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The Martha Stewart Scandal: A Tempest in a Cuisinart...
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Martha to be released on March 6, 2005

Click for Alderson, West Virginia Forecast

Martha's Mailing address

Several mailing addresses have been in circulation over the past week, leading to mass confusion; some indicate Box A, others Box B, FYI: Inmates addresses often change as they move within the prison system, even at the same facility. We would hope that the good folks at Alderson know who Martha Stewart is by now, and would deliver her mail, but you never know, there may be more than one M.S. in their care. The latest address from the Bureau of Prisons is:

Martha Stewart,
Register No. 55170-054
FPC Alderson
Glen Ray Road, Box A
Alderson, W. Va. 24910

Note: Due to much disconcerted reader feedback, we have replaced the term "inmate" with the term "Register No." which should also be acceptible

So try sending a test mail there before you send off any irreplaceable handmade masterpieces. You can always e-mail Martha via as she may be able to receive hard copies during visitation, and will definitely appreciate them when she is free.

Stewart's jailing is a shame -- for media--Pittsburgh Live
by Mike Seate
On most days, journalism is an honorable profession, one I'm proud to be part of. Last week, that was not true. Chalk up my shame to a veritable orgy of glee surrounding the incarceration of home design maven Martha Stewart. Stewart arrived at the Federal Prison Camp for Women in Alderson, W.Va., last Friday, managing to sneak past hundreds of journalists who had gathered to report on her arrival. The town's population of 1,000 had nearly doubled because of the number of reporters and photographers who streamed to town for the event.

Reader mail:

Dear Mr. Seate,
Thank you for the article on the media's shameful pursuit of Martha Stewart.
The real story for all of us is that the government went after Ms. Stewart to make her the poster person for corporate crime although she was never accused of such.  And the government is getting away with it.  (Incidentally, it all started with a Republican U. S. congressman from Pennsylvania and his Republican colleague from Louisiana.) 
The latest example, and there are many, is the sham trial for Larry Stewart who lied under oath on the witness stand during Ms. Stewart and Peter Bacanovic's trial, yet was acquitted of perjury.  A juror reportedly said she knew Mr. Stewart lied but the judge's instructions said the lies had to materially affect the outcome of Stewart and Bacanovic's trial.  This instruction guaranteed Mr. Stewart's acquittal although no one can say in good conscience that Mr. Stewart's perjury did not affect Martha's trial when, as someone has said, his testimony permeated the trial.
Men may be beating up on Ms. Stewart because she has been hugely successful promoting "women's work" which men have always considered beneath them.  How dare she!  Why many women have joined in the anti-Martha chorus is beyond me.
In regard to the true corporate thieves, there's speculation that one of them will never spend a day in jail.  How's that for having friends in high places?
Thank you.
Sally Strope
San Antonio, Texas

Dear Mr. Seate,

You seem to be one of few representatives of the media who do not enjoy Martha bashing.  Thank you for that and for an almost perfect column.  Agreed far too many journalists, television commentators enjoy or hope to profit from whatever they can say regarding Martha Stewart.   I have some important problems with what you wrote:
1.  Martha Stewart's stock trade was LEGAL.  Check the trial record!
2.  Martha Stewart was NOT convicted of INSIDER TRADING because she was not charged with insider trading!  You ought to see what the trial transcripts say here too. 
3.  Thousands of people were never employed at MSO.  Please check your facts before exaggerating!  Many, too many,  of Martha's talented and faithful staff did loose their jobs.  But not thousands. 
The media seems to have a enormous issues in respect to 'things' Martha.  Quite frankly, thousands upon thousands of us cannot wait until they SPRING MARTHA in March!
Please do check out the above.  You can find a wealth of helpful information at either of these two websites:

Update: Martha's projected release date: March 6, 2005

The Bureau of Prisons has updated the inmate locator website, indicating that Martha Stewart will be released on March 6, 2005. That is the fourth Sunday in Lent, a time for Christians to rededicate themselves to their faith. Ironically, Lent is concerned with preparation for Holy Week, which recalls the events leading up to and including Jesus' execution by Rome. The biblical coincidences do not stop there: Saint Martha is the patron saint of cooks and housekeepers. Also, the official color of Lent is purple, so we will not have to adjust our color scheme by much. So circle March 6th, 2005 on your calendar, and get ready to welcome Martha back into your home.

Forget about conspiracy theories, even the NY Post thinks something about this case smells fishier than the lunch special at Sushi Samba:

by John Crudele
FEDERAL prosecutors took a dive in the case against the Martha Stewart ink expert. "The government just went through the motions," says one person friendly with Stewart. "And didn't use some of the best information it had." The fact that the government would accuse its own witness was amazing. But did they really try to make the case stick? Martha Stewart's defenders allege that prosecutors introduced some but not all of the damning electronic messages that Larry Stewart was sending to friends during the trial.

Hester Prynne gave it up sooner than Martha Stewart--Roanoke Times
by Carol Hart
“I got so mad I turned the radio off,” said Patty Hylton. That was Thursday evening, a few hours before Martha Stewart foiled the press and gawking onlookers by checking into the Alderson, W.Va. prison before the sun came up. She didn’t give them the one thing they wanted and had been in southern West Virginia for days waiting for -- to see her hurrying in, head bent so that you couldn’t read shame in her eyes.

First photo of Martha in jail...

This has to be a new world record for a person being admitted to jail , then photographed and splashed on the front pages. Actually, it may be the only time this has ever happened. In less than 48 hours the first pictures and inside stories of Martha's ordeal emerge. Congratulations to the Daily News for beating the NY Post to the punch; we can't wait to see who will be first to pull off taking the hidden camera photos from inside Alderson...

Martha gives the media the slip!
Arrived in Alderson at 6am, avoids the media horde

"By the time you read this, I will have reported to a minimum-security prison in Alderson, West Virginia, to begin serving my five-month sentence." -- Martha's statement

Join Operation Spring Martha!

Fans pledge to do time for Martha
"I'll do some time for Martha. After all she's given to me and my family, it's the least I could do!" --Susan Rushing

Martha's Statement:

"While I had hoped to be designated to a facility closer to my family and more accessible to my appellate attorneys, I am pleased that the Bureau of Prisons has designated me so quickly to FPC Alderson, the first federal prison camp for women in the United States. I look forward to getting this behind me and to vigorously pursuing my appeal."--Martha Stewart's statement regarding her prison assignment in West Virginia

How to write to Martha

It is being reported on that Martha Stewart will be sent to Alderson, the prison she had least wanted to go to due to its remote location in West Virginia, which will make it more difficult for Martha's 90 year old mother to visit...NBC News NY is also reporting the same...according to the Shepherd Express , the town of Alderson West Virginia has "two police officers, one squad car, no taxis and one 16-room motel (the Riverview), most families visiting the FPC stay at the Alderson Hospitality House." It is the same prison where both singer Billie Holiday and Manson family member Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme did time. How quaint.

I spoke with Newsday columnist Ellis Henican last week, who has visited Alderson and says that the prison (which is nicknamed "Camp Cupcake") is definitely not the place where anyone would want to be. Both the priisons at Danbury CT, and Coleman, FL allowed for easy access. So is it just a coincidence that Martha is being sent to the place she asked not to go? The conspiracy theories have already begun flying. AP News reports that Alderson was selected to make access more difficult and to avoid coverage by the media:

"The prison camp at Alderson was chosen largely because of its remote location, the source told AP. There was a concern that the Connecticut and Florida prisons were too accessible to the media, the source said"

Isn't that the same reason people were sent to Siberia in the former Soviet Union? All I can think of right now is the John Denver song Take Me Home, Country Roads, which we used to listen to on the long drive down to my grandparents house in Keyser, West Virginia. It is a remote but beautiful place, with endless country roads winding through the hills, past abandoned coal mines and paper mills. How much simpler life was then...

How to write to Martha

She is not in prison just yet, but wll be by October 8th. Many have requested information on how to write to Martha in jail. PrisonTalk online has information on how to send inmates mail:

The mailing address is

Martha Stewart,
Register No. 55170-054
FPC Alderson
Glen Ray Road, Box A
Alderson, W. Va. 24910
Be sure all mail has recipients name, number and a return address on it.

Photos can be sent, no Polaroids.

Soft cover books and magazines can be sent. I was told they need to be wrapped in brown paper or envelope (no boxes!) and should be labeled on the package as "Reading Material" or "Books/Magazines Enclosed".

Hard back books must be sent directly from the distributor/publisher. ( I haven't done this yet, so I don't know all the rules)

A calendar can be sent, wrapped in brown paper or envelope and labeled "Institution Approved".

There is a maximum number of items a person can receive in one day or have in their possession (5 books, 2 magazines, etc). I'm not sure if this varies.

You can't mail stamps or stamped envelopes. For you creative types or those with kids/grandkids, incoming mail can't have stickers, glue, glitter, or tape. Keep it to paper and writing instruments (cut-outs, crayons, markers, pens are ok, not sure about paint)."

Sending Mom Far Away--Shepherd Express
The Impact of Prison on Kids as Wisconsin Begins Shipping Mothers to West Virginia

Alderson FPC is nestled in the valley of the Keeney, Muddy Creek, Wolf Creek, and Flattop Appalachian Mountains with the Greenbreir River running nearby. The days often start out cool and foggy. By noon, the sun burns off the fog and warms the valley. Hummingbirds dart through tree limbs and flowers, and turtles drag themselves up from the river. It is a place to atone and to heal. But for many women there will be no healing. The separation from their children may permanently damage not only parent-child relationships, but the children's sense of trust and their ability to bond.

Martha's new number: 55170-054

Bureau of Prisons assigns Martha's inmate number, her destination still unknown

Would you be willing to do time for Martha?

The indignity of it all. Martha Stewart has been assigned inmate number 55170-054, and is listed on the BOP website as being "in transit", which means she now has a reporting date. But where Martha will be for the next 5 months remains a mystery. Danbury, CT is her first choice and is the closest to her home, but prison overcrowding and Martha's unique situation may affect where she ultimately spends her time. Help make the most of this and join Operation Spring Martha.

Meanwhile, Martha's nemesis Chris Byron seems a bit perturbed about how very well Martha and her company are handling all of this. You would think that Martha's acceptance of her sentence would have been enough to satisfy her critics, but sadistic tendencies are rarely satisfied for long. If you want a really good laugh, read his latest NY Post column, and then send him an e-mail at to torture him with a few good words about Martha...

Doing Time for Martha

Question du jour: Would you be willing to do the time for Martha and why?

Your Name
Your e-mail

Five months in jail may not sound like a lot of time, but in Martha's case even a day in jail is too much when you have an empire to rebuild. Several people have e-mailed and said they would be willing to serve Martha's time for her if it would allow Martha to help her company to survive. In colonial times it was possible to serve time for someone else. Would you be willing to serve 5 months in jail for Martha, and if so, why?

Pledges to do time for Martha

I would gladly step in for Martha even in a situation as unpleasant as this. Martha Stewart has added joy to my life in many ways. The good and GREAT that Martha has shared with us or taught us far outweighs a mistake she may have made. It is disappointing to hear people be so unkind and harsh to a woman who- whatever her faults- has made me strive to be a better woman.
Love you Martha!


San Antonio Texas

If Martha's lawyers can arrange it in time and the judge would allow it, I would like to offer to serve her time for her. I don't see how anyone will benefit by putting her behind bars as it will affect a lot of people. Five months wouldn't be a long time for me and I would be glad to help her. I think she got a bum rap since she isn't convicted of insider trading but of vocalizing her innocence. I thought that was her right as an American.

Al Kent
Kingston, NY

I'd be more than happy to do the time for Martha. Why? Just because I think it is so ridiculous to send her to jail. It doesn't make sense. If she must do some sort of sentence, wouldn't community service have been a better idea? What purpose does it serve...well, other than inflating some egos.

Cyd Richards

I wish that there was a way, for each of us who are willing, to do a day or a partial day of her time until the five months are over. That way Martha could stay working and living her life her way- continuing to do what she and all of us love.

I recently heard someone bragging about our country's entrepreneurial spirit, and what a great place it is to be an entrepreneur. HA!-I thought. This 'great' country is putting the most successful female entrepreneur in its history-in jail. What a sad day for our justice system and our country! Spring Martha!

Dawn Crockett

Those of us who have supported Martha and MSO have gone thru this "ridiculousness" with her. We feel her family's and co-worker's pain. With that, we are all in this ordeal for the long-haul. Martha has found out that the "little guy" was there for her before and during this mess and will still be standing with her after this mess. So in answer to your question, we are all doing the time with her! Friends stick together!

Michael Wright

I would be willing to join a team of people who would take turns sitting in for Martha. Why not have everyone who wants to sit for Martha take turns? No one would be in for very long and the time for Martha would fly by. This could turn into quite a vigil and media blitz!! A sit-in for Martha!!


I would serve Martha's sentence in a heartbeat because I am sick to death of putting my wood fences back up after all these hurricanes! Anything to get away from those fences! Seriously though, if it were possible, I would volunteer to serve her sentence because I believe she shouldn't have been bothered with all this mess in the first place. So many jealous people should learn to mind their own business. And speaking of jealous people, I think Chris Byron should go to prison for Martha and be forced to sit in a corner, (time out) for the duration. We need Martha free to tape new TV shows as well as continue to contribute to every aspect of her company. Jeez, you'd think she was some dangerous criminal the way she's been treated! Well, I still love you Martha and I'll be here for you for as long as you want. God Bless You!

Patricia Castro
Boca Raton, Florida

I have already volunteered, I think she does not deserve to be there I don't either, so why not me? I miss her so much on TV my days are not the same.

Good Luck, and I will be thinking of you every day and will be anxious to have you back.



I would indeed be willing to do time for Martha. It serves no good to have her in prison. She has suffered enough and I don't think she deserves to be there. And to be honest, I just plain hate the thought of her being there and I would gladly go in her place if it were possible. Really saddens me and makes me sick to know that day will soon be here but hope it will go very, very fast. She is going to be ok but I just hate that she has to go.


Martha has been a great role model and a great inspiration to my life. When I heard that she was going to jail I decided to add free martha to my slogan. Free Martha, Save the Whales!

My thoughts and prayers are with you. If I could, believe me, I would go in your place. I've survived it once, I could again. You created an entity that gave others an opportunity to better their lives and fulfill their dreams. My God bless you and keep you and bring you continued success. You are strong, intelligent, and perservering. If you have not been, you could not have accomplished all you did, and will, once this horrible experience is behind you.

May I offer you my sincere wishes for your strength, faith and hope. All I can share with you is that, as with everything in life, "this too will pass."

God Bless You, Martha

Sherrie Sommers

Join Operation Spring Martha!

Martha will be out by spring, ready to plant a few new seeds to help her company grow. Join Operation Spring Martha and help us plant the seeds for her amazing comeback:

Martha's mailbag: We will post the address where you can send Martha letters of support. We will send Martha letters to help her get though her sentence and get ready for her return

Write to the warden: Ask the warden to put Martha's skills to work, to let her share her talents with other inmates so that something good can come out of this unfortunate situation.

Care packages: Help send Martha good things to help her get through the ordeal. Craft items, healthy snacks and board games are just a few of the things that could help her pass the time.

Spring Martha 2005 gear: Get into Operation Spring Martha with this gear while you plant seeds in the garden or go down to Kmart to shop up a storm.

Write to advertisers: Tell them you still support Martha and want them to do likewise.

Suggest ideas: Send in your ideas for more ways that you think we can help turn these lemons into lemonade...

Barbara Walters wishes Martha well

Barbara Walters had words of comfort Wednesday night for Martha Stewart, who attended ABC News' tribute to Walters' career.

"You look wonderful because there is a great weight off your mind, and we wish you everything good. We hear that in those five months [behind bars] she is going to read all of Shakespeare, get a Ph.D. in whatever she wants and come out stronger and better, with a whole new career."

Sightings: Martha Stewart caught up with her former broker (and codefendant) Peter Bacanovic at Inagiku last night. Sharing sushi with them was Stewart's daughter, Alexis ...via Rush & Malloy

Sex and lies in trial of Martha Stewart witness

Insider tip du jour: MSO up 18%, hits 2 year high!

Martha Stewart Living renews contract with founder

Martha Stewart Living and Mark Burnett to Collaborate on New Television Opportunities

Martha Stewart must surrender by 2PM on Oct. 8th

Judge Cedarbaum has granted Martha's request to begin serving a 5 month prison sentence, and has set 2PM on Friday, October 8th as the date by which Martha must surrender. Judge Cedarbaum also granted Martha's request to recommend she be sent to a prison camp either in Danbury, CT, (near her home and family) or Coleman, Florida. However the final decision is up to the Bureau of Prisons, and due to prison overcrowding and Martha's unique circumstances they may select another facility.

As incredible as it seems, Martha Stewart is headed to prison, having finally decided that fighting on will not help her company to repair the damage it has suffered from a scandal with which it had nothing to do. Martha Stewart should be released by early March of 2005, just in time for Spring, ready to begin the next chapter of her life which could very well be one of the greatest comebacks of all time. Spring Martha!

Survivor meets Martha Stewart

Martha may serve time at Coleman, Florida prison camp

Ink expert Larry Stewart 's perjury trial begins this week...

Alan Reynolds: Martha Stewart in prison?

Martha Will Survive...

It's a Bad Thing" by Michael Roman

Save Martha TV ad

New! Button 10 Packs

Should Martha Fight On?
Should Martha Stewart accept her sentence or fight on until the end?

Get it over with: do the time now
Fight it: wait it out until the appeal is heard
Go all the way: take it to the Supreme Court if necessary

19,000 ask President Bush to Pardon Martha

The judges let repeat criminals walk the streets to finally commit their final and fatal crime they put a productive citizen in jail for what? I am not necessarily a big fan of Martha's but I think this was a terrible mistake. The juror who said something about the little people did not know what he was talking about. He must have thought he was at someone else's trial. Martha should not be in jail for one day must less five months. Thank goodness the judge was intelligent enough to give her the minimum. I say free Martha!!!
Charlene Brummitt, NC

Latest News

Martha puts down her pen--Washington Post
Subscribers to Martha Stewart Living magazine received a personal letter from Martha with the September issue explaining why the last regular feature in the magazine that she wrote was being dropped. In her letter to readers, Stewart said she would no longer do "Letter from Martha," which she had penned since the magazine's inception in 1990. She said she was "taking a respite from writing at this time to attend to my personal legal matters."

Martha may serve time in Florida prison camp--St Petersburg Times
For the record, women at the minimum-security women's prison camp at the Coleman Federal Correctional Complex wear prison-issue green khakis.At Coleman, the ceramic tile floors gleam, though they are a bit sterile. The potted plants in the administration building are live, not plastic, though the Wandering Jew vine in the window boxes could use some attention.

Jeanette Walls' The Scoop--MSNBC
“It’s a sad day in Marthaville,” John Small, the operator of told The Scoop shortly after Martha Stewart’s announcement yesterday that she won’t appeal her conviction and will go directly to jail. But Small says he won’t give up fighting for the domestic diva. “We have nearly 18,000 signatures on a
petition for her pardon that we’ll be sending to President Bush,” he said. “If that doesn’t work, we’ll be sending care packages to Martha in prison. Maybe nice little snacks that she can’t get there.” 

Martha Stewart begins her makeover--MSNBC
With her eight-minute speech, professional handlers said, Stewart began what promises to be a difficult rehabilitation campaign by attempting to buck up long-suffering supporters, soften up critics and woo back advertisers who have fled her flagship magazine in droves."I thought she was brilliant," said Howard Rubenstein, the public relations guru who has handled scores of scandal-scarred celebrities such as hotel magnate Leona Helmsley and boxer Mike Tyson. Rubenstein added: "It took a lot of courage. . . . But if she had lingered during her appeal the damage would have continued. Now, in a matter of five months, she will be past this and she can start to do new things."

Martha Stewart in prison?
by Alan Reynolds
Don't you feel much safer now, with Martha Stewart about to go to prison? She decided to go to prison first, and then appeal later. That makes good business sense, so her company stock went up. But this whole trial and error makes no sense at all, so justice went down.

Martha to surrender
Says she wants to end this nightmare:
"I'll see you next year..."

Vows to fight on to overturn federal conviction

Danbury preparing to welcome Martha Stewart to prison

Fans tell Martha to stay strong...

"I am very sad that I will miss the holiday seasons Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years -- always an opportunity to celebrate family, friends and religious traditions that mean so much to many of us," she said.

"I must reclaim my good life; I must return to my good work..."

"The only way to reclaim my life is to begin to serve my sentence..."

"I cannot bear more suffering..."

67% say Martha should fight on

Although she sniffled at times while explaining her decision, Martha Stewart delivered a strong message today, saying she wants to get this nightmare behind her. Her attorney has sent this letter to Judge Cedarbaum that Martha is ready to begin her sentence now, in order to end the uncertainty that prevents her from actively participating in her company.

The letter also notes that if space is unavailable in Danbury, she requests that she be sent to the Federal Prison Camp in Coleman, Florida and not to the facility in Alderson, West Virginia, which would make it much more difficult for her 90 year old mother to visit.

The rampant rumors that Martha will ask a judge to allow her to begin her sentence have finally been addressed, although Martha made it clear that the information contained in most of these rumors was untrue. It does not appear that her daughter Alexis will take a role in the company, which was made clear by the presence of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia officers Thomas Siekman, Charles Koppelman and Sharon Patrick on the podium.

We must admit that we had been hoping against hope that these rumors were untrue. In our reader poll, 67% said they think Martha should fight on and not surrender until her appeal is heard. According to Martha, the appeal is moving forward: "Although my lawyers remain very confident in the strength of my appeal -- and will continue to pursue it on my behalf -- I have decided to serve my sentence now because I want to put this nightmare behind me and get on with my life as soon as possible."

So why would Martha Stewart decide to serve a sentence that might be reduced or overturned? The only reason is to save her own company, which has been dragged down by a matter with which it had nothing to do. As of Monday the Martha Stewart Living TV show has gone on hiatus and for the most part is off the air; reruns are now on the Style channel. The magazine has reduced the prominence of her name in order to appease advertisers. It looks like this was the only way out.

So is this a good thing? How do you feel about Martha's decision to surrender now?

Your Name
Your e-mail

Reader Mail:

Fans tell Martha to stay strong

I respect Martha for her decision. She is a better person than most of us would be in this situation.  I'm buying more stock!!!

Michael Wright

I totally understand her decision to end all of this in order to move on with her life. When the verdict came through a while ago, I bought MSO shares and today I ordered her magazines Martha Stewart Living and Martha Stewart Food.
She is a cool lady.

Erika Stevens

She's showing grace, honesty, and strength. She is smart to hole up for the winter months and then spring out! I wish her well. This has been a 3 ring circus.


I think Martha made the right choice to go ahead and start serving time. I totally disagree that she should have even been put on trial in the firt place let along do prison time which is ridiculous, however, if she goes ahead and starts serving time, this whole thing can be wrapped up and put behind her. I totally support Martha Stewart and will continue to buy her prouducts as she is a wonderful lady dispite what the government and many uppity ups have tried to do to her!

Martha remain strong, this time next year you will have all of this ACED and YOU WILL TRIUMPH!

Marcy Smith

Diva Down
What the rest of us have to fear from the fall of Martha
Elizabeth Koch
I feel that Ms. Stewart is acting with an integrity which not only befits her own person-but clearly demonstrates her commitment to the many people associated with her company. To wait is to merely postpone the uncertainty. Hats off to Ms. Stewart, as she begins this next chapter of her life. Blessing upon she and her family.

Gretchen M. Coulter

I am sorry that she has to make this decision. I know how much she loves the holidays, especially xmas. I think she should only be under house arrest and leave it at that. She has made such a difference in so many people's lives that it's a shame this has happened to her. But maybe she can help others in prison to become better people and add another positive to her life.

Good luck Martha. We are all thinking of you and hope that you keep your strength through all of this. Dolly in nh

I can understand her decision to get it behind her so she can continue on with her life, however she has done nothing wrong in my eyes. We all have made mistakes in our lives and they picked her out specifically to use her as an example. Others who have done worse are free with a slap on the hand.Martha, I would do your time if they would let me. I dont have anything better to do, with a liver transplant I'm on disability now anyway.

I would come and gladly take care of your animals and farm if you'd let me.

I know you will survive and come out okay.If Bush were a wise man he'd give you a presidental pardon when he leaves OUR house after the election.
My love to you
Keith A Messenger, Esq

Dear Martha--Although I believe you should never have to see the inside of a prison I can understand how you would want to get all this behind you. I join your legions of fans who will be waiting for your return to our lives. You are an incedible person and no one--no one--has come close to takling your place. Your magazine, tv show have been such an integral part of all our lives and it isn't the same without you. You have my prayers and support no matter what you decide to do. Bless you always.

Betty Fisher

Dear Martha:

We don't like this outcome but we accept it, if it enables you to get on with your life do it! I will be your fan till the day I die...Please stay strong for the women who grew up with you in their homes. We love you Ms. Stewart and respect you. You are a hero to untold millions.

Karen O'Shea
CEO and President
Integrity Investments

How do you feel about Martha's decision to surrender now?
A very classy thing to do. In keeping with how I have perceived her throughout the years.


I feel very strongly that she is smarter than I thought. She is making the right choice to serve her sentence now and get it over with. I often wondered why she did not choose this avenue sooner. Good for you Martha. You just went up in my books.

t. willis

My heart is aching for the lady. Why on earth is she being hounded like she is when there are people in political positions who have and continue to do alot more harm than she did? My prayers and sympathy are with her.

Barb Brooks

In sum, my true grit response is as follows: I think that the situation Ms. Stewart found herself in is less horrible than and less like the situation the men at ENRON found themselves in ....the difference is that Ms. Stewart is a woman who understands the loops and strategies of men and it appears that men have gotten away with far more for years.

Perhaps Ms. Stewart applied some of the very same strategies that the top CEO's of corporations do to her own trading habits - as way to bob and dodge maket blows or gain added revenue. I believe that in the case of dubious men dealing with insider information and trade selling. Martha may have got hung out or back stabbed by pea green with envy men who averted scrutiny of thier dubious biddings by funneling attention onto Stewart instead.

Truth be told I see Ms. Stewart as smart to begin to put this to rest, for her fans are at her side. I truly believe she will have much fan mail, time to reflect and plan... during her time out maybe a few lovely pies will be delivered by fans who will have small baked escape plans and other humorous antedotes in them. What ever happens, the prision she visits will likely benefit as they may learn a few things from her as she comes up with ways to reorganize the prison system.

M Garcia Engstrom

And so it goes...
I fully support Martha in whatever decision she makes. She has a humongous fan base waiting for her to return next year. There will be SUCH a clamor when that happens from all us fans. In the meantime, we can take comfort in the Style Network reruns to re-live those good old days; we were a lot more innocent then, weren't we, before the cynicism of a judicial system that would way out of line punish an admirable woman and bring all the jerks who love to kick a person when she is down set in. MARTHA STEWART OMINIMEDIA LIVES!!!!


I have not been a particular "fan" of Martha Stewart before, but I must confess that, today, I think she revealed a true Depth of Character and Courage by asking to fulfill her sentence w/out dragging out the appeals. I salute her now as truly a Strong Woman w/ grit to go along w/ her "fashionable reputation". Who knows, I may even subscribe to her magazine now because I know that a Woman of Substance is responsible for it. A truly remarkable story!

Evelyn L Crawford

I feel a sense of sadness that it has come to this for Martha. This is not fair and I do see her most defintiely being used for an example of male authority.

However, in spite of this, dear MArtha, I do understand how you have gone the long haul graciously and with dignified as Jackie Kennedy with a sense of awe to your truthfulness and candid decision and as to why........I will respect your decision and as you stated, you must put closure and get on with your life..........well, please do it, so we can have you back.

Sally D. Allen

This is a brave choice, a difficult choice but a choice that may save her company. She is sacrificing her freedom so that her company can stay afloat, ending the months and months of ongoing uncertainty surrounding questions about when she will serve her time, or if she will serve her time. This brings some form of closure. And for Martha, personally, it is a step closer towards freedom. Waiting until "sometime in 2005" for a decision in an appeal must be an awful thing for a person to deal with every day, constantly asking yourself, "Will I succeed? Will I have to go to trial AGAIN? Will this drag on for years?" It was a hard choice but it was the right choice. We will all make it easier for her by supporting her, personally, and by supporting her company devotedly through the next 10 to 12 months. We will never give up hope that she will win her appeal but we will also understand that she HAS to put this behind her after three years of darkness and uncertainty, !
no matter how difficult it may be. She is strong and so are we.
-Andrew Ritchie
Ottawa, Canada

I think she is making the correct decision. I too would want to get the nightmare behind me and get on with life. Fighting the system zaps you of the energy to live life. She is an inspiration to me making such a decision.

George Haag

The thought of Martha sitting in jail saddens me, just as much as the indictment and the conviction. A precious jewel was tarnished and will be tarnished even further and it should never have been allowed to happen! I am so proud of Martha because she is brave. She has accepted that this is something she must do and so she will do it and then she will come back to us. I know I'll be anxiously waiting but in the meantime, I'm going to miss her terribly! Please God, let the months fly by quickly!

Patricia Castro

I wish she could continue the fight. I do understand her position on this, though- it must be intolerable having this hanging over her, preventing her from getting on with her life. We want Martha BACK!!!!!

Judith Block

It's a good thing. Bravo her brave decision.

Chris Miller

I feel sad that she has to do this, however, I understand why she wants to get this behind her. I think she is a wonderful business person and hope she comes away from this in great shape.

Mary Siemienski

I am very sad to hear you have decided to begin serving that unwarranted sentence. I feel the appeals court might reverse or suspend the sentence. I do, however understand you have been living under terrible pressure these past couple of years, and to get this all behind you would be a huge relief for you and your family. In any case, I remain your staunch supporter. I will purchase your company's publications, your products from K-Mart, your paints, and any other articles from Martha Stewart that I can make room for in my home. We who care about you and your health, safety, welfare, and success will be waiting for you when this is over, to take up where you left off.

Good Luck Good Lady!!!!

Only Martha can make this decision and I support her 100%. I don't blame her for wanting to get the ordeal over with and get on with her life. The appeals process will just take too long and then here is no guarantee that she won't have to serve. She needs to get this behind her and get on with her life and better now than later. It must be a terrible thing to have to deal with. My heart goes out to her. So sad that it has even come to this. But she will come back even stronger.


I understand her surrendering and her desire for disclosure. The stress to herself, her family, her employees and her company has been incredible. The attorneys will still pursue the appeal, but at least this part will be behind her. I support her in her choice and hope she gets to serve close to her home so her mother will be able to visit her. Our prisons are certainly too full and this is such a waste of this woman's talents.

It is too bad that everything has come to this. Her talents could have helped so many women learn how to start their own companies, thus helping our struggling economy. No wonder our economy is in such trouble when the innovators of the world are attacked in this manner. There were witnesses who lied and a juror who lied yet their lies were "unimportant". Wow! How does that work?

Marilee J. Carlson

I am sad, but understand Martha's decision to get this over and behind her so she can get back to a normal life. I hope we will hear from you, Martha and with you all the best. I enjoy your TV program and was irritated when it was removed from Canadian television stations. I wrote and told them so.
I will continue to watch your program at every opportunity and also enjoy my Martha Stewart Living magazine.
Thank you for all your hard work and I wish you the best.

Irene Constantineau

Martha's legal woes have been on my mind from the beginning, so saddened am I by what has been done to her. But I'll stick with her all the way, knowing that she will emerge stronger that ever when it is behind her, as her very strong fan base will still be there, of which I am part. Know that, Martha, I would say to her. We remain patient and ever loyal.

Rosemary Brown

I think that Martha is doing what she has to do to end this catastrophe....This should never have happened to her. She has given so much to so many and I support her. It is a sad day for me to see this happen but hopefully this sentence will be overturned shortly....Martha you are a couragous woman whom I respect. You will rise from this and you and your company will be stronger than ever imagined...Best of luck to you!--Phyllis Kent

I empathize with her and feel it is a very courageous thing for her to do for the benefit of those involved in her company and TV show. I will always actively support her and look forward to the moment she returns to public life. What has been done to her is the only crime committed here.

Margaret Wilson

Martha wants to end the tremendous pressure and angst that only such an injustice can create. I support her decision, one only she can truly understand.

Lea Ann

This decision shows exactly how smart and tough Martha really is. I wouldn't call this a surrender at all. John McEnroe often sacrificed the fourth set of a match, so he had extra strength for the all important fifth set. This strategy is brilliant!! I agree completely with the approach to just get it over with and have Martha back on top by this time next year!

Laura Keziah

I think she is the most courageous and selfless person!!! She is doing this to save her company, her employees, her friends and her family. She is sacrificing herself for the good of others. Even if she has her original "verdict" overturned, this decision to serve early will only prove that she truly was a victim of malicious prosecution, a victim of mysogyny , jealousy,& prejudice. Although I did hear her voice quiver a bit at her news conference, I know she is strong and will prevail. She must hang on. She must take heart that she did nothing wrong indeed. Her case and situation will prove her out after the appeal. Our nation's so-called "justice" system is an example of the perks and protections that our class system indicates. I believe that some new legislation into the legal system will be developed from Martha's case. So please tell Martha that my heart is with her, my prayers for her and her mother and family are constantly on my lips. Please tell her!
that there are many souls and hearts with her at all times.

Cynthia Burris

I think Martha should be allowed to serve her sentence without going to prison. She is NO Ken Lay or any of the other CEOs that have lied and cheated so many ways. She is a smart, hard working, woman, who for years has done what she could to make her company the best there is. I have always like watching and buy her products at KMart. I pray that she is able to continue to be there for all of us, who enjoy the gifts that she brings to her company. I really like her and feel bad for her and her family.
I want her to know that she and her family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.
Schnuggles and Schnauzie Kisses,
Anne Carter and Paco Miniature Schnauzer
in Largo, Florida
"Dogs leave Pawprints on you Heart."

I think that a person of Martha's stature has to make this kind of decision on her own, and she has obviously weighed the possible outcomes, and has come to a decision that is admirable and honorable.

I would have been supportive of whatever she decided, and I think that no one but her is ultimately qualified but her.

I think she's a very strong, decent person and I think that history is going to look very favorably on her, and I am sure that if she can get through this current with her sanity and her humanity intact, everything else she faces in her life will seem like a complete cakewalk, and I hope that's what happens.

She is a total, complete fully dimensional genius, and I could not be more proud of her, unless she was actually related to me.

- Curtis Robertson

It is a sad day in this country when people the caliber of Ms Stewart are subjected to such humiliations. I have just viewed this lovely, noble woman speaking on her decision to begin her “sentence”. How many real crimes occur in America on a daily basis that receive a tap on the hand and have a blind eye turned in their direction? Of course our elected officials are above it all and therefore individuals such as Ms Stewart are used as smoke screens to flood the media drawing the public’s attention elsewhere.

Over the next few months the Lord will be so busy with the prayers that I know will be said for our beloved Martha that I hope there will be time for other matters. Perhaps there is a divine purpose for all of this and some good will come for other unfortunates that Ms Stewart will come in contact with. Surely with her strength and abilities she will brighten the lives of others even though hers has been darkened for a time. All Americans should reflect and review now looking at what very real issues were skirted while Ms Stewart faced these humiliations.


Goodl uck, you have guts, thinking about you. Hope you can help them all in there!!! Might as well be Productive and I  know you will be back at Em" soon
Just a Friend

Ruth Goshorn
South Lake Tahoe Ca
God Bless

Danbury warden says no decision has been made on where Martha may serve her sentence

According to the News-Times of Danbury, warden William Willingham received a flurry of calls after Page Six "carried an item saying that Stewart will surrender to serve her five-month jail sentence when there is a vacant bed at the crowded prison. CNN, "Entertainment Tonight" and local media called to question the item. As of right now, Willingham said, he is not involved in Stewart's case, and there has not been a final decision as to where Stewart will serve her time. Before prison officials decide where Stewart will go, they will have to review several factors, including her health status and criminal conduct, he said."

Let's not forget that the Federal sentencing guidelines are also being challenged in the Supreme court, and Martha Stewart has an appeal in progress which will be filed by Sept. 20th. A decision on either of these issues could lead to her sentencing being reduced or to the conviction being overturned.

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