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Our Mission

We're Starting a Martha-lution!

Welcome to the SaveMartha! website, for news and discussion for fans of of Martha Stewart. This site's purpose is to provide a forum for fans of Martha Stewart and to debate the fairness of the treatment and media coverage she is receiving in a balanced manner, and to explore ways to help Martha and her brand weather the storm. lets you directly tell your friends and tell the media and Martha's business partners what your feelings are.

Save Martha!

The Issue: Double Standards

If the latest news headlines prove anything, they reveal that the idea of the female executive in America is under attack. From Martha Stewart to Jill Barad at Mattel and Carly Fiorina at HP, there is a growing hostility among some towards powerful women in business.

The current media assault on Martha Stewart is potentially harmful to all women in the business world. Martha Stewart is a successful female entrepreneur, who has turned the things that most women are ashamed to say they do into a billion dollar empire. She literally built her empire from scratch.

Now she is being attacked by some in the media with a level of attention and viciousness that is better reserved for the truly venal, the pedophiles, the Enron execs, the corporate titans who scam their companies for millions, leaving investors and employees in the dust.

The same commentators that lectured the Taliban for not making women an equal partner in Afghan society have not even hesitated to get out the pointy-toed boots when one of their own is down... (More).


    Fun Facts at Your Fingertips
    Criminal Charges Since Enron Collapse:
    Enron: 1
    Rest of Corporate America: 18
    Days Since Enron's Collapse: 261

Breaking News:

Democrats Smell Something Fishy in The Bayou, Charge Republicans With Partisan Witch Hunt

It seems Martha is a major donor to the Democratic party, as is ImClone's Sam Waksal, while Enron and Worldcom execs gave loads to Republicans. Hmmm.

Subpoena Still Possible for Martha Stewart

In spite of delivering the requested information, CongressMEN are still grumbling about subpoenas. Save Martha extends an offer to Congress to turn over the thousands of documents we have received from readers furious with this intrusive investigation of Martha's personal affairs, while thousands of ex Enron and Worldcom employees and investors still await even a smidgen, an iota, a pinch of payback for the real bad guys...Save The Subpoenas, Here Are Our Documents

Martha Stewart Gives 1000 Pages of Docs to House Panel

That's 1 document for every 4 shares of stock sold...if they maintain the same ratio of documents to shares for Enron execs, we will have to de-forest 90% of Alaska...

The Death of Privacy?
Stewart Makes Filing, With Deletions--NY Newsday

Ok, now it's starting to look like a messy divorce instead of an official inquiry. Hours after the documents are delivered and days before they can be analyzed, complaints are emanating from Congress that portions of some documents have been blacked out.

According to House Energy and Commerce Committee spokesman Ken Johnson, "Her attorneys told us the documents in question contain financial information not related to ImClone. But anytime we get documents in an investigation that are deleted or have omissions, it raises eyebrows.”

The NY Post should have a field day with this one...hope they bring along a Save Martha Beach Cooler

You Have Mail: Readers Speak Out Against the Investigation


Shorts Get Their Oranges Squeezed: MSO Up Another 11%...

Rep. Greenwood Denies Drudge Report Allegations on CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer

Says Drudge Report is Totally Untrue, Claims He Is Not Investigating Martha's Personal Affairs

Tonight on CNBC's Kudlow & Cramer, Rep. Jim Greenwood (PA) categorically denied accounts which first appeared on the Drudge Report that Congress is investigating Martha Stewart's private life. Following are excerpts from their interview:

Larry Kudlow: Why are you involved in investigating Martha Stewart when the US Attorney is responsible for this investigation?

Rep. Greenwood: When we started this we weren't interested in Martha Stewart. Martha's name just turned up when we were investigating insider trading at ImClone...then her lawyers sent us a letter saying this wasn't true...we are trying to restore integrity in the market, we have a responsibility to investigate all cases so that Joe and Mary Six Pack have confidence in the markets.

Larry Kudlow: During the Clinton investigation Bob Barr released information on Bill Clinton's personal life...I believe that hurt the Republicans enormously...Can you give me assurances that you are not looking into Martha's private life?

Rep. Greenwood: There is absolutely no truth to this account that turned up on the Drudge report. Her private life is of no personal integrity is on the line on this one....we don't want anything personal. We called her attorneys to assure them that we are not interested in her personal life. You have my word we will never go near that.

CNBC: How long will it take to review the documents you have received?

Rep. Greenwood: We need to carefully review these will take a couple of weeks to do that...we have offered Ms Stewart repeatedly to interview her...if everything in her letter squares with the evidence we have received then she's fine....but I have some strong concerns about that...

So there it is...they just received the documents today , yet Rep. Greenwood is very publicly expressing his personal doubts before any of the documents have been reviewed...Is this fair? Is this right? Is this American?

We will have to wait and see if Mr. Drudge has any response to Rep Greenwood's denial...

Forbes Magazine Asking The Right Questions:

Dennis Kneale,Managing Editor Forbes;

"I cannot believe what a witch hunt this appears to be from the Republicans.
How can we turn this around for Martha? She does not deserve this!!!!"

Elizabeth MacDonald, Forbes Magazine Senior Editor, on CNBC: "Martha was not an insider at ImClone--she was not an officer or a director of the company, therefore this was not insider trading....the real question is at Enron and at Wordcom. When you have a material restatement of earnings or accounting changes and people inside the company are unloading stock, then that would constitute insider trading. The question is why isn't Congress investigating Enron and Worldcom execs for insider trading?"

Hmmm...maybe that's because Ken Lay and Bernie Ebbers don't even know how to make a creme brulee...or maybe because they're not women...or maybe....

Geragos On The Attack

Mark Geragos, Attorney, on Fox with Greta Sustern:"I don't know why Congress is spending so much time and effort on a case that belongs in civil court, which would result in a fine if she were any other person...this case is so overblown...I think she's being attacked because she is a celebrity."

Breaking News:

Martha Stewart Gives 1000 Pages of Docs to House Panel

Republican lawmakers probing Martha Stewart strongly deny there are political motivations driving congressional investigations. But some Democrats have privately cautioned their colleagues not to appear 'heavy-handed' in their dealings with the billionaire business woman.

ImClone Probe Getting Uglier--CBS Marketwatch

Martha Stewart to turn over documents--Reuters

House panel suspects subterfuge in ImClone case--Nando Times

"Greenwood confirmed that lawyers for Stewart had sent the committee a letter saying she had no advance notice that the Food and Drug Administration was going to reject Imclone's new colon cancer drug. But he said questions persist, and the committee intends to pursue them aggressively."

Media Feeding Frenzy on Deadline For Delivery of Martha's Documents

Already this morning, Rep. Jim Greenwood and various other members of Rep. Billy Tauzin's House Committee on Energy and Commerce have appeared on Fox, MSNBC, CNBC and other networks in a media blitz designed to keep the pressure on. This is all part of the high pressure tactical campaign to keep us from asking: What ever happened to Enron? The media keeps asking them the same wrong question: If Martha has nothing to hide, why does she not come in to talk?

What they forget to mention is that The Kid (Douglas Fanueil, the assistant at Merrill Lynch), the same person who the media are already assigning more credibility than either Martha or his boss Peter Bacanovic, also refuses to talk to them. Maybe the investigators just aren't very good conversationalists....

Kudos to Jon Scott on Fox this morning for at least asking a fair-and-balanced question, which was in effect "Isn't this really a small matter given Martha's fortune and all the other things going on in the world today?" Hopefully more will pick up on this thread and get back to the real business of state...

What can you do? Contact The House Committee on Energy and Commerce, and demand that they stop this intrusive, personal attack on Martha and get back to going after the real bad guys.


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Drudge Report Says Congressional Investigators Probing Martha's Sex Life

According to a report by Matthew Drudge, congressional investigators are probing the most intimate aspects of Martha Stewart's life:

"Embattled media mogul Martha Stewart is said to see a political conspiracy behind the deepening investigation into her questionable stock trades, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.

"Martha really believes it is the Republicans who are behind this -- and they are chasing her for purely political reasons," a Stewart intimate said this weekend.

"Martha told me that she believes they are doing the very same thing to her, they did to President Clinton. What Ken Starr did. She believes it is nothing short of a witch hunt! They are even digging into her private e-mails! They are demanding to know who she's dated. Martha said to me, 'Can you believe they want to know who I'm dating?' Republicans on Capitol Hill are probing her sex life!"

The report goes on to say that subpoenas ask Martha to reveal intimate aspects of her life which have nothing to do with the investigation. It seems that there is evidently not sufficient evidence to prove their case, otherwise the Congressional investigators would already have leaked information to the press, or pressed charges through the Justice Department. Neither has happened to date. These latest revelations seem to prove the point many have made in the media that this is just a witch-hunt. They also show a certain lack of judgment, given Rep. Jim Greenwood's admission on CNBC last week that the Martha Stewart investigation is "stupid"

Rep. Billy Tauzin (LA) is in Martha's kitchen, and he's stirring up the pot. Contact The House Committee on Energy and Commerce, which is investigating Martha, and tell them to stop wasting their Energy and go after the Bad Guys instead so we can get back to conducting some real Commerce with Kmart and all of Martha's business partners...

Read The Letter Sent from Congress To Martha
just 3 days after her birthday...

We bet they never even bothered to Sign Martha's Birthday Card...


Read about Save Martha in the Philadelphia Inquirer:
Tanya Barrientos : Fan wants to sell the public on Stewart

"John Small says his valentine-to-Martha site is about women's rights. (No word on whether Gloria Steinem has put in an order for that chef hat!) "It's misogyny," he tells me. "People hold a double standard when it comes to successful women."

"He swears that he has never met Stewart and that his only connection to her is his subscription to her magazine.

"When I called Stewart's representative Allyn Magrino, she backed him up, saying he and Stewart had never met. She added: "We really appreciate his support."

For NY Times, its All Martha, All The Time

The NY Times Patrick McGeehan (wasn't he the guy on that 60's show The Avengers?) reports a new search of Martha's stockbrokers office at Merrill Lynch on Thursday. Most of the piece is a rehash of old news. And you know how we feel about leftovers. The fact that the feds want more documents is really not news, since the broker and his assistant both have such different stories, stories which have changed over time. Depending on whom you believe, it appears there still is no insider trading case against Martha, just against the brokerage which, by the way, was also selling Sam Waksal's family's shares earlier that same maybe they were looking for info on Waksal? But you would never infer that from reading the Times, where it's All Martha, All The Time. If only they had given the same level of attention to the Chandra Levy case.....

Cindy Adams has joined the Save Martha cause by taking a friend's advice that Martha is a "terrific" person. Cindy says she believes it and will leave Martha alone...or hopefully write something nice about the new line of Martha Stewart paints, floor coverings and furniture...

Loyal shoppers stand by one of their own by Anne Kingston National Post
"While Martha Stewart has expensive homes, including one in the Hamptons, she is revered for bringing good taste -- from towels to tarts -- to the U.S. middle class of her roots."


It was a very good end of the week indeed for Save Martha fans, with MSO stock up 18% in 2 days, Rep Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania admitting live on CNBC Thursday that the investigation into Martha's stock trade is "stupid," Merrill Lynch employees suddenly pointing fingers at each other, and positive coverage for Martha in the NY Post which is a first for that paper in some time. Not many in the media made note of all the positive news. Sometimes, no news really is good news...everyone have a great weekend.

Breaking News

ImClone, Martha Rebound--NY Post
NY Daily News Exclusive: The Kid Did It
Congress vs. Martha Stewart--Rocky Mountain News
For Martha fans, foes it's love her or leave her--The Journal-News
Life after 'Living'? Martha sub is primed--NY Daily News
Martha's Broker Blames His Assistant--MSNBC

12 Pages of Martha Birthday Greetings and Counting...

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Martha Stewart Omnimedia up 15%, one of NYSEs biggest gainers

Rep. Jim Greenwood Admits on CNBC Squawk Box That Investigation of Martha is "Stupid"

Editor of Forbes Calls Martha Investigation "Silly"

On CNBC Thursday 8/15 7:25 AM

Today on CNBC, Rep Jim Greenwood of Pennsylvania, member of the House committee on Energy and Commerce investigating Martha Stewart, admitted during his appearance that the investigation of Martha Stewart is "stupid." So why, asked CNBC, is the investigation continuing? According to Greenwood, Martha has not yet proven she is innocent....wait a minute, is this Afghanistan or the USA? What happened to innocent before proven guilty? She hasn't proven the unsubstantiated charges against her are false?

Kudos to Dennis Kneale, Managing Editor, Forbes Magazine, who said he thinks Congress is chasing the wrong ambulance in this case, and to CNBCs Joe Kernan, who accused Congress of grandstanding and not understanding the business issues they are investigating. Following is an excerpt of the interview:

Dennis Kneale, Managing Editor, Forbes Magazine: We in the media act as if all these scandals are all the same--but Tyco is a $40 billion scandal, Martha is only $40 thousand. Congress should be investigating the big scandals, not going after these little ones. There is evidence this might not even be insider trading.

Rep Jim Greenwood, PA: At first we weren't interested in Martha Stewart, we were just interested in ImClone. We were looking at Sam's phone records and we saw Martha's phone number. So we started looking into it and found out about this. Her lawyers asked us to exonerate her. We haven't found any evidence to support her contention that she is innocent.

CNBC: Its not the scandal, its the cover-up. You haven't found any evidence on her yet.

Rep Jim Greenwood, PA: We haven't found anything that supports her contention she is innocent.

Dennis Kneale, Forbes: It's silly that Congress is investigating the Martha Stewart thing at all. You should have left this to the SEC and moved on to investigating Enron and Tyco...

Greenwood: I don't think its silly. We had to hold this hearing with this stupid stuff with Martha Stewart. We think there is a policy question as to whether Martha did insider trading.....

Dennis Kneale, Forbes: The politicians at all these hearings are just gleeful at all these perp walks. You parade the Rigas family from Adelphia in handcuffs, Sam Waksal of ImClone... you're just doing this for the cameras. How come you haven't subpoenaed Martha Stewart?

Rep Jim Greenwood, PA: We could have subpoenaed her, but we didin't--it's a matter of proportionality. We could have dragged her in, we chose not to. We are looking for closure, we told her we could have her come in quietly, ask her some questions, well even do it in the Hamptons, there will be no paparazzi. On Aug. 20, we will get her records, review them, then make a decision. We don't want to subpoena her just so she comes in and take the 5th--but there was a good public policy issue for doing this with Enron and Worldcom.

Joe Kernan, CNBC--Doesn't all the grandstanding by Congressman bother you? We watched the Enron and Worldcom hearings. These Congressman don't have a clue about accounting and business. They don't know the difference between off balance sheet and offshore. These are the guys who are going to fix this? How do you go about enacting laws when you guys don't even understand the businesses you're supposed to be regulating?

Greenwood--Yeah, there's grandstanding, but how do you get around this? I guess we could have a dictatorship or something...

Latest Score: Martha 2, Investigators 1

NY Daily News Exclusive: The Kid Did It

Here we go again. The NY Daily News reports today that Martha Stewart's broker Peter Bacanovic says he never told his assistant Douglas Faneuil to share insider information with their client. According to unnamed sources, Bacanovic is saying that if information was shared with Martha Stewart, that Faneuil acted on his own. Faneuil has claimed his boss Bacanovic instructed him to inform Martha. So now Martha and broker Peter are telling the same story, while assistant Douglas is out there on his own. How so many have concluded they know the truth when there is so much confusion is a mystery to us. But there are clearly some problems at Merrill Lynch, and that's where investigators need to start looking. As one of our readers has noted, 7,730,200 shares of ImClone stock were traded on 12/27/2001, but investigators are spending all their time and your taxpayer money to investigate the sale of 3,928 shares by Martha Stewart. Its a he said-she said-he said, and the score so far is Martha 2, Investigators 1.

Jay Leno's not being very funny, again:

"It was so hot today that Martha Stewart had to put sun block on her finger that she gave to congress.

"We must say congratulations to Martha Stewart – last week she unloaded all her US Air stock.

"Today a famous outrageous blonde said she didn’t know why people are laughing at her TV show – but enough about Martha Stewart.

'The "Sopranos" TV show is coming out with their own line of food, it’s going to be pizza and pastas. This means that Tony Soprano will be the biggest criminal with a food line since Martha Stewart."

Tell Leno Where To Stuff The Calzone...

Word of the day: misogyny n :" hatred of women ."

Eric Boehlert at gets it right:
Hot pursuit of a nonstory: Grandstanding members of Congress, abetted by the celebrity-obsessed news media, are blowing Martha Stewart's stock trade way, way out of proportion.

Curtis Sliwa on MSNBC Joins The Cause to Save Martha!
CNN Talk Back Live host Arthell Nevill Goes Fishin' to Save Martha!

12 Pages of Martha Birthday Greetings and Counting...

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We're Starting a Martha-lution!

Welcome to the SaveMartha! website, for news and discussion for fans of Martha Stewart. This site's purpose is to provide a forum for fans of Martha Stewart and to debate the fairness of the treatment and media coverage she is receiving in a balanced manner, and to explore ways to help Martha and her brand weather the storm. lets you directly tell your friends and tell the media and Martha's business partners and tell Congress what your feelings are.

The best way to support Martha is to buy her products. Our favorite is her magazine Martha Stewart Living The more people who read it, the more advertisers want to be in it, and the better off Martha will be...if you really want to help save Martha, Subscribe Now

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  • Read about Save Martha! in Newsweek:

    Martha's Biggest Booster. Meet The Man Behind

  • Pick up a copy of the National Enquirer:

    "John Small is furious because he believes Martha's enemies are unfairly beating the crepe out of her." Well, something like that.

  • Save Martha in the Westchester's The Journal-News

    Recent Columns

  • The Issue: Double Standards
  • The Martha Syndrome


    So now the story has changed yet again. First it was Sam Waksal passing insider information to Martha. Everyone pounces. Then it was Martha's broker, Peter Bacanovic, leaking the information to his client. They pounce again. Now, according to Peter, it's his assistant Douglas Faneuil who improperly leaked the information. Three scenarios, all quite different, all mutually exclusive--they cannot all be true, yet the media continues to portray them all in turn as fact.

    So what's really going on? Well, the Feds were about to grant Peter's assistant Douglas immunity from prosecution--even though it was Douglas Faneuil who allegedly executed Martha's stock trade. (His boss Peter was out of the office on vacation in Florida at the time). This immunity was about to be granted in exchange for testimony against Peter and Martha. evidently Peters team realized they were about to be cornered, and are now on the attack, charging the assistant with the crime.

    Note that in none of this does either Merrill Lynch employee point the finger at Martha. It is now a case of He Said times two. If the Feds grant Peter immunity now, they have damaged goods on their hands--why give immunity to the person that may be the one who should be charged? Maybe its part of the plan to catch the bigger fish, grab the bigger headline, the plan to Get Martha....


    Double Standards: Anna Nicole v. Martha

    Anna Nicole Smith had the highest rated show on cable television last week, but Martha Stewart was still the highest rated news story. What is the country coming to when everyone wants to watch one woman (Anna) destroying herself on primetime television and simultaneously watch another woman (Martha) being destroyed?

    SaveMartha has been actively going after the bad guys in the media (Chris Byron, the NY Post, CBS) who attack Martha at every turn, but ultimately the media just give the public what we want. Why do Americans want to see the spectacle of one blonde female celebrity, clearly under the influence of some mind-altering substance, throwing herself on the floor because she cannot afford a larger mansion, while watching another blonde self-made business woman who tries to help ordinary people build extraordinary homes being attacked?

    The reason is misogyny. The reason is voyeurism. The same people who wear the wife-beater shirts with the arms cut off, buy high powered binoculars to watch their neighbors, and tie up traffic on the 405 and the LIE whenever there's an accident can't help to stop and watch a spectacle. They watch these shows and buy these papers, and gleefully run into a message board on Yahoo to tell everyone any bad news. And they use the "B" word when talking about women they don't like. Fot these sad souls we recommend a long look in the mirror and the question" What if this were me? What if it were my mother?"

    And then there are people who help those who have stumbled or fallen, those who understand we are not all perfect, those of us who treat others the way we would want to be treated ourselves. These are the people who break up the fight on the playground when the bad kids gang up on the smart and proper kid who always seems to be so unpopular, the geeks, the nerds and the prissy girls who go on the build companies like Disney and Microsoft and Martha Stewart Omnimedia. It's time to break it up and move on...

    Save Martha Fans To Congress: Get Off The Bandwagon

    Dear Congressman,
    The Martha Stewart stock trading story is certainly not even front page worthy. But I know congress, trying to exhibit their self-serving importance, can blow this one column story out of proportion. The televised tabloid media are using this to increase ratings and congress to get the heat off their corporate thug contributors. Martha's own stock has gone down 382 million dollars. She has been punished enough! Drop it!!!! When was the last time a one time trade was investigated by congress? Is this Iraq?

    Elmer Estis
    Slidell, La.

  • An Open Letter to Attorney General Ashcroft

    Dear Mr. Attorney General
    To be absolutely clear on where I'm coming from I want you to know that George W. Bush is MY MAN!! As far as I'm concerned he's the only thing standing between sanity and political suicide by the democrats.
    Martha Stewart is clearly the brunt of everyone in government and the media that is a wannabe be rich guy (or girl). Call it like it is. This while Terry McCauliff (surely you know who I mean even if I misspelled his name) walked away with tens of millions of dollars on the eve of Global Crosssings demise.
    Who the hell's side are you on in this country, to pick Martha over Terry?

    Dave Sarvis

    Dear Congressman,

    I'm rather appalled that you would ignore the billions of dollars which have been stolen by starchy white collar business-thieves and waste energy persecuting Martha Stewart for a minor transgression. She did not bankrupt thousands of people and leave elderly folks with no savings and no way to start rebuilding their financial situations.

    Get off the persecution bandwagon and start prosecuting real criminals.

    Sidney Conn
    Mooresville NC

    Dear Congressman,

    With all the corporate scams, bankruptcies, etc., that have gone on this year, I CANNOT believe that so much attention, both media and congressional, has been aimed at Martha Stewart. Why isn't the CEO of Enron being looked at further? Why not the CEO of WorldCom? Why aren't you guys grilling Dick Cheney about his old company? Martha sold some stock. Big deal. Good for her -- she made some money. I don't make enough to buy stock, and I damn sure don't make enough for you guys in Congress to WASTE MY MONEY chasing after old Martha. Leave her alone. Go after the guy who supposedly gave her the information. I heard he's being offered immunity. Well that's just great. Go after the REAL CRIMINALS!!


    Did you know that the SEC brings on average only 100 actions per year for insider trading and accounting fraud? Thats 100 cases against all the 30,000 public companies, brokerages and investment banks it is supposed to be monitoring. (That is according to an internal SEC report, available on the SEC website) That works out to cases against just 0.3% of all regulated companies per year. Those 30,000 companies employ millions of people, so the actual percentage of enforcement is miniscule. The real issue here is enforcement, not new laws and regulations. The SEC needs more warm bodies, not more warmed-over cases. The attack against Martha is clearly political--they picked a high visibility female celebrity and decided to try to spin cotton into silk. And still the leaders of Enron, Wordcom, Global Crossing, Adelphia walk free, build mansions in Florida, play golf, and hide the money that investors and employees have less chance of recovering every additional day these guys are free. But Save Martha's readers are having none of it. Unlike O'Reilly, our readers are in a true No Spin Zone...

    Don't Believe The Hype

    Hi Martha,

    At first I beleived all the garbage said about you, but upon a discussion with my mother, I realized that I was only feeding on the media hype. And, I am embarrassed for that. I hate the mainstream media, and I am surprised that they turned on you. I suppose that for some time I have disliked your association with the Clintons and other elite democrats (who, by the way, abandoned you when they perceived you to be no longer convenient for their agenda). I certainly hope that you can realize where your friends are, and let go of the so-called friends with whom you associated. Capitalism is what makes this country great. I seriously doubt that you used "insider trading" just for $200,000.00 or so. That must be a drop in the bucket in your portfolio. It sounds to me like you just made a financial decision at the appropriate time. Good for you!

    In honor of your birthday, I will be renewing my "Living" subscription. I look forward to more "good things" for the home. It is too bad that I am not so perfect, but at least I can try from time to time (I travel every week, and am only home on the weekends. That makes it a bit difficult to keep our home perfect).
    Happy Birthday, and I hope you come out of this unfortunate circumstance smelling like your beautiful roses!

    Speaking of roses, I could sure use some advise. Ours are not doing well. I think I need to fertilize and mulch more. I will keep an eye out for rose advice.


    WASP Attack

    We're 100% behind you, Martha, hold tight and remember it's a media frenzy and part of the national anti-WASP publicity. We're native Long Islanders and have felt the change in population and politics here - many journalists blame us for everything from prejudice to propaganda.
    We still believe in the "work ethic" and if anyone's an example of how to succeed using intelligence, good taste, and hard work, you're it!
    KEEP THE FAITH! Diane & Curt Field, Syosset, NY.









    More Reader Mail...


    The latenite hosts are at it again...and you can tell them to Leave Martha Alone!


    In New Hampshire public television show host Bill Moyer was arrested for DWI. So Bill Moyer was arrested for DWI, Martha Stewart is accused of insider trading, what’s next – Mr. Rogers arrested for using crack?


    It was gorgeous here today! Just beautiful. It was so nice that Martha Stewart was doing her insider trading outside.

    A Sense Of Fair-Play
    No Due Process For Martha

    In today's NY Times, Constance Hays reports that Martha Stewart's stockbroker ordered his assistant, Douglas Fanuil, to warn her that Sam Waksal was selling large amounts of stock of ImClone in late December. This, of course, seems to contradict what we have been told both Martha and her broker have said about having a sell order in place before the sale. And who is the source of this information? What is their motivation for releasing it now? The Times won't tell. So there is no way for any of us to know it's validity or, more importantly, it's motivation. According to the Times, it is an unnamed, anonymous person "briefed" on the situation. And why is it that the source is anonymous? Perhaps because releasing this information is damaging. Perhaps because it might not be ethical to talk publicly at this stage. Perhaps because they know that releasing this information goes against any sense of fair play.

    We have never claimed to know the truth in this matter. Yet Martha's detractors and many in the media claim they already do. They jumped to judge her at the first hint of bad news. And they will jump at this news to claim they "knew it all along." But they only know what they are told by the media, or by unnamed sources. And you have to be careful about what you choose to believe. Remember "Dewey Wins?" No? Remember "Gore Wins?"

    The first accounts of this tale in the media told us that Martha received insider information from Sam Waksal. Her detractors pounced, the media had tales Martha and Sam trading insider information, articles were written about how such stock tips are traded among the privileged at elite cocktail parties in the Hamptons. And then suddenly the story changed. No, they told us, Martha did not talk to Sam Waksal, in fact it was the broker her told her to sell based on his knowledge of Waksal's trades.

    It was at this stage that intelligent minds started realizing something was wrong. Both of these scenarios could not have happened, so it had to be one or the other, or perhaps, neither. Yet both versions were reported as if they were in fact true. And both in fact cannot be true. Did you ever read a retraction of the original version from anyone in the media? Have Martha's detractors ever said they realize now that both the initially reported version and the current one could not both be accurate?

    Save Martha! is about having a sense of fairness, of balance, and yes, even of loyalty. It's about respecting each person's right to a fair process even when everything seems headed in the wrong direction. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said the sign of an intelligent mind is the ability to hold two seemingly contradictory thoughts in one's mind at the same time. The idea that just because someone is wealthy, famous, blonde and female doesn't mean you don't have the same rights of privacy and due process in America. The idea that even if someone you admire has done something they should not have, you still can give them your support and even respect. The idea that even if someone you do not admire has done something you think they shouldn't have, you grant them the same due process that you would expect in the same situation. To do anything less is to accept a double standard.


    CNN's Robert Novak Fires Back

    Tonight on CNN CROSSFIRE during the "fire back" segment, a viewer sent in an e-mail I have obtained this directly from CNN's website

    Loretta Lehman in Duncannon, PA writes: "Doesn't Martha Stewart realize that if she would just lend President Bush a jet, she would have no legal problems? It worked for ken Lay, it will work for any wealthy American."

    Good point, Loretta.

    NOVAK: I feel bad about Martha Stewart. I think she's being persecuted by the Congress

    WOW! Robert Novak is saying that Martha Stewart is being "persecuted". And I couldn't agree more. Save Martha!


    WABCs Batchelor and Alexander Speak Out For Martha

    On last Nights Batchelor and Alexander radio show on WABC New York, Paul Alexander spoke out in Martha Stewart's defense. Alexander expressed frustration with the media, saying" I read all these stories and I ask myself, what does this have to do with Martha Stewart? The problem is with Wall Street..the problem is with Merrill Lynch. America doesn't like powerful women." Pondering why there is all this coverage, Alexander came up with a single word:"Misogyny"

    n :" hatred of women ."

    Bluelight Alert

    Dear K-Mart,

    The sole and entire reason that I have returned to K-Mart post bankruptcy is that you are still partners with Martha Stewart. Please don't drop her product line as I shop all my disposable income at your store precisely because you have been loyal to her and she has been loyal to you. One of your employees at the Garden Center in the Sahara Avenue Las Vegas store said that Martha had a seat on the exchange and should have known better. That employee a man and others like that ought not to express any negative opinion about this lady while wearing the kmart uniform.

    I was totally shocked at that. I spend about $150 every two weeks at K-Mart to help you get through this bk and because you are pushing Martha. Her tv show is virtually my main reason for happiness in my life. Please ask President Bush to give the nice lady a pardon right away. Her name mustn't be abused. She has helped me and too many people to live better lives. I am going to order four additional subscriptions to her magazine tomorrow and if she gets into legal trouble, our system needs an overhaul. She has too much redeeming social merit to be not given an immediate pardon and sealing of this investigation. Enough!

    M. Sullivan

    Cooking Up A Bad Deal

    Fellow citizens,
    I am amazed at the stupidity of insider trading laws in our country. I believe it is anti-capitalist to persecute a stockholder for acting on SECOND HAND info when selling off stock.
    Because Martha is a sucessful businessWOMAN she is being treated differently than a man would be.
    And now our government is cooking a deal to offer amnesty to the stock broker who tipped her off!!!!! He is the real criminal here. His fiduciary duty is far more binding. He should have kept his mouth shut.
    K. Collins


    HAYDAY with Martha Stewart

    Hi!! The Media and the Government are having a HAYDAY with Martha Stewart having sold LESS than 60,000 in stock, that is ridiculous!!! To date NO Enron executives have been brought up on charges...........I guess we can really see where the government's priorities are, makes you proud right? Um...I didn't think so.

    Whether you HATE her or LOVE her, Martha Stewart is a definite icon of American Culture! It's my culture, it's your culture, it's our culture! Please help SAVE MARTHA!!!! Yeahh!!!

    P.S. JAY LENO, stop hatin! We know the towels you use that your wife bought are from the Martha Stewart line ;-)



    Kudos to Cramer

    James Cramer on Kudlow & Kramer on CNBC last night said he was "embarrassed" at the way the media was covering the Martha Stewart story. Cramer said he doesn't see how what has been reported so far could be considered insider trading. Additionally, Cramer said "there is no moral equivalence" between what Martha is alleged to have done and the billions lost in Worldcom (with $4 billion in additional fraud reported today) Enron and countless others. "Martha didn't loot her own company" Cramer said, in an impassioned analysis of who the true targets of the media and investigators should be. How many more offenders are getting away while 3 committees investigate this matter is unknown.

    When You Assume, You Make An ---Out Of U and Me

    I'm astounded at this treatment of Martha. I just heard the lead-in to the Martha story on CNBC "The Closing Bell" where they were discussing Martha's friend talking to authorities. They automatically ASSUMED this friend was going to lay her away! Unbelievable! They never consider the fact that her friend may, in fact, just tell the truth. They never considered the fact that this friend could end up knowing nothing or supporting Martha's story after all.

    Martha, we all know this is completely overblown. Like these guys don't give each other the inside scoop all day long out on the golf course - and have for years! Who are they kidding?

    Hang in there!

    Janis Haley

    My Broker is EF Hutton, And EF Hutton Says....

    Dear Save Martha,

    What is Martha guilty of? Selling stock that she owned. Fancy that! The nerve of her! Trying to defend her wealth....Suffice to say that Martha Stewart did nothing that my husband or I wouldn't

    Sell our stock before it dropped. That is the American way. Our broker advised us to sell our shares of Citicorp because of it's alleged involvement with Enron we did and that was a very wise move. Are we guilty of insider trading? Come of Fed.!I f we did we have inside info? Why not? If I were in the same position I would have the same.Sell period! Give America a break. To make Martha the equivalent of the alleged thieves at Adelphia,or World Com, Global Crossing, Arthur Anderson is ludicrious..... Why is their what seems to be a concerted effort by the incumbents aided by their yellow press media buddies to make Martha a bad lady?

    Dear Save Martha,

    I have noticed that, by and large, news reports refer to Martha Stewart as "Martha", while refering to Sam Waksal by his proper name. This is degrading -- news agencies should show the same respect to BOTH sexes. And let's remember: INNOCENT until proven guilty. The media are shameless on this one


    Say It Ain't So...

    Dear Save Martha,

    Say it ain't so Martha, say it ain't so. I have been an avid fan of Martha Stewart since her debut on television. I have thrown many dinner parties, showers, and picnics using her advice and clever "doable" ideas. Not to mention decorating my home, wrapping Christmas gifts and meals for my family. It defy's my imagination how someone so savvy, and knowledgable about the business world and the stock market in particular would participate in something as dangerous and fool-hardy as insider trading. I just don't want to believe it and I'll wait until the verdict is in, however, I for one hope she has a strong personal support system because if the charges are proven to be true, it will be a very hard and lonely fall.
    Waiting and watching,


    Low Blow

    Dear Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Conan O\'Brien, Craig Kilborn,

    You know, your cheap Martha Stewart jokes could cost the jobs of the MANY "everyday Joes" who work for her. Why aren't your writers witty enough to attack the execs who have CHOSEN on their own to destroy the lives of thousands. Remember, if you've listened to your broker and he or she had inside information (which is what circulated when one has a stock broker) then you place yourself at risk for equal scrutiny. Its not the truth that matters anymore, its the sales generated by the publicity. You are one of those types of celebs that attract the same press. I remember reading that Robin Williams said as a joke that even the Taliban thinks Martha's a bi***. Have we stooped THAT low. Is he THAT desparate for material? What a degrading comment against all women who don't know their place. Please don't feed into that attitude. You don't know how degrading it feels. You are
    talented, rich and cool enough to not have to resort to such low level, unfair standards.

    A Fan


    Venus Envy

    Dear Save Martha,

    So we can all probably agree that Martha is not a sweetheart, but let's look at this objectively. If any of us had stock in a company and KNEW the CEO and had heard that something was up, we would have made a call to the top ourselves to find out what was going on.

    The thief here is ImClone's CEO. Let's not lose focus of that. He permitted questionable testing practices of the drug in question to be so shoddy that the FDA rejected the "findings" of the study. Then he ditched his own stock when he full well knew what was going on. HE's the one who should be answering. Are we saying that Martha, a businesswoman, should have kept stock that she knew or suspected to be tanking? Would any of us kept that stock?

    Not only that, but people should get over their "Martha Envy". She's smart, she's driven and she's successful. She has shown people that they're capable of doing many things and learning how to do many things.

    Would I want to hang out with her -- no. But I have learned from her. A man in her position would be called "driven", "focused", or "intense". Many less flattering adjectives are used for Martha because she is a woman and much of what she has done is focused on things falling under the description of domesticity--which is not valued in our country.

    The executives at the companies bearing her name should be ashamed to be distancing themselves from her. She built those companies. You talk about loyalty and morality; those executives would be at a loss to describe those things. Covering their backs and wallets is their only concern.

    I can only hope that Martha can laugh at this some day. This is a funny site. I would even consider buying the "Save Martha! Beach Hat"...if I hadn't lost so much money in my 401(k)....



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