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This Is No Enron--ABC

This Is No Enron--ABC

"You see those kind of things happen in the movies and television, never expecting that you're going to be mugshot, you're going to be fingerprinted," she tells Walters, adding, "It hurt. All I can say is all of this is almost incomprehensible to me."

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Jay Leno chimes in again...
"Martha Stewart told Barbara Walters she feels very hurt by all the people who don't like her...and she says that after she's aquitted, she's going to find them all and crush them!"

Tell Jay instead of making Martha jokes why doesn't he invite her on to his show?

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Readers tell Leno to make fun of the real bad guys

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Prosecutors Ask Judge Not to Dismiss Counts Vs. Stewart--Dow Jones

PDF;Martha Stewart Insider-Trading Scandal Indictment (U.S. v. Stewart)

PDF: Martha Stewart Sued By S.E.C. Complaint (S.E.C. v. Stewart)

Ask Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey to end this prosecution of Martha Stewart:

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Dear John Mailbag

CBS Mailbag
Dear CBS,

I thought a person was innocent until PROVEN guilty.  If CBS and my affiliate WCCO have any integrity  they will return Martha Stewart's show to it's 9:00am time slot.  I cannot believe you people are so stilted. 
Thank You!
Barbara Ramsey

CBS Mailbag

Earth to CBS: Bring Back Martha!

CBS Mailbag

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