 18th were designed to prop up the price of Martha Stewart Omnimedia. In those statements, Martha said she had no inside information about Imclone, and sold her shares based on a stop-loss order. Those statements were contradicted last week by former assistant broker Douglas Faneuil. The good news: the SEC action will most likely be civil, not criminal. So everyone can get rid of those "Martha behind bars" t-shirts now and get the correct fashion accessories here. The bad news: the SEC action will add fuel to the fire for all those ridiculous class action suits waiting in the wings.

Wall Street Journal Criticizes Rep. Greenwood, House Committee

In an editorial today, The WSJ goes after Rep. Jim Greenwood and the grandstanding going on around the never-ending ImClone scandal. "Congress is fiddling while cancer patients die. But while it has become clear that ImClone's Erbitux is a life-extending drug waylaid by the FDA bureaucracy (which falls under Billy Tauzin's and Greenwood's committee) our representatives seem more interested in posturing about corporate greed than in getting the treatment to dying patients" The WSJ goes on to say that even though experts at Sloan-Kettering agree this is a promising drug, "to hear Rep. Jim Greenwood tell it, the jury is still out on Erbitux." Going after Martha Stewart to score political points is bad enough. However, using a drug which is proven to extend life of critically ill patients to score extra points is outrageous. This drug has shown a 22.5% response rate in colon cancer patients who had not responded to chemotherapy alone. It's time for the FDA to approve this drug and the House to move on.

Should Martha Settle?
Prosecutors are expected to complete plea deals this week, putting pressure on Martha to agree to settle case; US Attorney wants to know about what happened and said after the stock sale Bacanovic and Waksal are both being pressured to plea in exchange for testimony. Should Martha settle and put this all behind her? Or should she fight this unfair persecution?
Tell us now

10/9 MSO down 15% in late trading on stock downgrade, retail worries, rumor of possible Bacanovic plea deal.

Late news: a plea deal may be in the making for former broker Peter Bacanovic...developing

Fact: 7,730,200 shares of ImClone were traded on the same day that Martha Stewart sold 3,923 shares. Where is the investigation into who sold the other 99.9% of shares traded that day?


New! A weekly serial called Deconstructing Byron written by Andrew Ritchie. Join us every week for a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Byron’s book Martha Inc. and get to know the book that will soon be the basis for an upcoming film. Read Andrew’s weekly reviews and judge for yourself whether Martha Inc. is worth its salt.

Volume 1: Deconstructing the prologue
Vol. 2 – Nancy Drew and the Case of the Hidden Childhood

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Recipe Of The Day: L'Amande Pastis
On Martha Stewart Living

Legendary designer and collector Fred Leighton reveals the best way to care for precious jewelry. Martha Stewart Weddings editor Darcy Miller offers creative ideas for outstanding bridal-party gifts. Florian Bellanger, executive chef of New York City's Fauchon, creates six exotic wedding cakes. (also watch Martha on the Food Network and HGTV)

Imclone E-Mail Shows Company Had Advance Word of FDA Rejection --Dow Jones
E-mail reveals company officials knew 10 days before announcement

Martha Stewart case not all sewn up--Newsday
As congressional inquiry moves to new phase, questions turn to gray areas surrounding diva's sale of Imclone stock
Martha, Peter,

Douglas and Sam sightings: According to NY Post Page Six

Former stockbroker Peter Bacanovic ducked into Saks Fifth Avenue yesterday afternoon after conversing in French on one cell phone and in English on another. Bacanovic bought a $65 bottle of Erno Lazlo Vitamin C 10 cream, which is "good for stressed-out skin," the salesperson told The Post's Lisa Marsh. But did he pay in euros or dollars?

Former assistant-turned-turncoat Douglas Faneuil has been using the WWD offices as his hangout since his involvement in the Stewart snafu became public. Faneuil pleaded guilty last week to a misdemeanor charge that he took a payoff to back up the domestic diva's explanation for selling her ImClone shares when she did. But the payoff was in Knick tickets, so it's hard to say if anything of value changed hands.

Martha Stewart told the crowd at Monday night's party for Martha Stewart Weddings magazine that she's on a manhunt. "I need to find a husband to take care of my finances," she joked at the Rainbow Grill. We hear Edd Townsend is on the short list for the job...

No parties for Sam Waksal, whose brother Harlan is due to appear before Billy Tauzins House Energy and commerce committee, again, to answer why he and his brother ordered dueling paper shredders last year. We hear Harlan will answer he was following standard government procedures: Why buy just one when you can have two for twice the price?

Merrill Lynch broker Bacanovic not cooperating with SEC investigators, takes the fifth! MSNBC

Former Merrill Lynch broker Peter Bacanovic is reportedly "not cooperating" with investigators attempting to "flip" him in their never ending quest to get Martha. A week after convincing assistant broker Douglas Faneuil to change a story he had sworn to under oath twice, investigators have turned their focus to his boss Peter Bacanovic in an effort to corner Martha Stewart with either a possible deal or indictment. But they have a little problem; Bacanovic isn't going along for the ride. He has invoked his fifth amendment right and has refused to answer questions.

So the feds have a problem. They need one more witness to tip the balance, since Martha and Peter disagree with the newly changed story of young Douglas. Martha is still ahead 2 votes to 1, and would even win if this vote took place under New Jerseys election rules. Next, investigators will try to pressure Sam Waksal, who sold 50 times more stock than Martha, to turn against his friend. Time is running out for the Feds to get a big headline before the elections; who may now be thinking that maybe focussing on Enron was a better idea after all...

Jay Leno sets new record, tells 8th Martha Stewart joke in nine days:
"Six suspected al-Qaeda operatives were arrested in Portland, Oregon yesterday. Even more startling is that all six of them have agreed to testify against Martha Stewart.
More bad news for Martha Stewart. She is now being sued by the Pillsbury Doughboy. It seems that years ago she fondled his doughnuts."
Tell Jay to stop eating all those doughnuts...

Kmart's Holiday Cheer Depends On Success Of Martha--Yahoo News

Tabloid Terrorist Christopher Byron Hits new 52 Week Low

Tabloid terrorist Christopher Byron, the sometime author of Martha Inc. who has apparently staked his entire career on the downfall of Martha Stewart, sunk even lower today in his NY Post column The Coming Carnage. Byron lashes out not only at Martha, but also at SaveMartha fans and their website. Calling Martha "the Queen of Ridiculousness," Byron says Martha has to "confront her own semen stained dress problems" now that assistant broker Douglas Faneuil has copped a plea. This is business reportage? No, this is tabloid misogyny. Byron whines about the millions of Martha fans who have spoken out in Martha's support (and against his Freudian biases against Martha). Sorry if you're a bit jealous, Chris. Vagina envy can be a terrible thing. Maybe it's time to launch your own line of home furnishings and window treatments, if you catch our drift.

"Doesn't is make you want to stick ice-picks in their eyes. All that whining "we love you Martha" talk? And that ghastly "Save Martha website?" Coming from Chris Byron, we take that as a compliment! We won't waste your time with this drivel any longer. What can you do to help? We think sending him this handy item from Kmart should help him with his "little problem." You can send it to: Chris Byron, c/o NY Post, 1211 Ave. of Americas, NY NY 10036. Then send Chris an e-mail and tell him to stop being the Queen of Mean. And read Andrew Ritchies inside scoop on Christopher Byron's Martha Inc: Deconstructing Byron

Read the latest installment of Andrew Richies Deconstructing Byron
Vol. 2 – Nancy Drew and the Case of the Hidden Childhood

Dear Mr Byron,
I read your book, I've seen you on T.V. and I'm still not sure what your problem with Martha Stewart is -- she certainly isn't the worst of what is going on in Wall Street. There are more hard news stories about the economy: massive corporate greed, the temerity of the business community to reinvent itself and the constant threats from Bin Laden. Instead you as a serious business writer choose to write about Martha Stewart.
You may have your own reasons, and I'm not up to using the same pop psychology on you that you used on her in your book. Change the record -- there's more to write about in your life. Leave Martha alone until we know for certain what her part in all of this is.
I really don't care about Martha's personal life -- but then again I didn't really care about bill Clinton's either. I don't care about the charge of insider trading in the face of WorldCom etc. What I do care about is a show that teaches me something, that I'm not losing brain cells watching.
I keep thinking the Bible is right -- the measure that you measure with, will be measured out to you. What goes around comes around in my experience, I pray that you never have to face your own actions in public. Few of us could hold up to such scrutiny.

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Terry Keenan gets it right in her column in today's NY Post. She sakes why other NYSE board members who have scandals on their hands are still on the board. Why is David Komansky, head of the firm that employed and fired Martha's broker, not being pan-seared in the press? Or William Harrison, head of JP Morgan Chase, the firm that financed Enrons shady deals, or Carl McCall, who is running for governor of NY and is plagued by scandal, not being flame roasted in the press and asked to step down? Maybe it's because they're men. Maybe it's because they are not named Martha. Kudos to Terry for uncovering this double standard. From the NY Post:

"MARTHA Stewart finally did her bit this week to clean up the board of the New York Stock Exchange, but you don't have to be Martha to realize that this house is still in need of some dusting. For while Martha stepped down from the prestigious panel that governs the nerve center of our capitalist system, she waved good-bye to a board full of members who have their own issues - from outright conflicts of interest to scandals swirling around them or their companies.

In fact, the board reads like a "Who's Who" of CEOs under fire.

The list includes: David Komansky, the captain of Henry Blodget and Enron-tainted Merrill Lynch; Henry Paulsen, top dog at IPO scandal-plagued Goldman Sachs; William Harrison, the head of J.P. Morgan Chase, which made questionable loans to Enron; and Jerry Levin, former CEO of merger-plagued AOL Time Warner. All four companies are under investigation"

Investors hope low-profile executive can save Martha Stewart's company--Orlando Sentinel
Sharon Patrick first met Martha Stewart during a trip to Tanzania that was organized by a mutual friend. The self-described "business architect" and the queen of domestic arts instantly hit it off, and by the time they reached the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro had agreed to build a company together. Patrick was intrigued by her hiking partner's panache. Stewart, objecting to the food served on the two-week trip, set about teaching the African guides how to cook. Nine years later, Patrick finds herself on a different kind of journey involving Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc., where she serves as president and chief operating officer.
Patrick, 59, is the woman behind the woman.

Dear Attorney General,
It is unfortunate that the American government has embarked on a relentless pursuit to bring down a successful woman. This hunt for blood by the congressboys can be likend to tabloid journalism, a profession that revels in watching powerful people fall. In addition, the GOP pursuit of Miss Stewart appears politically motivated. Moreover, the true criminals have been pushed aside as your committee members strive to make names for themselves. True Ken Starrs, I will give them that much! Cory Fox

Conan the Barbarian beats on Martha

This is October and Halloween is right around the corner. A story with MSNBC on the hottest selling masks this season says that one of the top sellers this year is the Martha Stewart mask. You’ll be able to spot the kids who are wearing the Martha Stewart masks because they will be throwing eggs benedict at your house.

Throw an egg at Conans house

The Leno Watch:Kicking her while she's down

Jay Leno set a new world record--19 days without telling a lame joke about Martha Stewart! Now he's told 6 jokes in the last 5 days:

"Today I did something different while watching TV. I took two metal bars and put them in front of the TV to see what Martha Stewart will look like in jail"

"Martha Stewart had an interesting show this morning....she showed her viewers how to make bail. Did you see that?"

"The good news is that Martha Stewart has a cell phone – the bad news is that it’s the phone she’ll be using in her cell."

"Martha Stewart got a great tip from her broker today: "Run! Get Out!"

"The noose is really tightening on Martha now. She said it's not a noose, it's a fuschia mock turtle neck!"

"You can see from his picture why Douglas Faneuil cut a deal with the Feds--that's one face you don't want to see in prison! And today on Martha's show, during the pet segment Martha showed how a canary with a broken neck can't sing!"--Jay Leno

Tell Jay to stop singing like a canary!

Dear Save Martha,
I think that, if Martha Stewart can stand it, she should not settle. The end of the year is a TYPICAL time for investors to sell shares of stock, based on their goals & tax-planning strategy. I suspect that may well be the case here!!
Martha, you've done so much for so many, as pointed out quite eloquently in items I've read in the Save Martha! website (pointed out to me by my husband who is also a Martha fan!).
We wish you the best.

Mark & Glennda Joyce


Dear Attorney General,


Breaking News: Martha Stewart forced to resign from NYSE Board

In yet another sad moment in the scandal the media created, Martha Stewart has resigned from the NYSE board. No immediate comment was available from Martha or her company, but those who have followed this tale understand that the weight of media scrutiny was too much for Martha or the NYSE to bear.

Several months ago when asked if Martha would be leaving the NYSE board, a spokesperson there said the investigation into Martha's stock trade was irrelevant since that trade happened on the NASDAQ, the NYSE's uptown rival. But given the daily corporate corruption scandals, All Martha All The Time front page NY Post headlines, Douglas Faneuil turning states evidence, and 3 months of congressional investigations that went nowhere, Martha has found herself in the middle of the perfect storm. She has been forced out, while neither officially accused or convicted of any crime. That is injustice.

We have stated from the beginning that the point of SaveMartha is that we do not know the truth, nor should anyone assume to. We have a legal system that's the best in the world. Lets let it do it's job, but do so fairly. Too often, the legal system is colored by what goes on in the media. Martha Stewart is an example of what happens to a female celebrity when the public goes witch hunting. We are here to douse those flames.

``We are saddened to lose Martha Stewart, who has built a brand and a company admired around the word,'' said Dick Grasso, chairman and CEO of the exchange. ``Our board will miss Ms. Stewart's counsel and insight.'' So will we....

Save Martha, Support KMart!

Breaking News:
Martha Stewart was put on high boil yesterday as investigators circled the embattled empress and laid out for the first time her suspected role in the ImClone insider-trading scandal. According to one source, "There's a 90 percent chance that Martha Stewart will resign from the New York Stock Exchange board - she has to,"

Get set for another tough day, as the NYSE considers whether to ask for Martha's resignation from the board. It's been a tough few weeks, with Martha falling off the Forbes 400, losing her spot on the Fortune list of most powerful business women, and now the NYSE board of director seat is at risk. But Martha's fans are still behind her 100%. Martha's fans still watch her shows, buy her products, and learn from all the good things she has to share. Hang tough. We will survive....


Merrill Lynch fires Martha's broker Bacanovic and assistant Faneuil--Reuters
Merrill Assistant Pleads Guilty to Misdemeanor--NY Newsday

Prosecutors accuse broker Peter Bacanovic of stealing material, non-public information from Merrill Lynch, providing it to Martha Stewart through assistant...say he offered Faneuil bribes to change story...

Assistant Douglas Faneuil pleads for Faneuil says he "found himself in a difficult situation, this young man had the guts and courage to come forward.. claims he was bribed to hide information with Knick tickets!
MSO down 7% in heavy trading

Assistant broker Douglas Faneuil says he was bribed with Knick tickets to back up his bosses story. Knick tickets? That's not a bribe, it's an insult! Have you seen the Knicks play ball lately? In yet another bizarre turn in this saga, prosecutors are attempting to make the weak claim that Douglas Faneuil was bribed with basketball tickets to back boss Peter Bacanovic and Martha's claim that there was a stop-loss order in place. Yet prosecutors also say it was Faneuil himself who told Martha to sell! Sounds like a 2 for 1 special to us.

Not only does Faneuil say he provided inside information to a client, but then he says he lied about it to investigators--and the prosecutors are giving him a deal! Why does he say he lied? No, not to save his job, but to get Knick tickets! The Knicks were 30-58 last year--what kind of a bribe is that? Prosecutors need to prove a quid-pro-quo to make their case, other wise they are left with charging young Douglas alone. And that wouldn't get very big headlines.

Maybe the real story is there was a stop loss order agreed to between Martha and broker Peter--and he forgot to tell young assisant Douglas. Then the stock dropped, and Peter told Douglas to sell, and call Martha to let her know, and oops by the way I forgot to tell you....I messed up!

Why is that scenario less plausible than a bribe of worthless tickets? We have received many e-mails from investors who have had their brokers (including Merrill Lynch) forget about their stop-loss orders, and then even refuse to make their clients whole. Brokers are too busy chasing new business and regularly forget to do paperwork properly. But maybe Merrill Lynch doesn't want the public to know how sloppy things get down there on Wall Street.

So the prosecutors now have a warlock in hand as the witch hunt continues...

What can you do? Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft and tell him to go after the real bad guys and leave Martha alone...then read our Dear John Letters...

An open letter to Martha Stewart:

You are a cultural savior. You have pulled our society and traditions back from the brink of demise. You have reinvigorated domesticity and homemaking. You have created an industry and subsequently tens of thousands of jobs.

You are an American hero. You are one of the greatest and most important women of the 20th century.

Don't let the bastards get you down. You will prevail.

God Bless You!

David Squibb


Breaking News:
Why does government seek to ruin Ms. Perfect's life?--USA Today
Sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime. But here the crime is that a private citizen's life and livelihood are being ruined in an inquisitorial rush to uncover the details of a private act that should be none of the government's business. And that's a bad thing.

Rosie O'Donnell is in trouble! First she lost her TV show, now her magazine, and the publisher is suing her for $300 million dollars! Check out, join the boycott of Bertelsmann's products, and give Rosie a Hug!

SaveMartha Contest Winners

We received many fine entries, and had a difficult time deciding the winner. So, we have a tie! Each winner receives a free Save Martha Pincushion and VooDoo Doll, complete with magic faux-pearl pendant and owners manual! And the winners are:

I think that Martha should be saved because she's the best boss I've ever had. I worked for Martha until recently, and I have to say that my five years at MSLO were the best years in my profession. She's tough, but she's a complete inspiration.

Peter Mars

I think that Martha should be saved because...even if I ever do a project, cook a recipe or organize anything in my house--there is something reassuring in the fact that Martha gathers all that information and keeps our homemaking traditions alive. She never underestimates the intelligence of her viewers or her buyers. What she "sells" has intrinsic merit and value. She has varied interests--maybe her lifestyle is a bit over- the-top but I'd rather watch Martha than Anna Nicole Smith!...I truly admire Martha for taking the mundane of life such as how to iron a shirt, how to hem men's slacks and how to make a headband and giving those who do them a platform of dignity and accomplishment. I'm still amazed of the grown up field trips that we've taken with Martha--the visit to Pantone sticks in my memory as something I deal with often but never knew the origins of. Martha is Martha--even her out take show didn't show a plaster saint--she got a raw deal because of jealousy. We need to save Martha because she has saved so much for us, in our traditions, and history. She as saved us by recognizing our need for and showing her respect for our curiosity. She saved retail sales from the tawdry. We need to save Martha because she is a compendium of ideas, interests, and traditions that many of us overlook.

Estelle Gabel

See More Contest Entries

SaveMartha Fans Say NO! Martha should NOT settle with US Attorney!

Dear Save Martha,
Martha should know that millions of Americans love and respect her for her creativity and passion for improving our quality of life, and that we support her in every way in defending this ridiculous crusade by prosecutors who clearly have lost sight of reason.
Mark Dodge

New! A weekly serial called Deconstructing Byron written by Andrew Ritchie. Join us every week for a chapter-by-chapter analysis of Byron’s book Martha Inc. and get to know the book that will soon be the basis for an upcoming film. Read Andrew’s weekly reviews and judge for yourself whether Martha Inc. is worth its salt. Volume 1: Deconstructing the prologue

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Recipe Of The Day: L'Amande Pastis
On Martha Stewart Living Learn about "Oaxaca Journal" by Oliver Sacks on Martha's Favorite Books.
New York City restaurateur Jimmy Rodriguez shares his recipe for Latin-Caribbean-style adobo chicken.
Product-development manager Miller Opie makes one of her signature cigar-box purses (also watch Martha on the Food Network and HGTV)

Should Martha Settle?
Prosecutors expected to complete plea deals this week, putting pressure on Martha to agree to settle case; US Attorney wants to know about what happened after stock sale

Prosecutors in the investigation are expected to complete their plea agreement with Sam Waksal this week in exchange for turning over information related to Martha Stewart's stock trade. Sources close to the investigation report they are interested not only in what Sam Waksal said to Martha before the stock trade on December 27, 2001, but what was said in the days and weeks after the trade. Investigators believe that conversations which occurred after the fact may be key to unlocking a deal with Martha Stewart.

Should Martha settle and put this all behind her? Or should she fight this unfair persecution? Tell us now

SaveMartha Fans Say NO! Martha should NOT settle with US Attorney!

Reader Mail:

Dear Save Martha,
If Martha did not do anything illegal, she should NOT settle with anyone! She should stand her ground. What ever happened to innocent, until proven guilty?? Don't give in Martha!!
Karn Myers

Dear Save Martha,
This is just absolutely absurd! It would be a travesty of justice for Martha Stewart to settle. I am appalled that anyone should expect her to, that would be admitting that she is guilty.
Martha Stewart stands for perfection and integrity. There is no integrity in admitting to something that you did not do. She would be forever condemned.
Martha should continue to hang right in there. I greatly admire her, and as a LOYAL FAN, I'm right behind her!!
Proud To Be A Martha Stewart Fan
Diana Sypolt

Dear Save Martha,
Martha should know that millions of Americans love and respect her for her creativity and passion for improving our quality of life, and that we support her in every way in defending this ridiculous crusade by prosecutors who clearly have lost sight of reason.
Mark Dodge

Dear Save Martha,
Lets get the big guy first. and his family? how much did they sell?
what are their names? we never see them publicized.
then settle martha's case.
Martha has been treated as if she sold more that Sammo did and where are the 2 members of his family in this?
g stephan

Dear Save Martha,
While the evidence at best is weak, one has to wonder about the longer term benefits of taking a plea and putting the entire issue behind them. One way or another, our government is out to get Martha (and one must wonder about the so called "priorities" of these people) whether it be actual charges, or keeping her in the media limelight which continually drags down her company stock. The market is too "nervous" right now to handle any little tittering of news.

Dear Save Martha,
As a shareholder and big fan of Martha Stewart, I was very alarmed at your Breaking News regarding a "Perp Walk". Is it too late for Martha to cut a deal and end all this??? The longer that this goes on the worse the outcome will be. Please email Martha and tell her what her fan's, customers and shareholders want.
Thank You
Jeff Daniel

Dear Save Martha,
Martha is my hero in many respects. She taught me to garden, to entertain, to reach out and try new recipies, and enhance my home and my "living." Martha inspired me and continues to do so.

Dear Save Martha,
Be strong Martha!!!! You have not lived your life and built your empire to have it fall down!! Stand tall and tell them that you are innocent of the charges-DON'T settle, cuz many will see at as being guilty. God bless!!

Dear Save Martha,
Do not settle, if she did not trade on inside information. Never ever sell your integrity because it may be "easier". Integrity is worth more than any money that may be gained in the long term by settling.

Should Martha settle with the US Attorney and just put this all behind her? Or should she fight this unfair persecution? Tell us now

Sam Waksal Plea Deal Near--May Accept Jail Time

Reports indicate that Sam Waksal may accept a plea deal which reduces jail time in exchange for giving prosecutors information on Martha Stewart. Early indications are that Sam Waksal will maintain he did not provide Martha with any information prior to the trade, but may have other relevant information based on conversations with Martha after the stock sale. The irony is that it appears that the case will hinge not on whether there was inside information provided by Sam to Martha, but on whether Martha told Sam information about the stop-loss order after her sale.

The big issue is whether there was in fact a stop-loss order in place. Last week, Merrill Lynch assistant Douglas Faneuil agreed to a plea agreement in exchange for providing information about Martha's stock trade. Early indications are that he was not aware of a stop-loss order, but this is still disputed by his boss Peter Bacanovic. Unless prosecutors can get one more person to say they know there was no stop-loss order before the sale, the case is not considered to be strong enough to move forward.

Several fans of Martha have called in recent days for Martha to settle this case and move on. One investor says he believes a settlement is in the best interest of MSO investors and Martha Stewart herself. The move by prosecutors to "flip" Sam Waksal is more evidence of the pressure from Capitol Hill on the US Attorney to "get Martha". While we hope there is still a way to resolve this case in Martha's favor, and firmly believe that this entire affair is a witch hunt, given the political and economic pressure on Martha Stewart to settle, a settlement may be the best option for everyone if a fair deal is presented.

A settlement could range from a fine and an apology to community service, probation or a prison sentence. Even if the worst of everything the accusers in this case say is true (which is doubtful), a check and an contrite statement should take care of the damage. It will then be up to Martha's fans to repair the damage done to the company by the media and prosecutors.

On the plus side, a settlement would put this matter behind Martha and the company. Both our SaveMartha poll and USA Today have concluded that Martha's fans will stay loyal to her, and some will buy more of her products as a result of the media attacks. On the downside, a settlement would be a blow for women in business, who are subjected to a double standard of increased scrutiny and punishment for behaviors which are excused among their male peers. It would also provide ammunition for all of the class action lawsuits waiting in the wings.

Tell us what you think. Should Martha settle and put this all behind her? Or should she fight this unfair persecution? Tell us now.

Rosie O'Donnell is in trouble too! First she lost her TV show, now her magazine, and the publisher is blaming her! Check out and give Rosie a Hug!

New! The Beauty of Murals, By Andrew Ritchie

Conan, Conan, Conan....
As if listening to all of his lame jokes on the Emmys were not enough, Conan O'Brien chimes in on the scandal: "More trouble for Martha Stewart. Her assistant accountant has agreed to testify against her. The testimony is expected to be pretty shocking – he's going to say that Martha uses instant gravy." Send Conan some real gravy now! Then read our Dear Conan letters

Save Martha, Support KMart! Launches
In an effort to build on the groundswell of support for Kmart and ultimately drive traffic and sales, has been launched. The site is a gathering place for associates, customers, retirees, family and friends to share promotional tips, generate story ideas for local media coverage and organize local community activities. The Take Action area of the Kmart Forever site will contain information and all the necessary tools any supporter would need to help make a difference within their community. You can participate at

New! The Beauty of Murals, By Andrew Ritchie

9/27 Breaking News
Pressure from Capitol Hill building on federal prosecutors to take action aginst described as "shaky"...MSO up 4%, KMart up 8% in early trading

Exclusive: Capitol Hill sources tell SaveMartha that pressure from the House has forced prosecutors to move forward with a case that is at best described as "shaky," with little hard evidence of any wrongdoing. Prosecutors will claim that Merrill Lynch assistant Douglas Faneuil was allegedly "bribed by his boss Peter Bacanovic" with theatre tickets to change his story. The public backlash after three months of Congressional hearings which resulted in virtually nothing seems to have been too much for certain House members to take. This politicization of the process will likely lead to yet another round of splashy headlines, and the "perp walk" that the media is hungering for. Pressure is building from lawmakers for action against Martha to take place prior to the fall elections from House members furious that they couldn't "get Martha" the first time...developing.

Shaw moves ahead with Martha flooring line--The Daily Citizen
"The response and feeling we are getting from our customers is that the average consumer is not overly concerned about Ms. Stewart's personal problems, they are more interested in her decorating advice," said Randy Merritt, Shaw Industries executive vice president for sales and marketing.
"We're encouraged by that."

9/26 Merrill Lynch assistant Douglas Faneuil agrees to testify against Martha Stewart
MSO shares down 8% in heavy volume as feds cut deal with assistant

Merrill Aide to plead guilty--MSNBC

Today's Wall Street Journal reports that the US attorney's office in Manhattan has cut a deal with Merrill Lynch assistant Douglas Faneuil, who has agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge and provide testimony to federal prosecutors against Martha Stewart and others. This is a crucial step in the case, and moves closer to charges being filed against Martha Stewart. By our count, the vote is still 2 to 1 in favor of Martha. Both Martha and broker Peter Bacanovic's stories match, while young Douglas' account is the only one that differs. Even vote counters in the state of Florida would have to agree that Martha is still winning this poll. Threatened with being charged with a felony, Douglas Faneuil has cut a deal with the feds. Looks like they went for the weakest link and are building a case from the bottom up. Maybe someone should launch

According to the WSJ, the charge involves a small gift (perhaps theatre tickets--we hope it was at least The Producers!) which Douglas Faneuil received for corroborating the account of Martha's stop-loss order given to investigators by his boss Peter Bacanovic. This points to the Feds attempting to make a cause-and-effect, or perhaps even a bribery argument, for why Faneuil changed his initial story. As if keeping his job wasn't enough! But this reasoning misses the key point: Douglas Faneuil is the only one who has allegedly admitted to lying to Federal authorities! Why not charge the one person who has allegedly admitted to perjury and obstruction of justice with a felony? Because there are bigger fish to fry, because there are bigger headlines to grab. Because this is a witch hunt, and Douglas Faneuil is only a warlock.

In addition, the WSJ reports that stalled negotiations between the Feds and former ImClone CEO Same Waksal have resumed, and that they also want to know what Waksal knows about Martha's stock trade--a trade that was minuscule compared to the size of the Waksal family's own stock sales!

This is not a good thing. The US Attorney did not learn the lesson we learned from months of investigations by the House committee. This is still a witch hunt and it needs to be stopped right now.

What can you do? Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft and tell him to go after the real bad guys and leave Martha alone...then read our Dear John Letters...

SaveMartha readers aren't fooled by this plea bargain deal:

Dear Attorney General,
This little prosecutor's trick of purchasing false testimony in exchange for no jail time seems a little sick! Personally, as a juror, if I suspect that someone has made a deal with the government in exchange for false testimony, I disregard their lies. One would have to have the cerebral capacity of cock roach to fall for your tactics. Hopefully, if this goes to trial, the jurors will send your little trumped up case packing! Go after the corporate crooks in your administration and quit this witch hunt on Martha!
New Orleans

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Now Ben Stein thinks Martha's being treated unfairly too:
Why Is Such a Huge Deal Being Made over Martha Stewart? E-Online
It's pretty clear to me that she is getting tortured mostly because she is rich and famous. I understand the impulse to get her, because I am subject to fits of envy myself. But the federal government should operate at a higher ethical level than that. So, let's maybe feel a whiff of sympathy for Martha."

SaveMartha reader mail in the NY Post! Keep sending in the email, it works. Linda Stasi, one of the better writers at the Post, includes our reader mail on the Op/Ed page in todays paper:

From Savemartha: "As a representative sample of many thousands of voting consumers in this country, we are unequivocally telling you that this campaign against Martha Stewart is a grave miscalculation of the public sentiment. Bluntly put, she is a positive influence in our society."

Tell the media what you think now!

In it's never-ending quest to be the newspaper that's All Martha, All The Time, the NY Post's Page Six digs up a lawsuit related to the theme song used on Martha's show. It's just a typical garden variety copyright suit, all too common in the music world, but the Post just wanted to make sure everyone knew all about it. Coming soon from the NY Post: an exclusive story about the time when Martha was six years old and dropped a piece of cherry pie on the floor and forgot to clean it up or even tell anyone about it. Plus an interview with the rug cleaner.

Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft and tell him to go after the real bad guys and leave Martha alone...then read our Dear John's a good one:

Dear Attorney General,
Corporate skullduggery is rampant on a very large scale yet government investigations continue to target a tiny fish like Martha Stewart. Ms. Stewart's stock sale took away no retirement funds nor did it result in massive job loss. She is being unfairly targeted when the investigators could be really finding the real culprits in this whole mess. I suggest that you encourage them to focus on the energy mess in California and the failure of FERC to step in and prevent huge financial losses suffered by California tax payers.

Catherine M. Smith

Keep your letters coming! Save Martha fanmail is once again in the news:
Populist uprising for Martha --San Francisco Chronicle

"As a fan put it, "Whether or not what she did is right or wrong it was only one person's trade not the mismanagement of an ENTIRE company that affected MANY people to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. I personally lost a lot of money to TYCO. LEAVE MARTHA ALONE!"

Read about SaveMartha in the Hollywood Reporter
See Save Martha in USA Today: Most buyers say they're staying loyal to Martha!

9/19 Free Martha, elect grown-ups--UPI
"There is something very vicious about the attacks on Martha Stewart, and dare I say sexist. We have a couple of congressman, hoping for prime time to further their careers, attacking Martha.

Who ever heard of these guys until now? The congressional committee they serve on is a little less obscure than the "Save the Adirondack Goat Congressional Oversight Caucus."

Nevertheless, these guys see it as their big chance. If they can attack somebody like Martha Stewart, they get the limelight, for the first and, one can only hope, the last time in their careers. Being assigned to the House Energy and Commerce Committee by the leadership in Congress does not signal a good deal of confidence in their abilities to begin with."

Hear SaveMartha on CBS radio today
See SaveMartha in The Economist

Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft and tell him to go after the real bad guys and leave Martha alone...then read our Dear John Letters...


Our Dear John Letters keep pouring in:

Dear Attorney General,
Get real! Your constant Bush-whacking is making you look like a damn fool! I'm a Democrat and I think if you want to save the party, you should go after corporate swindlers and not hide behind Martha's apron.

Douglas Nelms

Dear Attorney General,

Sadly I have no idea who Martha is. Still, I think you should be going after those godless al-quaidans rather than good, (fairly) honest patriotic americans.

Bob Wallis

Dear Attorney General,

This is a real letter from real America. Leave Martha Stewart alone and turn your attention to Honchos with real power; you know the American people are smart and we know the President and Vice President have abused the system far worse than she has. Don't prove that your ass is bigger than your brain by letting them hide behind you and succeeding.


Dear Attorney General,
It is just like the wimpy republicans to hide behind a woman's skirts and aprons when they (Enron/ Worldcom/Bush.oil interests) get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Go after them. Then Martha won't seem so bad.
Ann Sauter

Dear Attorney General,

So much about Martha, so little about Kenny Boy ~

Joan Mark

Dear Attorney General,

Please stop harassing Martha. It would be more appropriate to focus your efforts on enron executives who have damaged the lives of thousands by stealing their retirement.
I will not vote for Bush or any republican until you back off and set your sights on the right targets.
Barbara Zenz

Dear Attorney General,
I am writing to ask you to review your priorities. To persecute Martha Stewart for a paltry $60,000 while the executives of Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, etc. make off with BILLIONS of dollars is not only reprehensible, but disgustingly immoral.
I couldn't care less about a pomegranate Christmas wreath. However, I care deeply about the fact that a single woman who built such a successful company for herself is running into the ultimate glass ceiling. As a woman who has worked hard to break through a glass ceiling, I support her efforts to create a business for herself, and I urge you to stop this harassment.

Liz Aul

Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft

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Lemony Green Peas in a Pod

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CEO Insider Tip Of The Day

If only Dennis Kozlowski, the former CEO of Tyco who purchased a $6,000 shower curtain, had visited Kmart's, he could have had one of Martha's best for $12.99...

Latest News:
Look Out Oprah!
Martha Stewart Living Television Premieres 'Martha's Favorite Books,' A New Weekly Book Segment
Segment Features Authors of Martha's Favorite Fiction and Non-Fiction Titles. The Emmy Award-winning television series Martha Stewart Living will debut "Martha's Favorite Books," a weekly segment airing every Tuesday featuring interviews with authors of a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books

Panel Punted on Martha--NY Daily News. Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said he fears Stewart will get little attention because of other corporate scandals being probed by the feds. "I believe this will quickly be put on the back shelf," he said. "We're punting, and that's ending this with a whimper."

Hear the House Committee press conference on the findings from their investigation (45 min)

(requires free Real Player)

Read the Letter of referral from House to Justice Department


AN ‘EARLY' EXIT :CBS Axes Clayson from a.m. program--NY Post
Jane Clayson is out at the CBS Early Show. You will recall it was Jane Clayson who conducted the horrible cabbage chopping interview with Martha early this summer. The NY Post has had fun bashing Jane too. Hmm, a famous, blonde, well paid celebrity is having a hard time, and the Post is having fun reporting it...sounds all to familiar to us.

Setting The Table: Martha Stewart might walk away without punishment--Newsweek
"All summer a congressional committee huffed and puffed about grilling Martha Stewart in public for her alleged role in an insider-trading scandal. Instead, the congressional probe ended last week in a very un-Martha-like fashion: half-baked. Sources close to Justice say they are unimpressed with Tauzin’s referral. The Feds have had their own Martha investigation going for months, but a source says they are “still a ways away” from deciding if they have a case."

Why the Rush to Find Fault in Women?
"EVERYBODY down there wants to be the person to bag that babe's blond scalp," said Christopher M. Byron, a veteran business journalist. He was referring rather bluntly to the apparent desire among prosecutors to see Martha Stewart — the subject of his current book, "Martha Inc." found guilty of, well, anything.

Martha's pudding--National Post
Now that Martha Stewart's phone messages and e-mails have been revealed, reports of her insider trading appear to be greatly exaggerated

Martha and Rosie discuss treatment of women in the media:

Rosie: I am curious about your reputation as a perfectionist. Some say you are snotty, and frankly I've been around you many times, and I know it is all completely untrue. Do you think it is because you're a woman?

Martha: Absolutely.

Rosie: Yeah, I think that too. Because some people say to me, "When Martha's on your show, you seem like you like her so much." I say, "I do!" And they go, "But I've read that she's mean."

Martha: Oh, I know. I'm so mean.

Rosie: But why would they say that?

Martha: I don't know. I've had the same housekeeper for 15 or 18 years. I've had the same driver for—how long, Larry?

Rosie: Twenty.

Martha: Same driver for 20 years—how mean can I be?!

Rosie: I think it's interesting that they never make the same kind of accusations about successful men. No one calls Jack Welch [former CEO of General Electric] a bitch.

Martha: Oh, no! Never. Only us.

Read more at Rosie: The Magazine

Justice Interrupted...Not!
Congress Dropped the ball on Martha Investigation--Christopher Byron, NY Post

Chris Byron kisses up to Congress and admits he was "surprised" that the House Committee turned the case over to the Justice department. Maybe he would not have been as surprised if he had read here exclusively on 9/9, a full day before their press conference, that Congress had already decided to punt the case to Ashcroft's Justice department.

Our sources revealed a division in the House Committee about the fairness, and even the purpose, of the ongoing investigation. The Committee had no choice but to move on to more serious, policy-related matters and stop the PR circus.

Byron does not outright call Martha a liar but he does think bad PR means that justice was done when he says: "They revealed Stewart for what she is, and under the circumstances the truth may be punishment enough. "

The truth is that this is just more misogynist journalism. Nobody should take any glee from the harm that has been done, not just to Martha but to all women in powerful positions. What Byron and others conveniently forget is that nobody has all the facts, and that the brutality of attack journalism has caused a 60% decrease in the value of Martha's company. For all the investors and employees of the company, is that fair? Is that justice?

Reader Andrew Ritchie reviews Chris Byron's Martha, Inc.

Diva of Destitution: Martha Skids off richest list--NY Post

In our continuing series on unfair reporting entitled Misogyny 101, the NY Post calls Martha the "Diva of Destitution." Due to the scandal that the NY Post helped create itself, Martha has "been tossed off" the Forbes 400 list of the richest people in America. In our view, this is not a good thing. This is the price that women pay, the double standard that exists for women in the media and business world. Did you know there are only 46 women on the Forbes 400?

The never-ending media assault has taken a toll far out of proportion of any alleged stock trading infractions. What can you do? Get Martha back on the Forbes 400 list. Buy Martha's products. Visit her web site. Subscribe to her magazine. Tell the media to leave her alone. Only with your continued support can we Save Martha!

SaveMartha in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Save Martha in USA Today: Most buyers say they're staying loyal to Martha!
Save Martha on CNET 's

Jay Leno's picking on Martha again:

Martha Stewart is being investigated by congress. Her friends say that Martha is getting a little paranoid. Like today on her show she checked the Pillsbury Doughboy to see if he was wired.

Today John Ashcroft issued a code orange high alert. You know what that means – Martha Stewart could be at it again!

It was so hot today that Martha Stewart had to put sun block on her finger that she gave to Congress.

Today a famous outrageous blonde said she didn't know why people are laughing at her TV show – but enough about Martha Stewart

That's not funny, that's misogyny! Tell Leno To Leave Martha Alone!

Letter of referral from House to Justice Department

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Recipe Of The Day: Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes
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Latest News:
Taking stock of Stewart's furniture
--Philadelphia Inquirer
"This was good news for Martha," said Christopher Byron, author of Martha Inc.
Congress Is Better Off Forgetting Martha-Business Week
"In the case of Martha-mania, Congress came too close to overstepping its bounds. Lawmakers are better off chalking this up as a lesson learned. "
Martha Stewart: goose still cooking --The Guardian

In memory of Oscar winning actress Kim Hunter, who played the roles of Stella in Streetcar Named Desire, Dr. Zira in Planet of the Apes, and other memorable roles...her career was interrupted by the McCarthy witchunts of the 1950's...SaveMartha will not allow that kind of tragedy to happen again...she passes away at age 79, and she will be always be missed, but never forgotten...

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After three months of investigation, they couldn't find any evidence of insider trading or even come up with any new legislation on protecting investor's 401ks. Now Congress wants the Justice Department to clean up their mess. But 75% of SaveMartha readers say they want John Ashcroft to go after Al Qaeda, Enron and Worldcom execs, Wall Street brokers and child kidnappers. Write to Attorney General John Ashcroft and tell him to go after the real bad guys and leave Martha alone...then read our Dear John Letters...

Breaking News


See the names of those who were lost...

In memory of Oscar winning actress Kim Hunter, who played the roles of Stella in Streetcar Named Desire, Dr. Zira in Planet of the Apes, and other memorable roles...her career was interrupted by the McCarthy witchunts of the 1950's...SaveMartha will not allow that kind of tragedy to happen again...she passes away at age 79, and she will be always be missed, but never forgotten...

MSO shares up additional 9% in heavy trading

9/10 When in Doubt...Punt! House refers Martha's case to Justice Dept.
No charges of Insider trading in referral!

As first reported on SaveMartha exclusively yesterday, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce is referring the case against Martha Stewart to the Justice Department. No charges of insider trading are included in this referral. According to Rep. Billy Tauzin, Martha Stewart has been a "peripheral" and "collateral" matter all along. Rep. Greenwood (PA), teasing the press for having 13 news crews for showing up for a conference he himself had called, stated "We were never investigating Martha for insider trading. She was just a sideshow." Then what were they investigating all this time?

The referral deals only with making false statements to Congress, and includes nothing on any insider trading charge. This explains why the focus turned to a 5 minute phone call made 4 days after Martha's stock trade. Faced with having to admit they had nothing to prove their insider trading case, the investigators turned to any statements they could point to being in conflict. This is a classic perjury trap, and a huge waste of taxpayer time, money and patience. Which statements made to Congress were allegedly untrue, and who made these statements, remains very unclear.

National Priorities
Some members of Congress want the Justice Dept. to investigate Martha Stewart. Who do you think the Attorney General should be spending time going after?

Al-Qaeda terrorists
Child kidnappers and molesters
Enron and Worldcom executives
Wall street brokers and investment banks
Martha Stewart

Current Results

In another clear-cut case of grandstanding, the Congressmen revealed that they had received word through Martha's lawyers that she would take the fifth if called to testify. This was an unnecessary statement, a cheap shot that serves no purpose other than to further damage Martha, against whom they have proven nothing. We hope and believe that Justice has a more balanced view of this matter.

Breaking News
It's A Good Thing! Martha Stewart's legal counsel
issues a statement expressing their pleasure with the House Committee's decision.


Yes, It's A Good Thing! Martha Stewart's legal counsel issues a statement expressing their pleasure with the House Committee's decision today not to subpoena their client, and to leave the matter to the relevant law enforcement officials.

Rosie Says Save Martha!

I" like her. A lot. She is warm and funny and nothing like her "press image." She is really just as she seems to be, a happy, smart, powerful woman who actually eats farm-fresh eggs her chicks have just laid and off-the-vine tomatoes from her perfectly placed plants in her lattice-filled yard.

I wish I could be more like her, look as good as she does in a white T-shirt and khakis. I want her worldview. "—Rosie

Rep. Peter Deutch, Fla, member of the House Committee investigating Martha Stewart, on CNN with Paula Zahn "There was an energy crisis in this country last year. We haven't even held hearings on that yet. We haven't held hearings on reforming 401Ks and tens of thousands of people have lost money because of current laws. We don't investigate or prosecute. That's not our role. It's time for us to refer this to Justice and move on."

The decision on how to proceed was dividing members of the House panel.  “I think the committee, against my recommendation, is going to punt this whole matter over to the Justice Department,” Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., predicted Tuesday on NBC’s “Today” program.  “I think they're going to come up with no conclusion,” he said, “and I believe they owe it to Martha Stewart and to the American people to finish this, and I think today we will be abdicating that.”

Reader Mail:
Dear Congressman,
Have you people nothing better to do than investigate Martha Stewart? Leave her alone! You are harming all the Americans who enjoy her products and services if you run her out of business! Sometimes I think we send you people to Washington just to get you out of our own communities! Sheesh!

Claudia Vanderbilt

Is Martha Stewart a scapegoat?--CNN
From the Wall Street Journal's Holman Jenkins: "Mr. Greenwood's subcommittee is pursuing Ms. Stewart solely because she's a celebrity, just like Mr. Greenwood wants to be. But having had his jollies and appeared on a dozen talking-head shows, the moment has come to notice that the evidence is circumstantial and it all points to no crime being committed by Ms. Stewart."

US lawmakers set Martha Stewart news conference--Reuters
U.S. lawmakers said they will hold a news conference at 2:30 pm today, on the eve of the anniversary of 9/11, to announce the findings of their probe into whether Martha Stewart had inside information when she sold ImClone Systems Inc. Martha Stewart Omnimedia shares ended up 1.4%.

9/9 Perjury Trap for Martha?
Capitol Hill sources tell SaveMartha that a perjury trap for Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal may be in the making. Congressional investigators will hold a press conference today revealing alleged inconsistencies in information that has been provided to them by Martha Stewart and Sam Waksal, and investigators will likely make a case that Martha, Sam Waksal or others have perjured themselves to the Committee, and then refer the case to the Justice Department for prosecution. The 5 minute call on 12/31 which is in question does not appear to be material to the insider trading case, but instead is being used as lever to pressure the parties to turn against each other. Other evidence will likely be presented to make this case. If this is in fact the outcome, and the case is forwarded to Justice, then we are sure to see a showdown between lawyers on all sides, leading to a protracted legal battle.

Read about Save Martha on CNET 's
See Save Martha in the LA Times
Reader Andrew Ritchie reviews Martha, Inc.

9/9 Recipe Of the Day: Baked Pasta with Tomato, Cream, and Five Cheeses

Today on Martha Stewart Living: Classic American furniture

Save Martha in USA Today: Most buyers say they're staying loyal to Martha!

Good news! Martha's fans remaining loyal. Maria Puente of USA Today quotes the SaveMartha poll to illustrate that most of Martha's fans and customers are staying the course; out of 2,825 voters polled, only 3% of SaveMartha respondents said they would buy fewer of Martha's products, while 18% plan to buy more. All of Martha's business partners report business is still strong, from TV to magazine to the new furniture line. Among her fans, there is still strong support for Martha, for her company and her brand. What the media and Wall St. must remember, and what USA Today points out, is that there is a big difference between the people who love to parody Martha and the people who use her products, advice, and good things every day. The market may be fickle, but her fans certainly are not. Just because some writer in the NY Post decides to go after Martha doesn't mean her soufflés are suddenly falling or her pillows are suddenly lumpy. In fact, her products just get better as they stand the test of time.

9/8 Recipe Of the Day: Lemon Blueberry Tart

On Martha Stewart Living: History of the American flag; canine heroes of 9/11

Breaking News: Some say House panel focusing on publicity, not reforms--Austin Statesman
"For all his exertions, the garrulous Tauzin has not passed a single bill to reform corporations. Tauzin is "famous for flashy, showy hearings -- and low follow-up later," said a senior staffer on another House committee. "

Write to Congress. Rep Billy Tauzin is in Martha's kitchen and he's stirring the pot. Tell him to leave Martha alone!

Martha, The Movie
It's time to get your vote in to help to decide who should play Martha and all the main characters in the upcoming NBC TV movie Martha, Inc. Candice Bergin is the early favorite to play Martha herself. With all the recent events, and events yet to come, this should be a very demanding role. John Malkovich and Mean Simon from American Idol are in a dead heat to play the author Chris Byron. We think both are excellent choices. Tommy Lee Jones is the favorite to play the investigator Rep. Billy Tauzin. Getting that Ragin' Cajun flavor into the role would be a cinch for Tommy Lee. And David Letterman leads the voting for the role of embattled CEO of ImClone Sam Waksal. Ah, sweet revenge....
The TV movie, set for next spring, is based on the book Martha, Inc. by Christopher Byron, who is making millions at Martha's expense. Before they mess this thing up any more, we decided to let you decide who should be cast in the leading roles. Vote for who you think should play Martha, Christopher Byron, Billy Tauzin and Sam Waksal....Vote Now!

Reader Andrew Ritchie reviews Martha, Inc.

If you haven't read the book yet, then read our reviews. SaveMartha reader Andrew Ritchie does an in-depth review and analysis of Martha Inc. Read what Andrew has to say...and tell him what you think of his review.

Have you read Chris Byron's book Martha, Inc.? Or that other classic, Just Desserts? Send us an e-mail and let us know what your thoughts are....

9/6 Recipe of The Day: Rocky Road Brownies with Sophie

Breaking News:
Free Martha--National Post calls for Rep. Tauzin to Apologize to Martha Stewart for "smear campaign"
House committee has 'reached end of road' with Stewart--AP
Congress irked by Martha--CNN Money
Martha's Secret Call--NY Daily News
Martha, your time is up --NY Post

Beware the Congressional Hot Seat--LA Times

More bad news from Capitol Hill as investigators continue to leak information on Martha's phone records. At issue: a 5 minute phone call on Dec. 31, 2001 from Martha to Sam Waksal's cell phone. Let's see, a quick phone call to a close friend on the last day of the year. What did they say? Maybe, "Happy New Year?" Do you remember who you called on New Years Eve? The call in question has allegedly been denied in the past by Sam Waksal--but not by Martha! It seems the Committee should be asking Sam, not Martha, about the discrepancy. In addition, the call was made 4 days AFTER Martha's stock sale. So what does this have to do with insider trading, when the trade had already been done? All this effort and taxpayer money being spent on a 5 minute phone call made 4 days after the stock trade? If that's all there is, it's time for Congress to move on.

Our sources tell us a subpoena is likely to be on the way. However, other possible actions include referral of a case to the Justice Department for criminal action. Billy Tauzin's committee will release details of what action they plan to take on Tuesday. Seems like they're all worked up over a bunch of phone calls between friends. Last time we checked making phone calls was still legal. So was selling stock when your broker recommends it.

We hope the process is fair and expect the following steps be made by Congress and the media to ensure an equitable process:

  1. Identify up front what specific policy issue is being addressed. Among other major issues, the Committee investigating Martha is concerned with cloning, bioterrorism and Enron. And Martha. If there is no policy issue, as Rep. DeGette (Colorado) has asserted, then transfer this matter to Justice where Martha can defend herself and have her rights of privacy protected.
  2. No more leaks to the press about details which have yet to be cleared up (we won't hold our breath on this one)
  3. No grandstanding if and when Martha decides to take the Fifth (it's her legal right, and does not mean she is guilty of anything).
  4. No more false stories in the press, as in the NY Times article about a CEO search at MSO. Our sources tell us its a CFO search. Check your sources NYT!
  5. An investigation of the lobbyist that received nonpublic information from the FDA and leaked it to Imclone. This is where the whole thing started, yet noone is investigating why the FDA is handing out secret information to lobbyists. Whose committee does the FDA fall under? Let me guess...
  6. Subpoenas for the Merrill Lynch broker and his assistant, who told Martha to sell.

We hope that, whatever Congress decides to do, a fair process is put into place. We'll be watching...

Save Martha Poll results:

51% of our readers say the new CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia should be...Martha Stewart!


Stewart Not On Way Out, Directors Say--Newsday

NY Times "reiterates" story about Martha Stewart Living CEO search:

Is There Life For Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Without Martha?--NY Times

In spite of an extraordinary denial by the board of MSO yesterday, the NY Times today reiterated their story that a search is on for a new CEO. Today's story has an odd twist, however, and seems to back off their previous assertion that the search for a new CEO is imminent, and perhaps is just a part of normal succession planning which all companies do. Or perhaps it's just wishful thinking. In support of their argument, The Times quotes notes from the firm's prospectus, which in 1999 pointed towards the day that Martha would take on a lesser role in running the company. That's old news. And the Times fails to note that it was Martha Stewart herself who prepared the long term strategy reflected in the prospectus. The irony? Perhaps the Times' unnamed source was Martha Stewart herself!

So the good news is Martha is staying. How can you make sure she stays even longer?

The best way to support Martha is to buy her products. Our favorite is her magazine Martha Stewart Living The more people who read it, the more advertisers want to be in it, and the better off Martha will be...if you really want to help save Martha, Subscribe Now

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Who should be the next CEO of Martha Stewart Omnimedia?

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Martha Stewart should stay

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