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An open letter to Martha’s fans
By Andrew Ritchie

I was thinking this morning about why I care so much about what happens to Martha Stewart and her company. I wondered why I write for SaveMartha.com and what it is about Martha and her unique brand that inspires me to fight for her.

Five years ago I had only a vague understanding of Martha Stewart. I wasn’t a fan. I wasn’t a detractor either. I just knew she existed and that she was all about good taste.

It was when I moved into my first apartment that a friend of mine gave me an old issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine with tips on how to decorate a small space. I chuckled a bit when she gave it to me, thinking it was a bit of a joke. But within moments I was captivated by the beautiful photography, the well-written advice columns, the "good things" and the spectacular layout of the magazine. As a journalism student, I appreciated that it was beautifully done.

After a year of buying her magazine, month by month off the shelves, I became a subscriber and a regular viewer of Martha Stewart Living television. What was happening to me? I suddenly cared about gift wrapping, table settings and was curious about vintage tea towels!

It occurred to me that I was learning something new.

Martha and her team were educating me on topics I had up until this point overlooked entirely. Sure, I can do multiplication in head and write a 3000 word essay on Milton’s Paradise Lost, but I knew nothing about how to properly iron a shirt or the best method for doing dishes. And, without a word of lie, knowing how to do these things properly did change my life.

I became organized inside my home as well as outside my home. I could suddenly make the most delicious chocolate pudding imaginable, thanks to a recipe in Martha Stewart Living magazine. I was paying my bills on time, remembering friends’ birthdays and arranging fun get-togethers with friends and family. For a guy in his mid-20s those are big accomplishments! And it was all because Martha Stewart made me understand that there are so many everyday reasons to be happy and so many fun and exciting ways to make day-to-day life more enjoyable, more organized and more efficient.

And I know you feel the same way too.

In the midst of all this media bombardment, let’s not forget why we want to save Martha and why we love her in the first place.

Congratulations to all of us who have stayed the course.

With love,
Andrew Ritchie
Ottawa, Canada

Dear SaveMartha,

I have never been a big fan of Martha's as I have not had the time to watch her shows . Also I am not a person interested in crafts ect. But--when I heard she had been charged I knew exactly why these charges had been leveled against her. Get the public's mind off Enron and all the corporate thieves so we will not notice that nothing is being done about them and their heinous crimes. So what do we do, boys? Pick a woman who is popular and refused to take the seat at the back of the bus. Well-- that always works. To this day, I have heard very little regarding those good old boys who stole so much. But then, why should we expect that news? Not with the many friends in very high places that they have. Bet they are all having a good chuckle over how they have smeared Martha. And it seems to be working for them. So many people out there have a pea brain and fall for the tabloid type writing that passes for news in this society. I say--to Martha--You go, girl. Many of us are with you !! Best of luck. Anita

Dear SaveMartha,

I can't believe the big media fuss about Martha trying to save herself some $$ by pulling out before the stock crashed. Who wouldn't have done the exact same thing and said "good looking out" to the person who tipped them off? This can't be compared to Enron or any of the other dastardly things that have been pulled by corporate america lately.

I do believe that her personality and the fact that she is female have been a big part of the witch hunt. Perhaps if she had an ounce of "warm & fuzzy" to her people would ease up, but they love the double standard. Men have done far more to our society than this one woman or any woman for that matter, will EVER do.

Save Martha!!!! (and free Clara Harris while you're at it!)


Dear SaveMartha,

I'm very glad you started your site in defense of Martha Stewart. Whatever
the issues are in terms of Martha's personal life, she remains an
extremely important part of American culture. I think of her as a PhD in
housekeeping, the Einstein of Home Economics. I'm being glib, but
seriously, she holds that kind of respect for me. She not only helps make
housework fun, but it goes way beyond that to a celebratory vision of a
complete lifestyle, a design for living. Admittedly it's a WASPish, New
England lifestyle (and not everyone can live in New England), but Martha
has taken its key elements and made them usable by the public at large. If
one wishes to follow in the path she has made, or include details of it in
your own life, one can really increase one's pleasure in what was often
seen a drudgery. To call this Joy Through Decoration is another glib
hyperbole. Perhaps there is a better way to phrase this, but however you
say it, it's a good thing.

Louis Goldberg

Dear Martha,
The idiots in Congress and the legal bureaucracy are jealous. You've beat the boys at their own game before and you will again. The only phrase that comes to mind is:
"Illigitimi Non Carborundum" which is slang Latin for "Don't let the bastards wear you down". And when it's over I would expect "polite" (if there are any polite idiots) people in government to apologize to you. They owe it to you.
Paul Griffin
P.S. When your website hit the internet, that made the internet complete.

Dear Media,

In America the law is innocent until proven guilty. Martha has not even been charged with any crime, and yet the media, all forms, have and continue to vilify this person bringing harm to her company and her shareholders. In this day and age, Martha Stewart, regardless of any personal feelings for her, brings a wholesome, valuable product to American homes.

Why is the American Government intent upon destroying it's strong,financially healthy companies, while letting the Ken Lay's of the world go free. I have MSO and MSFT in mind here. These companies employ alot of Americans.

Martha is not guilty of insider trading. Martha is not guilty of obstruction of justice.

It will be a very sad day in America when we can't trust information given to us by brokerage houses.

Why don't you start picking on The Beckers, they deserve it as they profited millions from their truly insider trading activities.


Dear Save Martha,

Isn't this all so tedious. We know the misery that Enron and Worldom have caused but instead the government pursues Martha over a dubious case at best. Jeffrey Toobin's New Yorker article was eminently fair. We worry about Cybil Shepherd but actually all she is, is a woman who wants to work--and its a great role--break a leg! Cybill!

Chris Byron on the other hand has turned Martha into his 15 minutes of fame and a cottage industry--what a joke. What goes around comes around Chris--I'd be ver-r-ry worried.

Martha is excellent at what she does, no matter what, she will come up on top--I have a great deal of faith in her. She's a class act--right now I don't even care if she did do it--everything has been blown so out of proportion as to the supposed offense that it is a joke. We may never no the full truth even from the SEC--I think they are afraid to admit they blew it--so they will do anything to get some kind of censure. (I recently saw Susan McDougal from Whitewater fame on C-span she stuck to her guns, she didn't let anyone bully her, she prevailed.) Women walk a fine line--that's why Hilary had to "clarify". What is important to remember is that she did make the call when she didn't have to. Cybill needs a juicy role and she is just great in fiction!--go for it girl ! I just hate to see Byron profit!

No matter what happens Martha will win in the end--she won when she decided her course and stuck to it. She made choices and stuck to them, none of it was easy. I 've got a favorite quote from Teddy Roosevelt that definitely fits:

"It is not the critic who counts, nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena...whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood...who strives valiantly...who, errs and comes short again and again...who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause...who, at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat."

Estelle Gabel

PS--It might not help but write the SEC and don't forget we are all still on a quest to find her a man!!

Dear Cybill,
I think playing Martha in the NBC TV movie is a big mistake because I think you have too much class to be involved in such a cheap shot against a well liked person like Martha. I trust you will take the high road and not accept the part -- let some 2nd rate actor with nothing to lose take it on. There are plenty of scavenger-actors out there. You're really too good for this.

Dear Save Martha,
In 1997 I bought $20,000 worth of Ericcsson (ERICY) and gradually it went up to $230,000 value. I didn't sell it and now it is worth about $8,000. I wish I had Martha's guts to get rid of overpriced stocks before they tank out to next to nothing. She doesn't deserve all the media sh#%! she has been subjected to. She is just smarter than me, that's for sure. I wish I had her guts and brains but I'm just too cheap and didn't want to pay taxes on the sale of my ERICY. Now it's too late. There are no taxes to pay! DUH!

j. coxford

Dear Cybill,
I think playing Martha in the NBC TV movie is a big mistake because this makes Martha out to be the same character that was in the Last Picture Show with Cybil Shephard. Nude and embarassing. Martha is the icon of America. She is wholesome and truthful in everyway. Her persona is easily open and honest. No way can Martha Stewart be evil like the tabloids say she is. Just look at her honest face, not the bad stock traders who lie as a business acumen. Anyone who has anything bad to say about Martha, my heroine is a bad un-Christian person. I have bought many many things of Martha and my house is a testament to her blessings.
Pam Wright

Dear Cybill,
I think playing Martha in the NBC TV movie is a big mistake because...your career never really did get off the ground and if you try to emulate someone so wonderful as Martha Stewart, it never will; although you have done some comedy. I mean, people will laugh. I know I will but what the heck! Give it your best shot. P. Castro

I think the double standard for women continues to be so bad.
This will make me buy more Martha Stewart than I ever thought about buying.
GO GIRL!!!!!

Wanda M. Young

Dear Martha,

I imagine that she did make a mistake, but look at a few of our presidents. I am not justifying her judgement. I do believe they are making an example.
I would like to thank her for giving me and my daughter the courage to make so many life changes and to be able to decorate our homes on a budget. We even make many impressive items. We can plant gardens, raise herbs, dig out ponds, make a crummy patio beautiful. I even used the heart cake in her early wedding book.
I have always been creative and taught classes to imspire children to use their imagination, but i lacked this at home.
I am not afaid to do anything to my home..My daughter even built a small greenhouse. We have asmall business making historic dolls, pottery, and herbs. We would like to thank her and K-Mart for her paint. Please don't go off the air. My life has been very hard the last few years, but I lose myself in decorating and helping my family enjoy their homes more. Thank you Martha and we all do make mistakes,,,just make lemonade. A little more cheaply, maybe

Maggie Sexton

Dear Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, and Conan O'Brien,

I Still support Martha Stewart by buying her products at Kmart and telling others that she has done nothing wrong.
Bush wants to fight a war, I do not agree with his stupid vindication with Sadam. Sounds like a family issue more than a state issue.

How many people including yourself attend parties where others speak of their professional concerns, and office matters. In the entertainment industry we steal others ideas and demolish their means before they are successful. Your producers are more evil.

Leave the Martha alone. She is an American institution. A woman who expands on freedoms and creative ideas. She cleans and beautifies America, She is a daughter of imigrtants who established a life here.

Why do you wish to speak of destroying a life? Why continue to preach hate and fear?

Joe McCarley

Dear Cybill,

I think playing Martha in the NBC TV movie is a big mistake because her story is not completed yet. Martha has been a positive influence in my life and in my home. I hope she gets through all this ridiculous nonsense and shines even brighter in the future.


Dear Cybill,

I think playing Martha in the NBC TV movie is a big
mistake because...Marthas done so much for us
women, and so have you, so just drop this thing now, before it's too late.

your fan. betsy

Dear Save Martha,

Let's boycott all media and their supporting advertisers that are trashing Martha Stewart and forgeting all the billions that the men from Enron, Worldcom, etc. have lost for the trusting families who gave their lives and livelihood and life savings to these companies. I am boycotting those media companies who continue to forget there is still power in the pocketbook. Leave Martha alone. Carlyn Hansen

Dear Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Conan O'Brien, and Craig Kilborn

Our spouses, family and friends will continue boycotting your show and its sponsors until you stop trashing Martha Stewart. Why not trash the men who cost families billions of dollars instead of a woman who took her broker's advise and sold her stock, saving only $30,000? Since when haven't you followed your broker's advise or your agent's for that matter, guys?

- A stock broker's daughter and customer.

Dear Save Martha,

I have just spent the last 2 hours watching the "Biography Channel". There was a biography of George W. Bush Jr. and Martha Stewart. In the 1980's George Jr. founded Arbusto Energy Inc. with $ 20,000 of his own money, the company was near collapse when friendly investor's injected $4.7 million,later as Arbusto neared collapse, Spectrum 7 Energy Corp. bought it out and George Jr. received 13.6 % of Spectrum 7 stock(Spectrum 7 stauch suppoters of Reagan/Bush in the 1980's. Then Spectrum 7 Corp. got in trouble and Harken Energy Corp. bought it out. George Jr. received $227,000 of Harken Stock, a seat on the board where he earned $80,000 to $100,000 in directors fees. Also, George Jr. borrowed 180,375 from Harken and then Harken forgave $340,000 in Loans to unspecified executives. Harken Directors were invited to high level U.S. Gov't Foreign Policy meetings. In January 1990 Harken won a drilling contract in Bahrain and beat out seasoned oil Co.'s, this contract was Harken only asset. In June 1990 George Jr. sold 60% of Harken stock for $848,560 and the stock dropped in value 3 weeks later due to losses and the Iraq invasion of Kuwait. Then George went on to the Texas Rangers fiasco and made millions.

Why do some people in the U.S. who are insiders are allowed to operate freely, and Martha Stewart not an insider on her trade of 4000 shares is made to look like a criminal.
Robert Kilanski

Dear Attorney General,
As a loyal Republican and Christian, I am unwilling to assume that the inordinate amount of attention focused on Martha Stewart is a willing act on your part to "take down a powerful woman" or because you are "jealous" of her success. HOWEVER, it is abundantly clear that she is NOT being treated fairly by Congress or the media. You have the power to shift the focus of our government to the much more important threats we are facing today. Please, please keep the focus in Washington on keeping us safe in our homes, office buildings and shopping malls, where entrepreneurs like Martha have made all of our lives just a little more pleasant.
Heather Robertson

Dear Jay,
Hey, I'm a big fan of yours ! Quit with the nasty Martha Stewart jokes so I can start watching your show again !
You know that for an approximately $60,000 sale, her company has lost somewhere around $200 million ! Isn't that enough for you guys ? Where are the Kozlowski jokes and all the others ? Oh yeah, I heard a few, but they weren't as PERSONAL as those you use about Martha. What, you say ? They don't make for good jokes ? Well, that ought to tell you and your writers something. You worked hard to get where you are today. So did she, and you both deserve your success. And you've endured personal attacks too but not to the degree that Martha has, nor has it cost you what it's cost her. You of all people ought to understand that celebrity brings "attackers" out of the woodwork.

Please Jay, don't be one of them. You're nicer than that ! Leave it to Letterman to be an ass.

Judy Miller

Topeka, Ks

Local station: NBC KTSB

Dear Martha,

Keep you head up because you WILL prevail. We all know the only reason the Republicans in Congress are going after you is that you have helped raise so much money for Democrats through the years.

You are my role model and my hero, and I only wish there were more Americans like you.

Fran Devine

Dear Editor,

Martha is being set up by the Republicans who want to devert attention away from ENRON and all of their other flub ups. I wouldn't doubt if WAL-MART was in on this. It's run by southern right idiots, too. Who ever said the South shall rise again knew something. What is wrong with us YANKEES? Support northern businesses, now. Shop at K-mart and Target not WAL-Mart. (their stuff is blah anyway)

Susan Marbella

Dear Editor,

There is definitely a double standard for women in any field. When a guy is crude and savage in business, he is considered a macho guy. A hero. But when a woman does does the same thing, she's a bitch. I watch Martha's show and I love it. And I say lets go after congress reps and get them out of office because the reason that Enron and World Com did what they did is because congress abused their power and threatened Arthur Little, who was the former SEC Chief, by telling him to drop his arguement that the accounting offices were messing in unethical practices. And since the headquarters to these accounting firms were located in Conn, a lot of money was lobbied to shut Arthur Little up. And Congress threatened to cut off funding to the SEC. Congress through their actions is responsible and caused the hurt of investers by not dealing with the accounting firms in the first place. And those congressional reps need to go to jail for their actions. Congress has the authority and power to conduct bussiness in our country and in the world. But they don't have the right because of their positions to threaten anyone, especially any American, with the abuse of their power and personal oppinion. Lets send congress to jail! Martha, I love ya and support you and I am praying that those bastards in Washington get theirs. Because God gets those who hurt others.

Take care.

Mike in St. Louis

Dear Editor,

Perhaps the Justice Department would care to name Kenneth Starr special
prosecutor, give him 40 million dollars and as much time as he wants to
pursue every avenue until he discovers some back-stabbing rat like Linda
Tripp who can turn up some dirt on Martha. Isn't this just what we need
at a time when the barbarians are storming our gates?

Hang in there, Martha! We appreciate all you've done to ensure that style
and grace remain a part of Living!
Clint Lyle

Dear Martha,

You are being made an example of because you are a successful woman in a mans world. I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for you, and I will continue to buy your prducts and watch your television shows. Those of us who are loyal fans are not easily weakened or lead estray from what we believe in, and that is you and your innocence. I know that you have worked very hard to accomplish all that you have; you are a shining light for all women. Continue to be strong; as you have always done, for this too shall pass. When this mess is over, we (your loyal fans) will still be here...........

Diana Sypolt

Dear Jay,

Your mean-spiritness toward Martha Stewart is outrageous! I ask that you discontiue this behavior!!!

Thank you,


Dear Editor,

Who is christopher Byron? I absolutely hate all the so called news people. We all know they are only propagandists.

Tell their idiot atty gen he is guilty of bearing false witness when it comes to Martha!

As for me? I just returned from a trip to L.A., where for the first time in my life I
went to KMart and spent hundreds on Martha Stewart products. They're very nice and my father really likes the re-do of his house.

Cindy in WA

We don't hear Jay or David making jokes about Kenny Boy, now do we? Come on, give Martha a chance...she my well be exonerated of all this ridiculousness, and then, wont you feel badly if you don't...now's your chance....SUPPORT MARTHA!


Dear Congressman,
Get off it. You are destroying an excellent, well-run company by playing to the media and its insatiable need to humiliate any strong, successful woman.
Please understand the difference. Enron, Worldcom, Adelphia, Imclone etc., all involve high level executives who have destroyed their respective companies, with great harm to employees and shareholders.
You and your brethren, by targeting Martha Stewart for alleged acts none of which involve her company but only her personally, are responsible for the great harm done to her shareholders and employees. Have you no shame?

Bette Davis

Dear Martha,

Most people cannot stand success of others.
They lie in wait for one mistake, like wolves in sheep's clothing.
If they cannot find a mistake, they will bend the story to fit their needs of bashing success.
Martha, continue your success in excellence, with the same level of excellence you have always achieved.
Except for the controlling, News Media, spewing lies, we are all behind you.
This is too late for your birthday but I had to send you encouragement.
God bless you,


Dear Martha,
Hang tough. America needs more strong women like you to stand up to the misogynists in corporate America and Congress. I admire you tremendously for all you have accomplished. Don't give up.

Marie Brown

We all love you and hope all this mess will soon
be over. It's so unfair. Love and good wishes from
your fan

Verna Marie.

I think a lot of men in this country have small penis complex or something and don't like to see a bright, intelligent woman succeed. And I am a man. I think Martha is great, leave her alone and go after the people that stole billions of dollars from innocent people i.e. heads of Enron, World Com, Adelphia, etc.

Christian Shepard
Cleveland, Ohio

Dear Editor:

I am confused, if Martha sold her stock on Dec. 27 the day before the negative news, why are they concerned about whether she did or didnt make a 5 minute phone call on the 31st, if she erred, the error already had passed. Any way check out my positings on the Aol stock message boards, not many are agreeing with me, but I still say SAVE MARTHA, and would like to add that I root for the underdog, its not like she slept with the president, or kidnapped someone, or lied about the energy crisis, she made a smart sale. Why didnt the big guys incharge disclose to the media, the fall of IMCLONE when it happened, rather than tell Sam, and let him sit on it. If Martha had a chance to sell, oooh one whole day before, they should have announced the failure of the approval with Sam at a press conference the moment it was not approved. Well any way I am glad to see the website is here.

Keep LIVING, and doing GOOD THINGS!


Dear Congressman,

What is your problem? Remember we elect you, the majority of women are Martha Followers. Instead of a witch hunt, I can think of many other uses of my tax money.


To Whom it May (or may not) Concern:
AFTER the Enron, WorldCom, Clintons, etc. etc. that have done real damage to this country have been tried and brought to justice, then you might think about going after Martha Stewart. It seems to me that you are targeting her very unfairly. Sounds to me like you don't like to see woman become as successful as she has become. By the way, where is NOW?
Respectfully Yours,
P. Whiting

Dear Congressman,

I hope that you will take time to consider whether or not Congress is treating Martha Stewart fairly. If her name were Martha Smith, would her treatment be the same? Remember she was a stockholder in Imclone, not an officer. The attention she is receiving from Congress is definitely disproportional to what she would receive if she were any other citizen. Please be fair.

Grace Andres

What about all the other people that have robbed their share holders??? Why don't you talk against them. Leave Martha alone, we are tired of hearing about it.

Ray & Joanne A. Wyman

We wish u the best,and know everything will be all right,,,,,,,,,,God Bless.........


While not a follower of Martha Stewart, I honestly believe she is being singled out because of her fame. Everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but the press does not enforce this policy. For your birthday I hope you are given the chance to prove or not prove your innocence fairly.


Rest assured ... I will be preparing a DYNAMITE critical book review of Martha Inc by Chris Byron after I finish reading this collection of sour grapes and thinly disguised envy. I've been making notes, and I'm onlyhalf way through the book.

The misogyny and anti-Martha bias just oozes through the pores of this book, despite the author's talent as a wordsmith... and he is talented... some of his phraseology is elegant...but he is not skilled enough to successfully mask his nasty personal slant.

For example, he begins by skillfully painting a biased picture of Martha as a cold and disinterested mother by offering some plausible sounding examples, but blows it by going too far... like blaming Martha for the incident when Alexis supposedly screamed at the Tatlock's infant while their friends kathy and Chris Tatlock were visiting. Obviously, the Tatlocks were not paying attention to their OWN child at that moment, either. And he writes about the placement of Martha's daughter Alexis in a private school in Westport by using the loaded language: "....dumped the child in a fancy country day school a mile from Turkey Hill, and left her to fend for herself." But he also mentions that this took place after Martha left Wall Street in 1973. He also mentions earlier that Alexis was born in 1965. So the child would have been at least eight years old!!!
Well... most eight year old children ARE required to be enrolled in school, and many schools are as much or more than a mile from home. I expect that the country day school was probably very nice. And isn't "fancy country" rather an oxymoron?

Then, worst of all (so far!) he actually accuses Martha of "submitting to a hysterectomy" in order to avoid another pregnancy! And anyone knows that a woman who wishes to avoid pregnancy would submit to a tubal ligation, which is a much simpler, much less invasive procedure. This remark made me especially angry. It was heartless and cruel. And it made me view every description of supposed fact he includes in this book with a POUND of salt. What a mean-spirited jerk Byron is.

I watched Martha Stewart Living this morning, and as she created goodies with fresh cherries I said, "You GO girl!!!" And I loved the show yesterday, in which she introduced some of the creative people who work for her, and took us on a tour of the school of fine arts from which many of them graduated. Wonderful!

I will prepare an extremely well-written and hard hitting review of this asinine book, and put it up on epinions.com (where I am a respected reviewer) as soon as I manage to wade all the way through it. I just can't take too much of it at a time.... bleacch.

I am an artist, writer, and sculptress. You can view my fine art bronze
sculptures at:


Love and prayers to you and Martha,

Heidi Garofalo

Martha Stewart may be the only person losing money in all of the financial scandals to date--and the only woman. Is the media circus because she is a not so warm fuzzy, truly self-made woman and we want to see her fall? Martha has solid TV and radio shows, an interesting magazine and offers quality products and ideas to people in all economic ranges. She's a genius and perfectionist at what she does. She keeps house, she tends gardens and is forever curious about quality. Where else would you find a show that explained the origins and uses of Pantone for the average consumer? We allow mind-numbing trash to proliferate the air and take potshots at people that try to raise the bar. She may not be sweet or kind, but as a consumer I trust what she does and what she teaches. I don't know how all of the finacial dealings with Imclone will work out but, what about Enron and
Worldcom? People are out of work, lost their life savings balance this against 1 stock trade. I would place my bet on Martha.

E. Gabel

Martha is getting lambasted in the media and it is inherently unfair.

Right now, regardless of weather she is guilty of not guilty of securities
violations, I think every person who is citicizing her character should ask
themselves the following questions:

If you knew they were going to lose money, even if it were one dollar, and
you could avoid that, wouldn't you do something to prevent that?

Martha, for our purposes, is a public persona who is an expert chef and
decorator (among other great things), why in the world is it your concern
what she does in her personal life? Her moral character is irrelevant.

And, if you are concerned that she might be let off easy for being a
celebrity, if in fact she did something wrong, I think you should realize
that at the worst case scenerio she will be procecuted to the fullest extent
of the law, and at the best, and she is found 'not guilty' her character,
which is her her greatest asset, will be tarnished from suspicion. Aren't
those two consquences, and anything in between, horrible enough punishment
for any crime real or imaginery?

I hope you consider these points and be a little more responsible with your

Thank you for your time,


I think Martha is a GREAT "SELF-MADE" woman, and she is being used as an example of all the others who have done wrong. Sorta like Pete Rose. I have learned very much from Martha's daily show, and I think men are very jealous of her and her accomplishments..they wish they could be so smart! Anyway, Martha, if you read this, please know that there are people out here that CARE about you--no matter what! I've heard that you are a "B" to work for, but I am too! What the heck, WE gals have our RIGHTS, Don't we? anyway, I live up in Maine, and I do find myself defending you alot, but I am that kind of person--very opinionated, and "hard to please" SO, you take care, relax when you are able to, and please know that many people are "rooting" for you!


Patty Jacobs, Farmington maine

Dear Congressman,
Why are you wasting so much time (and time is money)on Martha Stewart's sale of her stock? Joe and Mary Sixpack have now got the idea that if they have stock, they will have to be afraid to sell it when they want to. I will never again invest in the stock market, after watching this travesty. My adult daughters, their husbands and friends and I are all very puzzled at the big fuss. Who did she hurt? Did people lose millions of dollars of savings because she sold her stock before she lost money? Are you hounding her because she is a Democrat? It certainly seems like it. With all the rotten, crooked dealings on Wall Street, it seems to me the citizens of this country would be better served if you turned your attention to doing something about this economy. In other words, why are you spending so much time on this, when NO ONE CARES!

Dear Martha, hang in there! Don't let this bad publicity change you! It all boils down to jealousy from different directions, I think.. Just keep on doing what you always have been doing. I admire your strengths and your courage and your creativity! You are showing the world what a woman can do when God blesses it! I really enjoy your programs when your mom is on there with you. She, nor you, have ever tried to be some one you are not. Just yourselves! I am praying for you. It will be okay. Sincerely,

Thelma Dailey from Cookeville,Tn

To the various media,
This is a serious message. As a representative sample of many thousands of voting consumers in this country, I am (we are) unequivocally telling you that this campaign against Martha Stewart is an grave miscalculation of the public sentiment. Bluntly put, we like Martha. She is a positive influence in our society. You have many, many more serious concerns to pursue if you feel we need to clean up our financial environment. Let's see you start cleaning up the big messes first. Again, the key words in our message to you are "voters" and" consumers". We are not happy with the inappropriate and vindictive targeting of Ms. Stewart. Voters and Consumers have long memories. You may not hear our voices, but you will feel the impact of our dismay at this ridiculous and costly harrassment campaign.

C. Bamford


just want to say, hang on, be calm and pray alot. it all be ok soon. it is like me hearing from my broker that he heard so and so is selling their stock. how does it become inside trading? who laughs last, laughs better. peace,



I think that you should leave Martha alone. After all, she did eat cold Taco Bell and wash it down with a 40, which was one of my favorite memories of your show ever. And what about the Wild Turkey? Give her a break.

Melinda Fernandez

To everyone within reading distance......I bought more Martha Stock because I know this is a lynch mob and witch hunt set up. Why don't you jealous, little minded, very bored, revengeful people get out of the embarrasing fire your putting your self in and go eat some cookies in the kitchen. I know your mother taught you to be polite and appreciate creative women who make your life easier. Martha and I enjoy our work. Leave us alone and go after Osama and Saddam with the same vile vigor. Then we could all get our cookies and relax.

AngeliQue Charles

Dear Congressman,
If you continue to harass Martha, you will be eliminated from congress the next term. I will do everything in my power plus the addition of Hollywood's money to have your opponent win the next election. You saw what happened to Bob Barr didn't you? I did what I could to get him out of office for the nasty, unhumane way that he treated President Clinton.
It is because you are a man that you are going after her and not the real criminals, like Enron, Adelphia, & worldcom.
Get a grip! You are nothing but a bunch of male cowards!
I will make it my duty to get you out of office!

Sherri Osborn

Dear Congressman,
I shudder to think how much of my hard earned taxes you have squandered on the Martha Stewart witch hunt. Martha's alleged insider trading was $227,000, 1/30,837 of the WorldCom fraudulent misstatement of expenses. It would seem to me that Congress has more to gain from putting WorldCom under its microscope and ferreting out tax liabilities. Martha paid her taxes on her $227,000.

Your investigation of Martha Stewart on potential insider trading is proof of why Congress never gets anything done. There seems to be a total lack of judgment as to what is important and what is not. The fact that the WorldCom debacle threatens the reputation of US business globally is really more important than 4000 shares of stock owned by a woman.

The fact that Rep. Greenwood is a Republican and that Martha Stewart contributed to the Democratic Party makes this witch hunt rather transparent.... Also the fact that you are subjecting a woman to this is sitting well with women voters like myself.

The reasonable thing to do is to drop this investigation of Martha Stewart and use your energies on major fraud cases.

Jackie Paine

Dear Congressman,
Please stop wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous witch hunts and redirect the energy and time to the real problems we face. There is such thing a s syncronicity and unless you are a psychic, you will never know Martha Stewart's intent or malintent. Stick to things that can be proven and that have a bearing on your constituents.
Thank you,
Dr. Margaret Sofianos

Dear Save Mrtha,

we absolutely agree that martha is being used as a scape goat for getting the attention off other crooked businesses in this country and also the politicians who are not forthcoming with information. It's wrong and everyone who cares about these issues should be loudly supporting martha and putting the focus back on the "others" who deserve to be trashed by media.

tina cook, anne hagan and leslie hagan

Dear Congressman,
What do we have to do as voters and loyal Americans to get you and your committee to stop your ridiculous hounding of Martha Stewart? Kindly go after those horrible greedy thieves and evil-doers who actually stole from their employees and gave themselves millions of dollars in what should have been paid into their employees retirement and stock accounts. Please go after Enron, World Com, etc. executives and leave Martha and her small, insignificant 250,000 alone. Even if she did wrong, it is completely unimportant and wasteful for you to act as though you are doing something important while you waste our tax dollars paying for your committee salaries and your rich lifestyles and wrongly pick on Martha. PLEASE GO ONTO MORE IMPORTANT BUSINESS AND LEAVE MARTHA STEWART ALONE!! Thank you.

Patsy Jo Bishop

I am outraged at the dilemma that has crashed down on you. 'If I hadcstockbroker, I would have done the same'
Men do win at this and I do hope you walk away with a great big smile on your face.. My ex, did do insider trading, I witnessed him doing so..he was taken to court and walked away 'not guilty'. I testified against him, told the truth, and I was ignored..I am now struggling to live, he lives on a golf course, retired...etc.
Good Luck
Regina Jones

Dear Editor,

Once again, the media takes everything out of context. If this was some guy doing this, they would be high-fiving all over the place-extolling what a deal maker he was! One more way to keep women in their place, barefoot and pregnant. Strong, intelligent women are a threat to those oh-so-fragile male egos. If they had their way, women, would still be excluded from all types of male oriented situations.

Jackie Johnson

Dear Editor,

Once again the media--in particular the electronic media--have lost all sense of balance and perspective in its coverage of Martha Stewart. Particularly grating is the repeated promotion of MARTHA INC author Byron, whose pinched, lightweight, and so obviously biased opinions are treated as unquestioned fact. The folks in Congress, meanwhile, are displaying equally unpleasant behavior--instead of worrying about the real problems in the world today, they are making their all too predictable grab for public attention as mid-term elections near. Martha Stewart is a brilliant businesswoman who has created an astounding line of high quality products of interest to an extraordinary range of people here and abroad. If in fact she has done something she shouldn't, she should be chastised APPROPRIATELY but NOT BEFORE SHE IS GIVEN THE DUE PROCESS that is every American's birthright.

Let's concentrate on our real problems and stop trying to hang people out to dry just to fill news time. Let's allow the American system of jurisprudence, certainly the finest in the world, to play out the way it is supposed to--INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. Let's STOP TRYING PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA to win the ratings game--an obscene and inflammatory practice that would have horrified the real giants of television journalism, like Eric Sevareid and Edward R. Murrow. And let's STOP PICKING ON SUCCESSFUL WOMEN just because they've used the same strategies that equallly successful men do. One more point--Martha Stewart Omnimedia is the employer of many talented people who need their jobs. STOP TRYING TO BRING DOWN THE WHOLE COMPANY!

Angela G. Bell, Mechanicsburg, PA

Dear Congressman,
I am writing about the Martha Stewart scandal. I'm not a fan of hers at all, but I do want to tell you that your investigation is backward. I want to see Enron and WorldCom in the hotseat. Please don't waste my time with this Martha Stewart nonsense, when there is a legit reason to go after these thieves who stole from American workers. Who do you think you're fooling? Do you really think that I will forget about these rich criminals that have stolen from the hard working American public? I haven't heard anything about Ken Lay. Do you think it's because he's one of Bush' buds. HELL YES! Again let me tell you I am sick and tired of this waste of taxpayer money involving people who cheat others. I want to see ENRON in trouble like it should be. Martha Stewart is a peon compared to these distructive individuals who steal for profit. You think maybe these "good ole boys" aren't
where they should be, because of our REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT. OF COURSE. It's scary to know that our own president will cover up for his buds. GOD Has saved America right now from being attacked, but GOD SAVE AMERICA from our president and pals!

Tamara Monterrosa

Dear Congressman,
I shudder to think how much of my hard earned taxes you have squandered on the Martha Stewart witch hunt. Martha's alleged insider trading was $227,000, 1/30,837 of the WorldCom fraudulent misstatement of expenses. It would seem to me that Congress has more to gain from putting WorldCom under its microscope and ferreting out tax liabilities. Martha paid her taxes on her $227,000.

Your investigation of Martha Stewart on potential insider trading is proof of why Congress never gets anything done. There seems to be a total lack of judgment as to what is important and what is not. The fact that the WorldCom debacle threatens the reputation of US business globally is really more important than 4000 shares of stock owned by a woman.

The fact that Rep. Greenwood is a Republican and that Martha Stewart contributed to the Democratic Party makes this witch hunt rather transparent.... Also the fact that you are subjecting a woman to this is sitting well with women voters like myself.

The reasonable thing to do is to drop this investigation of Martha Stewart and use your energies on major fraud cases.

Jackie Paine

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