The 20/20 Party
What did you think about Martha Stewart's interview with Barbara Walters on 20/20? Did it make you feel more sympathetic towards her and did she help her case?

You have got to be kidding!! This is about $40,000 dollars worth of stock$! Leave the woman alone. I am not interested in knowing Martha up close and personal - but I do enjoy watching her on tv and reading her magazine. Go after the big male fish in the pond..

Janet Stephen

My thoughts about the 20/20 interview: I've always thought that this whole thing was a sham - selling $40,000 worth of stock - from a multi-multi millionaire ????? Get real!! Martha - I've let my subscription to your magazine expire - but am renewing it now!!! The Government should pursue real criminals - drug dealers, crooked lawyers, government employees-Congressmen, Senators etc. who abuse their offices - geeze - let's get on the right track - GO MARTHA!!!

Brad Hanson

My immediate thoughts were that Walters was quite harsh when asking some questions - seemed to want to exacerbate the ridiculous lies being bandied about Martha. I have the greatest admiration for Martha, who worked hard all her life to achieve success and did it all in the guise of helping others learn about different things in life. My favorite line she used was that her idea was to "show that housemaking was a thing to be admired and appreciated", which most of the time it is not. Being of Polish descent myself and born in l941, she is more of a role model to me and a kindred spirit. I, too, was always ready to prove my worth and was not willing to be submissive to a "man's world", but this is still something that will never be accepted by men (unfortunately). Let me know when she runs for President of this country to straighten out and do good things for everyone.
HANG IN THERE, MARTHA!! I am rooting for you. You showed yourself to be one "classy lady".

irene roth

:I thought Martha presented herself very well, she seemed honest and forthright. Her answers did not come across as scripted or coached. I support her even more after watching this interview. Good Luck Lady!!


I love Barbara Walters and I have great respect for her. I know she always has great interviews with whomever she has an interview with, so I knew this one with Martha Stewart would be just as good as any. I watched, and listened to the whole interview. Something I rarely do since I'm busy doing other things at the same time. But I'm glad I did. Yes, I will admit that after seeing the TV movie about Ms. Stewart it gave me a whole different perspective on her and that yes, I'll admit to calling her a bitch. But of course, that is what the media wanted you to get out of that movie, and what they wanted you to believe about Ms. Stewart. I'll cut to the chase somewhat here. I work at a local Home Depot, and as a cashier I am mostly in the outdoor garden department. We recently started selling the waterproof garden clogs. Some, not all customers have "joked" about them being the "Martha Stewart clogs, minus the chains". After watching this interview, I've found a greater respect for Ms. Stewart. I applaud her for what she has done with her life and admire her as well. And yes, I'd love to meet her, and even to be a friend or to just have a conversation with her. My thoughts about the interview? A very well done interview, as I'd expect from Ms. Walters about Martha Stewart and her life as well as the imclone ordeal she is going through now.


I thought it was a tasteful interview and martha seemed very honest. arrogant people never admit that they have flaws and she clearly stated her personality traits, she is just a very determined, strong-willed woman who went after what she wanted and is being made an example of those who were threatened by her. she was suceeding in something good for people and not just greed like most big business!
i think she is not guilty now, because, after all those years trading stocks and everything, there is no way she would be that dumb.... besides, what would be 40,000 to a billionare anyway, sounds like that kind of loss would have been a good tax write-off. when you are that powerful and wealthy, you have to hire people to do things for you and sometimes those people don't make the best decisions.
good interview

Unfortunately, it is not the fall of Martha Stewart which concerns me, but rather the fall of justice. What a mockery our judicial system has become! Ironic that our legal system puts Martha on trial for "cheating everyone out of money, when I dare ask how much is the prosecution costing us "taxpayers".

Michelle Gilley

I think Martha is being made an example of, I think it is extremely unfair and I wish her all the best. Martha has done what most of us can only dream of, She has made something of herself, professionally and financially, she did it with a lot of hard work and a LOT of self control. She deserves to be left alone. If anyone can tell me why they were able to make that movie about her, without her permission, I would love to know. They made her into a cruel and hateful person, which I believe really damaged her reputation.
Thank you

I thought Barbara Walters' questions were slanted toward an assumption that Martha is guilty. Only at the end did she very briefly mention that there are many fans who believe in Martha's innocence and more importantly there are many market experts who feel that the case against her is unprecedented and bogus. This would have been a very interesting area for Barbara Walters to explore.

I felt that Martha was dignified and very genuine. I believe her. And I have read several media articles which insist that the charges against her are unprecedented and entirely unfair.

I am disgusted by what our government is doing to her.
Christine Harrison


'm so glad Martha decided to speak out about her ordeal. This entire investigation is a travesty perpetrated against Martha because she is such a successful businesswoman. Ken Lay should be the one who is brought to justice. Martha was brilliant, as always, and Barbara Walters once again revealed herself to be the shallow, simple minded tv celebrity that she is. Hang in there, Martha. We love you.

Cathy Reeves

I believe that Martha Stewart has not violated any laws and has done nothing wrong. I think that she is being personally attacked to divert attention. The prosecutors should stop this madness now and leave her alone. She has worked for what she has and has the God given right to live her life in peace. Her supporters want her back doing what she does best and that is raising the standards of families and teaching all of us about so many, many things that enhance our quality of life.

God bless you Martha and continue the fight!

Carolyn Nunn

Good evening Martha, both my wife and I watched your interview tonight with Barbara Walters, Friday November 7, 2003 from 9 PM to 10 PM on channel 4. We both thought that they are are just picking on you, and your fame. If it was one of us, there wouldn't be this much tv, and radio time spent on such noncense. So you might of made a mistake,and the courts should of maybe gave you a fine to pay, and then dropped it, but 30 years for doing something like this, is going a little too far. We both support you, and we both have both enjoyed your recipes, and television show. My wife has always been getting your magazine. I have enjoyed your show so many times, on how to do better gardening tips. God Bless Martha, Edward and Mary Keesling. We will both be praying for you in January of 2004, for your freedom back to your show and magazine recipes.

What a
woman! I think she did an amazing job!

I truely support Martha Stewart. I can hardly believe that the court system would make such an issue over this and try to destroy such a beautiful and HONEST person. I truely believe those that do not support Martha, are jealous of her success. I could only dream of being half the woman she is. May God Bless her and keep her strong and be the only Judge of her.

Heidi Grabow

I just want to say that I support Martha. I think she is a wonderful person....she's a "good thing" and we need more people in this world that focus on the good things in life. She's an inspiration to so many and I hope she has not forgotten that.

Prior to the interview with BW tonight, I did not have any formal opinion on the charges or Martha's guilt or innosence. I was very happy to have the opportunity to hear from her. That was really important to me. The media distorts things and creates bias. I now feel like I can shout to the world, "I support Martha!", and really back her.

And as for BW....although she seemed, at times, genuinely concerned about Martha, it was very difficult to watch her throwing stones at Martha - BW is very manipulative and I resent the "sideways" accusations. It was ugly.

I send my very best to Martha. I hope you will pass this along. If I knew where to write her to send support I surely would. Do you have an address?

Thank you!

Kellie Cox

I think we need to discuss the monumental corruption within our political system and the complete destruction of our judiciary where justice is no longer served. Not just for Martha's sake, but for all of us. Please click on any search engine and type in "corrupt judiciary" and you will find the same Martha predators going after too many who have spent years of tremendous effort developing wonderful companies only to destroy them for the thrill of destruction and to pocket their evil for their own ill gotten gains. They shout and point loudly to hide their own evils.

Beware, my fellow citizens. Don't get side tracked by the bickering useless political nonsense of these predators who successfully hide their corruption through the control of our TV media.

I think it is disgusting to attack Martha Stewart. The woman goes on TV and teaches cooking and gardening for God's sake. Would you find it in your heart to attack your mom or grandma. I think we should attack criminals who hurt people. I think this whole thing is blown way out of proportion and you are hurting someone who has contributed positively to America. What is wrong with everyone? You can't tell the good guys from the bad guys? Or is everyone feeling so bad about themselves that it is fun to throw sticks and stones at someone who has made it to the top? Does hurting someone make you feel better? If she is a criminal then I think we all are.


Have always had respect for Martha Stewart, even more after watching her tonight on 20/20. Hope that she continues to be proud of her accomplishments and will continue to ride out the storm. Found this in my email tonight...seems to fit
People" by Mother Theresa

People are often unreasonable,
illogical, and self-centered;
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of
selfish, ulterior motives;
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some
false friends and some true enemies;
Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and frank,
people may cheat you;
Be honest and frank anyway.

What you spend years building,
someone could destroy overnight;
Build anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness,
they may be jealous;
Be happy anyway.

The good you do today,
people will often forget tomorrow;
Do good anyway.

Give the world the best you have,
and it may never be enough;
Give the world the best you've got anyway.

I felt Martha was very honest. You could see in her eyes the torment she has endured, and it made me feel not only sympathetic, but convinced that she will be triumphant! I believe you can't keep a good woman down, and Martha is a Good Woman. She has worked to live the American dream, and she deserves to reap its rewards. Martha, we are worlds apart, and yet, you made me see the side of you that relates to all women around the world. We have all gone through tough times in our lives, and yet we are to remain "Superwoman". Well Martha, you are a "Superwoman"! Continue to live your dream, I will root for you in my corner of the world.


Martha Stewart perhaps did something wrong, not exactly sure. But what I am sure of: She does not deserve the treatment that she is getting by the judicial system or the media. Her personal stock trading put into perspective monetarily, is a drop in the bucket of her net worth; a drop in the bucket in comparison to what corporate leaders have been accused of.

How much did her actions cost other stockholders? Cannot that money be fined her? She certainly has been punished beyond belief already; it is ludicrous and ridiculous to me that this could happen in our country - Martha Stewart facing jailtime for this. This woman has done so much good - for herself, her family, and many woman (and men) across the country and world. How many role models are there for middle-aged women in this country? Not many, she is one of very few. Men lead our companies, government, and sports....there are all kinds of men role models out there.

Young girls have people like 'Britney Spears' as a role model. What is the deal? Men have Tiger Woods, and a host of other athletes who have a clean image. Women don't have that. Martha Stewart is one of very few American healthy roles models for women. She does good things. She teaches how to do things from making cakes, to frying chicken, to gardening, and decorating for halloween. Besides that , she is decent, attractive, smart, and an exceptional business woman. She is a success. She is being singled out by a few people to be held up as an 'example'.

What's even more sad is that the media latched on to this for jokes, humor, and to further cut-down this 'perfect' woman. She is self-made, she is a woman. What a target. Please put this into the proper perspective and weigh what she had done (in this trading deal) to what she has done overall. I

happen to know that it makes me very happy to read "Martha Stewart Living" or to watch her TV show. It is educational and it is 'good' and 'clean'. In today's world of entertainment, there isn't much of that. I cannot believe that she is being persecuted like this, and all women who enjoy her are being punished as well.

Hopefully the judicial system will also go after the owners of the other million shares of IM-Clone that traded on the same day that Martha traded her 3,000 shares....and harrass them and investigate exactly what made them decide to "sell" that day. Fair is Fair.

I am worried for this country, when I see things like this happen. When there is SO MUCH out there that is bad....can't these prosecuters vent their anger and zero in on some of this: violence, drug-dealing, prostitution, welfare fraud, tax fraud, corporate tax evasion, big mutual fund companies trading practices, doctors taking advantage of medicare / medicaid funds from from the government via eligible patients. These things are widespread and affect many, many people.

What Martha did (if she indeed willingly took inside-trader advice vs. simply selling once the stock hit below a predetermined amount) affected a few people and it amounts to a small amount of money. Please put this into perspective. If she goes to jail, while OJ, Koby, and Scott Peterson is a sad day....a sad life in America...especially for women.

The judicial system and the media have one message for women: you are to entertain but not be too successful or rich, and certainly don't voice your opinion....or you will be prosecuted by the media (and maybe even the judicial system)....just look at what's happened to Rosie O'Donnell, Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Ellen Degeneres and how they get raked over the coals on a regular basis. I'm sure they wish they could pounce on Oprah too. These are smart women with an opinion. I think that the judicial system, media, and many American men in general would like women to be happy with J.Lo and Brittney as role models.

JA Weekly

I think Martha is a very strong, independent woman and she will prevail! We are all praying for you Martha, keep strong!


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