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Our Mission

We're Starting a Martha-lution!

Welcome to the SaveMartha! website, for news and discussion for fans of of Martha Stewart. This site's purpose is to provide a forum for fans of Martha Stewart and to debate the fairness of the treatment and media coverage she is receiving in a balanced manner, and to explore ways to help Martha and her brand weather the storm. lets you directly tell your friends and tell the media and Martha's business partners what your feelings are.

Save Martha!

The Issue: Double Standards

If the latest news headlines prove anything, they reveal that the idea of the female executive in America is under attack. From Martha Stewart to Jill Barad at Mattel and Carly Fiorina at HP, there is a growing hostility among some towards powerful women in business.

The current media assault on Martha Stewart is potentially harmful to all women in the business world. Martha Stewart is a successful female entrepreneur, who has turned the things that most women are ashamed to say they do into a billion dollar empire. She literally built her empire from scratch.

Now she is being attacked by some in the media with a level of attention and viciousness that is better reserved for the truly venal, the pedophiles, the Enron execs, the corporate titans who scam their companies for millions, leaving investors and employees in the dust.

The same commentators that lectured the Taliban for not making women an equal partner in Afghan society have not even hesitated to get out the pointy-toed boots when one of their own is down... (More).


Save Martha Fans to NY Post: Drop Dead

Have they no shame at the NY Post? They lay in wait until Martha's birthday to give it to her one more time, proof positive that the media is out to get Martha. The NY Post published a front-page story about an investor lawsuit against her--a lawsuit for $3,100. This is a case that belongs in small claims court, if it belongs in court at all. Since when is a $3,100 small claims case front-page news?

Yesterday, West Nile disease broke out all over Louisiana, Israel sent tanks into Nablus, and a Russian mobster was arrested for fixing ice dancing at the Olympics. But you wouldn't know it from reading the Post. Where was the Post when investors lost billions in other companies? For a newspaper that did a 12 page Special Collectors Edition on John Gottis life, as if he were a hero, to go after Martha on her birthday shows how low this birdcage liner of a paper has sunk.

It's time to tell the NY Post what you think about their editorial policy (or the lack thereof). Tell the NY Post to Leave Martha Alone....and until they do, spend an extra quarter and start buying the NY Daily News... you get what you pay for.

Save Martha! Readers Roast The NY Post

NBC: Not Believing Couric

This morning on the Today Show on NBC, Katie Couric interviewed the plaintiff in the suit against Martha . This was basically a free ad for the lawyer to get additional potential plaintiffs for his case. Did Katie ask if it was fair to sue Martha personally for alleged behavior, for a case that has yet to be decided? Did NBC ask why this investor , who bought the shares a month after 9/11 (nice timing there) sold his shares at a loss when, had he held onto his shares, his loss would be less since the share have risen since? Did they ask who his broker was, and why wasn't he suing his broker instead for giving bad advice? Did they ask the lawyer where most of the proceeds would go from any settlement? Did they ask the lawyer if the plaintiff read the prospectus before buying the stock, a prospectus which clearly states that any behavior by Martha, alleged or otherwise, might have an adverse efffect on the stock price, and that this was the bargain he signed up for? Did they ask if this investor had any other stocks and did they also go down, and would he be suing those firm as well? Or was this his only holding in a dangerously undiversified portfolio? If Ms. Couric and NBC really want to play softball, we can recommend a nice spot in Central Park near 30 Rock...or maybe we'll just have to send them a SaveMartha! softball and they can just toss that around the studios.


Cakes Across America is today, August 3rd
Sign Martha's Birthday Card Now!



Today, August 3rd, is Martha Stewart's Birthday! There's still time to sign her card and send her your best wishes. After you do, go to see the 5 point plan on how you can help Save Martha!

See Elizabeth Hovde's Save Martha! editorial in The Columbian

A great piece by Robert Tracinski on why Martha is being unfairly attacked at the Ayn Rand Institute MediaLink

See Page 2 For Past Issues

The Vanilla Queen Joins The Cause

Meanwhile, in preparation for Martha's birthday on Saturday, The Vanilla Queen sends her advice and vanilla-laced recipes to help us weather the storm...see the Vanilla Queens recipes for chilling out...We let you tell the latenite talkshow hosts what you think about the jokes they tell at Martha's expense. Here are the latest:


"I'm glad you're all in a good mood today. The stock market has hit a five-year low. (stern voice) Thanks a lot, Martha."

"Today I woke up and turned on Martha Stewart's show and she was showing how to properly thaw Ted Williams' head.'

"By the way, before I came out here, I received a phone call from Martha Stewart and she asked me if I would make an announcement for Martha. And she just wants all of her stockholders to know that those stock certificates can be made into lovely place mats."

"It's like one company after another. We've had Enron, Imclone, Tyco, WorldCom, Martha Stewart. Isn't it ironic? The most honest CEO over the last ten years: John Gotti."

"I'm telling you, I have no luck at all. Here's what I did, and I'm not proud of this. I take all of my money out of Enron -- well, that's good, that's good, but -- but then I put it into K-Mart and I lose huge."


"More bad news for Martha Stewart – she was caught on tape beating a black kid with a spatula."


“In a speech on Wall Street today, President Bush spoke out against corporate irresponsibility and he warned executives not to ‘cook the books.’ After hearing this, Martha Stewart said, ‘actually the correct term is ‘sauté the books’.”

Reader Mail:

WorldCom has cost my family a couple of college tuitions. The college money was in Worldcom stock. They have ruined lots of people. But all we continue to hear is Martha, Martha, Martha. The lying jerk that screwed up Worldcom and lied to everyone saying things would be fine and they have enough cash is STILL IN CHARGE OF WORLDCOM!!!!!!! Why is he in charge? Make fun of this freak. Not Martha.


See save Martha! the Seattle Post-Intelligencer today.


August. The Dog Days of summer are here. In spite of the fact that no one is talking, something suggests it will not be a slow news month on the home front. ImClone CEO Sam Waksal has until Aug. 9 to work out a plea bargain on his insider trading case. Waksal is reportedly trying to work out a deal that protects his daughter Aliza from prosecution. Rep. Billy Tauzin has already stated that they are not using Waksal to get to Martha. There are rumblings from within the media that the attention is turning now towards Peter Bacanovic, Martha's broker from Merrill Lynch. There is new information in his phone records. It is perhaps information that will change the direction of the investigation. We will have to wait and see. We will not have to wait very long.

Meanwhile a new major corporation comes forward each day with new revelations of accounting fraud. The SEC investigates Dick Cheney's role at Halliburton. Worldcom executives surrendered to the FBI today, as investigators get closer to finding out what Bernie Ebbers really knew, and when he knew it. And the Justice department opens a criminal probe into AOL's accounting. It is in this context that we seek to Save Martha, as the worst of allegations against her do not even match the least of those against others who are only beginning to become known. As storm clouds build and we move closer to autumn, in historical terms, this entire drama may be remembered as the perfect storm...


Hear us today with Teresa Provencio, Morning Show Host on KLAQ Radio, El Paso, Texas

Martha faces Cajun grill
Louisiana politician wants quiet hearing

By TIMOTHY J. BURGER in Washington and TRACY CONNOR in New York

Martha Stewart The congressman leading the probe into the ImClone insider-trading scandal said yesterday he wants to grill Martha Stewart - but not at a public hearing.

"I would love to avoid that," Rep. Billy Tauzin (R-La.), chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, told the Daily News.

"You know, I just can't imagine us having to worry about all those place settings."

He said he hopes to set up interviews with Stewart and Merrill Lynch broker Peter Bacanovic without issuing subpoenas.

Tauzin's investigators have already received Bacanovic's cell phone records, and he said the documents have yielded fresh details.

"We have some interesting stuff," Tauzin said. "I can only tell you that it's led us in some new directions and we're exploring those."
(More At Daily


Well, Conan is being unfunny once again:

"NBC announced yesterday that they’re planning to make a movie based on the life of Martha Stewart that will cover her recent stock-market scandals. Apparently NBC is going to call the movie The Road to Extradition."

"Yesterday, due to her legal problems, Martha Stewart's company's stock fell to its lowest level since the stock went public. The ironic part is, Stewart's stock is finally cheap enough to be sold at K-Mart."

Tell Conan to Leave Martha Alone!

Media Life Interviews Save Martha


Rittenhouse Weighs In On The Investigation

An excellent analysis of recent developments in the Martha Stewart/Imclone investigation by The Rittenhouse Review asks some pertinent questions about the direction of the investigation:

"...It strikes us as odd that an obstruction charge based on little more than the word of a 26-year-old sales assistant with limited experience working with his broker’s clientele would take priority over one of the most flagrant violations of insider trading laws in recent memory.

Waksal, after all, not only sought to sell some of his own shares of ImClone, but when objections to that maneuver were raised by the firm’s attorneys, he attempted to transfer the shares to his daughter so that she could complete the transaction on his behalf. And Waksal provided material non-public information not only this daughter, but his other daughter and his father, and an as yet undetermined number of relatives and friends -- a list of which should be fairly easy to reconstruct by taking a look at his telephone records and some brokerage order tickets. "

"...If Stewart were seeking Waksal’s advice why did she call him after she gave the go-ahead for the transaction? And if she had been tipped off to the FDA’s decision

(A) determination of Stewart’s guilt or innocence depends largely on Bacanovic’s account of (their) conversation.

Two things of note happened after the call. First, Bacanovic directed Faneuil to place the order to sell Stewart’s shares, mentioning or not mentioning the prior agreement with his client. Second, Stewart called Sam Waksal, leaving a message, “Something’s going on at ImClone and I want to know what it is.” Waksal did not return the call.

We may be placing far too much emphasis on that remark, but if Stewart were seeking Waksal’s advice why did she call him after she gave the go-ahead for the transaction? And if she had been tipped off to the FDA’s decision, why would she ask Waksal what was happening at ImClone?

Call us confused."

(Click here for more from the Rittenhouse Review...)


In The News:

The NY Post has started their own little Martha Meter, a little arrow that either points towards A Good Thing or A Bad Thing, depending on how bad the news is that day. Recently the news has not been good, with reports of lower sales projections, and some stores reluctant to take more merchandise.

A deal by ImClone founder Sam Waksal looks likely, especially since he is trying to keep his daughter out of jail, and the US Attorney's office has extended the deadline for a plea bargain by two weeks.

Meanwhile no less than three government agencies are investigating Martha's stock trade, at the same time investors have lost billions, foreign investors flee, and even Saudi Prince Alaweed, who used to invest in everything American, says he won't invest in US stocks anymore. He thinks investing in the US is like investing in a third world country.

Corporate scandals are expected to continue to rage, with charges going all the way to the White House, yet only a handful of executives have been seen in handcuffs. And then it's only for the cameras before the limo picks them up at central booking. And still all the trash and tabloid readers care about is Martha. The double-standard continues...


(New York, July 26, 2002) Save Martha rallied at CBS studios again today. Save Martha! brought along a giant birthday card for Martha and many fans were eager to sign it. However, CBS employees were not so happy, and related that they just want the scandal to go away.

Low ratings and small crowds in front of the Early Show have some staffers grumpy, even nervous that their jobs may be on the line. Said one CBS staff member who declined to be identified, "We want this whole thing, and Martha, to just go away. A lot of people here don't really care what happens to her one way or another."

According to one source, CBS initially tried taping Martha's segments after 9AM when the Early Show was off the air, so that there wouldn't be any pressure on Jane Clayson to attempt yet another "I'm focussing on my salad" style interview. Martha would arrive late and quietly leave the building to avoid the media. CBS reportedly abandoned this approach after deciding to wait until the controversy is over.

Several paparazzi are now staking out the building in an attempt to catch a glimpse of Martha, who has generally taken the advice of PR experts at the Brunswick Group to lay low.

Despite public statements by CBS that they still support Martha and her show, internally there seems to be some dissent and disagreement about what to do about the current situation.

What can you do? Tell CBS that you want them to support Martha and get her back on the show. That just might help boost their sagging ratings.


The Martha Syndrome
by John Small

Martha Stewart evokes an amazing range of emotions in all segments of American society. She has both diehard loyal fans as well as many vocal detractors. And she has both in large numbers. In marketing she has what is known as a polarizing personality; in plain English, that means we have a love-hate relationship with Martha Stewart. It is that love-hate relationship that was the impetus for Save Martha.

Not to get too Freudian, but the relationship people have with Martha the brand and Martha the person is very much like the relationship children of all ages have with their parents. It is an odd mixture of respect and fear, love and rebellion, and in extreme cases, deep seeded anger.

Redrider writes Save Martha is being made fun of by Conan O'Brien:

Conan O'Brien:

"In New York the other day there was a pro-Martha Stewart rally. This is true. Only four people showed up! Yeah, four people showed up and three of them were made out of crepe paper."

NBC is making a movie about Martha Stewart that will cover the recent stock scandal. They are thinking of calling it "The Road To Extradition." Perhaps "The Silence of The Lamb Chop"? OK, how about "Blazing Salads"?

And Leno...

It was so hot today I was sweating like Martha Stewart watching CEO’s get arrested!

Things are not looking good for Martha Stewart. Her stock was down 23 percent yesterday. Wow, that dropped quicker than Dick Cheney after a double-cheeseburger."

And Letterman just won't quit:


"Martha Stewart is coming out with a book this fall. Oops, I'm dyslexic – she's going to get booked this fall."

And O'Brien

Tom Ridge announced a new color-coded alarm system. ... Green means everything's okay. Red means we're in extreme danger. And champagne-fuschia means we're being attacked by Martha Stewart."

What can you do? Tell the latenite talkshow hosts to leave Martha alone!


SaveMartha on CNN and CNN Headline News today--all day, with Jeanne Moos:

"A 'Save Martha' campaign is dedicated to the defense of Martha Stewart -- with a Web site and supporters."

Quote of The Day, from a reader;

"To err is human, but to really sc&*! things up requires Merrill Lynch."


Tune into WDWS Champaign-Urbana at 4:10p Central

Listen for Save Martha today on WORK in Montpelier, VT and on the Liz and Carson Show on WINK in Cincinnatti.



Look for us today at 12:30 pm ET on Curtis and Kuby on MSNBC.



CBS Rally

Well, we did it. Thanks to everyone who came to the rally today at the CBS Morning Show. The CBS folks were not exactly happy to see us at first, but we convinced them that our intentions were good. And we did get to send a Save Martha! t-shirt into Jane Clayson (we hope it was the right size) and showed our support for Martha! Plus we spiffed the crew with a few aprons and shirts, and generally behaved ourselves on the plaza.

While we hoped for a much bigger turnout (we understand it was a bit early and very humid), we said it loud and we said it proud--Save Martha! Plus the NY Post did a nice little story on the event. We found that most people on the street were actually quite supportive of both Martha and the even greater cause of ending double standards for women in the business world.

Then it was down 5th Avenue to the Today Show at NBC, where they were even more supportive of our cause, and dozens of people could be seen wearing Save Martha! shirts, chefs hats, and stickers in the crowd. Thanks to everyone who volunteered and we'll announce when we plan our next event...hopefully it will be a bit cooler outside.


First it was the NY Post, then, that's right, made it to the far side in the Bangkok Post (which we understand has no relation to it's NY counterpart...) (Click Here)

Hear Frank Barnako's CBS Marketwatch Radio Net

We will be on Canadian radio in Toronto today, and tomorrow morning with Tony and Jen on WLYT in Charlotte between 6-7am

Also--tune into the Liz and Carson Show on WINK in Cincinnatti


Apologies to those of you who may have had trouble getting through over the weekend if you e-mailed us or submited a form due to extremely heavy volume--we had almost 200,000 hits on Friday. Our service provider is fixing the problem, and we have re-routed the e-mails. If you sent an email or submitted a form and did not get a response, please send it again.

Today we were on live in Atlanta with Tom Hughes on WGST--thanks to Tom and Rick for a good interview, and those beach hats on on the way....

This week and next we are making the rounds of the morning shows in NYC, from the Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza to the CBS Morning Show to GMA on ABC.

Tuesday (7/16) at 7:40 am we're on the Liz and Carson Show on WINK in Cincinnatti--I hear they are HUGE Martha fans so tune in Cincy (especially all you Proctoids and Fifth-Third bankers) and show your support.

Also--listen for us nationwide on your local CBS radio affiliate...


The movement is picking up momentum. Look for today in the Sunday NY Times, page 2 of the Business section.

Constance Hays of the NY Times writes: "Martha Stewart has spent two decades developing books, paints, linens and lamps that bear her name. But it took someone come up with beach hats, coolers, T-shirts and tank tops imprinted with "Save Martha!"

Fans have been flooding us and the mainstream media with letters and e-mail in Martha's support. The major themes seem to be:

1) The growing concern about a glass ceiling for women in the corporate world (and elsewhere) and,

2) Can you trust your broker?

Today's discussion: what should we do about the barriers that women face in the working world?

7/13/02 did the media rounds in NYC yesterday--great article in NY Post, plus we spoke with Neil Cavuto on Fox News live on his 4pm show, plus did a live spot on CNNfn, taped a segment with Fuji TV Japan in a spot they are doing on Martha, then we did a couple of spots on Bloomberg Radio and CBS Radio, and WGN 9 at noon in Chicago ran us as well. Still waiting for Connie Chung to weigh in on the matter.

Your emails are helping to build support, and people have noticed-keep it up. Our project this weekend is called Operation Kmart--lets go shopping! You can go online by visiting, or you can go to the store.Click Here for Home & Garden

Don't forget to see the 5 Point Plan and help save Martha!


Check out in the NY Post:

July 12, 2002 -- Never fear, Martha Stewart, your loyal fans are behind you.

Their rallying point is, a Web site that sells T-shirts, tank tops, beach hats, baseball caps, coolers and mugs - all bearing the slogan "Save Martha!"

The site is the brainchild of John Small, a Manhattanite who once ran a wedding Web site called - which also was inspired by the doyen of report on on the movement (Click Here)

More Past Issues

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Save Martha! Birthday Card

Here's special birthday card to Martha

Love, Oliver & JW...

Martha, YOU'RE a Good Thing!!
Keep your head high, girl ... success always invites jealousy - and some folk have been jealous of you for a very long time! But don't let them get you down.
We believe in you, Martha! All over the world, you have people who love you ... so no matter what, remember: these woes will pass and even though you may have some rebuilding to do, your loyal fans will seek out your products and help you get it underway. We did it once, and we can do it again!
Best Wishes on your Birthday, Martha! Many happy returns ... I hope you spend it with people you love.

your loyal fan,
Lily-Ann in Canada

Happy Birthday, Martha! Way to go with the CBS Morning Show. They have no right to ask you questions about IMClone. It is a COOKING segment, not Crossfire. Hang in there! Have a great day!

Gerri Wallace

Hope you have a festive day. Enjoy!!! May you you have many more - each more festive then the last.

Sean Robert Michaels

Enjoy your birthday, Martha!! You are an inspiration to us all!!

Nancy are my idol! I will always be behind you 110% Have an incredible birthday and keep on inspiring us all!
Illegitum non Carborundum!!

I hope everything turns out in your best interest! Personally, I think the people who wish to condemn you are merely jealous of your success, or perhaps the fact that your souffles never collapse (which I suppose could be classified as success as well). At any rate, don't listen to them. Be proud of all your accomplishments! Martha Stewart Omnimedia is a good thing!


More Birthday Wishes

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