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Why is the press so mean spirited and vengeful?  What ever happened to civility?  What ever happened to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?  What ever happened to  "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" ?  Does it make the media feel good to say hurtful things and make fun at others expense?  Is this what we want to teach our children?  I say think whatever you like but watch what you say or write. 

To say that I am outraged is an understatement.  It seems the media are out to destroy whatever is left of Martha's dignity.  The continued bashing is almost worse than the sentence.  They twist her words to fit their agenda.  When will this nightmare end?  Have they forgotten that she is a human being for Godsake  with feelings that can be hurt just like anyone else?  This is imposed punishment by the media.  It's times like this that I question the morality of this country and freedom of the press.  This is overkill.  What ever happened to common decency.  Will breaking her spirit or seeing her cry in public make them feel better? 

I could go on and on but you get the idea.  I support Martha for now and forever.    

With utmost sincerity, 

Jan Erickson

Totally unwarranted and unfair. For years from the Savings & Loan debacles of 90's to Enron & Worldcom and look who gets jail time. The one extremely successful woman in the group for a mistake miniscule in proportion to the others. I continue to subscribe to her magazine and purchase her products and none of this will ever change that. Pardon/Free Martha NOW!

Susan De Fortuna

I'm not shocked but i am appalled that Martha has been used to set an example. She has paid dearly and is expedted to pay even more, yet others involved have gotten a slap on the hand. If a proffessional or anyone is telling me i will lose money if i don't get out of an investment I would have done the same, as would anyone else I'm sure. If I had some extra money, I would invest in her stock because I know she will come back even bigger and better.

Best wishes to martha during these trying times (no pun intended).

wendy rimes

My husband and I pray that you win your appeal. The justice system has failed you. You do not deserve to spend a day in jail.
Barbara and Michael Kaye-Caudle

What the Federal Government has failed to realize is that they have now placed their prison system under the watchful eye of Martha Stuart. I expect her to have some interesting commentary from the inside.

Glenn Emanuel

Dear Martha,
I was so proud of you for having such strength on the barbara walters interview, I will continue to buy your products. You do not deserve to go to jail

danielle coppola

Everything about this was unfair.. The only reason this happend is because Martha is a successful WOMAN.. and people are very jealous of her. I support her and will go on supporting her and my prayers are with her.

Penny, Rye Brook, New York

I wish the judge would have given Martha community service (although I don't think Martha is guilty of anything)To subject Martha to even one day in jsil is stupid...beyond stupid. I cannot believe they intend to strip search her or makes me very angry. Also, I hope those of us who really care will inform the federal prison system that if one hair on Martha's head is harmed, if she is roughed up in anyway that we will bring a class action suit against them on behalf of her family and friends.

I am so angry... dr. greta

Martha, you were screwed. I am a retired FBI Agent. In almost 30 years of service, I would guess I was lied to about 75% of the time. It is a Federal Crime to lie to me, do I have the time or the courts to try everyone who lies to me? I don't think so. When you are high profile and the Govt. can't prove the charge they wanted, do they want to be left with egg on their face? I don't think so! They went for you because of who you are, as you know and 99% of the time the Govt. DOES NOT HAVE TIME OR THE SYSTEM to charge everyone who lies!!

You were picked for political and egotistical reasons to persue. Your life has not been wasted for 2 years, consider it experience, what happened was for some reason, as you are not who you were 2 1/2 years ago and possibly that's good. Anyway, forget it - do whatever, laughing all the way as that drives them nuts!


She went to work at 16, formed a catering service that grew into a billion dollar company with 600 employees. If that's not the "American Dream" I don't know what is. She was targeted from the beginning--a woman, very successful, and a high profile. This is pure and simple a travesty justice. I am saddened for her, and sickened with our justice system, but I will be here when she does "come back." Martha, you're in my prayers as are the other members of your family.

Catherine Wright

Unfair! Martha is being punished for lying about something she was not convicted of. Her personal losses are punishment enough. She provides jobs for hundreds of people and education for thousands more. Not only will her company be afflicted but Kmart needs her products to emerge successfully from their financial problems. The judicial system might better spend their time pursuing the likes of the Enron boys whose impact on their employees has been horrendous!


I am disappointed with the sentence. She should not serve jail time.
Happens every day. They used her as a scapegoat. Look at what Ken Lay and his company did to people's retirements. I pray for God to be with you.



Why is Martha being singled out??
Inside trading has been going on since day one!! Just what if she isn't guilty? I don't beleive a woman like Martha should go to jail, after all this isn't murder! A stiff fine would be appropreate but certainly not jail, for gods sake this isn't a third world country! IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diane Hamilton

I think there are much more pressing issues to contend with other than putting someone in jail for lying... after all Clinton lyed and didn't get jail time and other people who don't have a bit of anything to offer to people never go to jail. I think our legal system sucks and have made a very bad choice to send her to jail... with the job situation she would do much better by community service and helping people instead of jail time i think the whole situation stinks..
kate adams

I believe this whole ordeal has been blown completely out of proportion. I think our government should worry about catching terrorists and villians, instead of trying to put Martha Stewart behind bars. What a waste of time.

Lee Burt

have just ordered a Martha Stewart Living magazine for the very first time. My reason for ordering the magazine is not because of what is on the news,lately but because I have always been proud of Martha's accomplishments as a woman and the things she does like cooking or planting are interesting to me. I hope you don't take her name off the magazine as I feel her name deserves to be on the front cover and when my first edition arrives at my home that is the way I want to see it " Matha Stewart Living" not Living.

If Bill Clinton can survive the white house scandal Martha will over come what has happened to her and be even more sucessful than she ever was. In these next five months, she will have time to rest and time to be more creative to come up with new ideas to share with all of us. Do you have an "E" bay web site? I mean sell some of her personal things that she has collected over the years. This could be very sucessful, I would believe.

I have faith that Martha will do just fine and will continue to do all the great things she has done before.

Best Wishes to you Martha,

Barbara waldron

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