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How can you help Save Martha? Ask Attorney General Ashcroft and Deputy Attorney General Comey to end this prosecution of Martha Stewart:

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,

Martha Stewart is an American symbol of a successful woman, she is an inspiration to so many people. To make an example out of her just because she happens to be famous is preposterous. I believe that she is just as innocent as she proclaims to be. Please do not make the mistake of prosecuting her. She is a role model for me and many others. She is an example of the someone living the American dream. In a way her face reflects America to other countries, if she was sent to prison American's would look ignorant in the eye's of foreigners. Please think it over just a little more, so you can make the right decision. I have faith that you will make the right decision.


Tiffany Hurtado

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey, Why do you have to
make an example of Martha Stewart, can't you find any other to torment.  How
about the fat cat men out there, we lost thousands in the stock market after
9/11, now we have to worry about the money market, we will have nothing
left, go after them, not Martha.  There is no trust left in our financial
institutions, we certainly don't believe them anymore.  

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,
Quit persecuting a successful woman. Why don't you go after the men of Enron?
Beverly Pasternak

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,

I am writing to express my outrage at the unfair prosecution of Martha Stewart.  What good is coming from such action ?  It is claimed that by making an example out of someone as well-known as Martha it will deter others from being involved in insider trading and other illegal activities involved in stocks and mutual funds.  Well, reports have clearly shown that despite all of the publicity and indicting Martha on the charges against her, such activities have not subsided.

If this prosecution continues I will be very ashamed of my country and its judicial system.  To attack a successful woman to be a "scape goat" for what so many others are doing and getting away with is WRONG.  I emplore you to reconsider your actions and drop these charges.  If not, I might be forced to even deny being an American due to the shame you will have put on this country.  I just cannot imagine that you can feel proud of what you are doing.  You should be spending your time and energy prosecuting the people who gave Martha the insider information in the first place.  Please do not disappoint me or let Martha and her supporters down.


Paul Miller

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,

How can you continue this charade?  You should be made to be
accountable for this unfair attack on the character and principles of
Martha Stewart.

What happened to the America where we were allowed to speak our minds
and act straight-forwardly as human beings?

Please accept resonsiblity and make accountable those that have
perpetrated this travisty of justice. And quit wasting tax payers
  Douglas E Deiter

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,

I apologize to the US Government for selling one of my stocks due to some information I received from my broker. It was clearly bad judgement on my part and I want to come clean. Oh, once I did throw out my phone message pad and maybe I used a few different colored ink pens on occasion. I would really like to see my grandchildren sometime, and hope you don't keep me in prison for life. I know this is serious and legally I'm screwed. Please, please forgive these heinous crimes I have committed....I am throwing myself on the mercy of the court system.

Oh no, I think the FEDs are here now.

Ms Politically Correct, Susan L. Smith

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft and US Attorney Comey,

Has this administration no shame? It is unbelieveable to me that this government who has manipulated its way into a fraud of a war with no viable legal or moral justification, who has covered up more backroom dirty dealing for blatant power and profit, and then call themselves compassionate conservatives, that has violated and reversed more civil rights laws than any government in the American history of my lifetime, would now stoop (again) to focus- shift off your own corruption. It's time to drop the Martha Stewart investigation and move on. It's way overdue time to clean up your own illegal and immoral mess. I am 59 years old and this is the first time I have EVER been ashamed to call myself an American. I hope you and your cronies actually read my letter, but whether you do or not, my efforts to become politically active during this next election will not go unnoticed.

Suzanne W. Jones, MSW, CSW

It is an absolute tragedy that our government's highest judicial department has so blatantly abused its power by falsely accusing Martha Stewart first of insider trading and then dropping that unsubstantiated charge to one that is almost ludicrous of trying to manipulate her company's stock by saying she was not guilty of insider trading.
Martha Stewart can hold her head up proudly.
The Department of Justice cannot.
The Department of Justice is a disgrace. It is trying to remove the liberties we Americans rightfully claim and replace our liberties with a state bordering on being totalitarian. The Martha Stewart travesty of injustice is a perfect example of a justice system totally out of control.
If possible, the government should be sued and made to pay damages equaling the monies lost by Martha Stewart Omnimedia for false accusations and to pay damages for the grief brought unjustly to Martha Stewart, personally.
Drop all charges against Martha. Now.
Winnie Sanders

Dear Attorney General,

In these seemingly hard times for almost all Americans(terrorism, the economy, job loss), I would think it prudent for you and your department to focus on the truly important issues at hand. Stop focusing what seems to be quite a bit of your attention on Martha. Focus what matters to all Americans. To have a good job, and feel safe where they live and to proud that they can call themselves Americans. Let this woman get on with her life and give her back the company she built from the groung up. Thank you for listening.


Dear Attorney General,

I am joining many others to express my support regarding Martha Stewart's dilemma. In particular in times of stress, as this nation is encountering, we should be mindful and appreciative of a person like Martha Stewart who brings through her multiple talents a diversion to our daily life. Through her creativity Martha has brought joy to everyone's heart.Especially with the approaching holidays let us remember this. There certainly are other areas requiring legal action.


Dear Attorney General,
Did you forget ENRON?


Dear Attorney General,

I find it difficult to believe that those men (certainly NOT gentlemen) in Washington are attempting to gang up on a charming and talented woman...Martha Stewart. Can't you put an end to their harassment and make a statement completely clearing her of anything illegal? Why not? Enron, World Com, et al executives (all men, by the way) are getting away with extremely vicious white collar crimes, stealing the money their employees should be getting, cheating their stockholders, etc., and yet, all the government men seem to want to focus on Martha Stewart and her trading practices...which, by the way, netted her less probably than the taxes she has paid in the past...and will continue to pay, unless these vile government men continue to harass and hound her until her stock goes completely down. Shame on them. And, I hope that you, who professes to be a Christian in your dealings, will immediately give orders to your Justice Department to leave Martha completely alone....and an apology from the Representatives who were so mean and petty, would certainly be in order. Thank you for your time.

Patsy Bishop

Dear Attorney General,

I intend to continue buying Martha's products, subscribing to her magazine, watching her television shows (am I the only person who saw Rep. Billy Tauzin on "From Martha's Kitchen" flirting shamelessly with the host?) and taking her advice. Attacking an intelligent, successful female in this manner makes all of you look very, very foolish. Are you boys all members of the same he-man woman haters club? Leave her alone.

L. R. Weiss

Dear Attorney General,

I am writing to let you know that I am glad to see how good a job you are doing in America. This is about Martha Stewart, I wasn't there to know if she is or isn't innocent this is not my job it is yours but I have to say In my heart I feel she has not done anything to cause this much neg. publicity! you are a fair man and I know you will do what is right.I respect you and my President George W Bush I feel safe in America. I know Martha will feel the same when this is all over I have faith in the system.

God Bless!

Maryanne Donohue

Dear Attorney General,

Please! Leave Martha alone. I know that their are many that need attention in this area meaning the real bad guys. I appreciate what you do but I think you are waisting your time.

Thank you,

Eileen Phelan

Dear Attorney General,
Most of the world knows that this is nothing short of a witch hunt. Like she made a lot of money with her trade (not). So, forget Martha and go get the really bad people.
Carmel, Indiana

Dear Attorney General,
Why don't you leave Martha Stewart alone, and go after your own cronnies that are the real evil people. I doubt that the ENRON goons ever did as much for charity as Martha did. The whole M.S. investigation is just a way to devert attention from ENRON and Dick Cheney.

Susan Marbella

Dear Attorney General,
With great respect and admiration for you personally and for the job you're doing, I must ask that you just.....go easy on Martha Stewart. dang it, that lady can cook! Anyway, she's paid a very steep price for all this foolishness. I hope you'll soften up on her.
Wishing you godspeed and the best in all your endeavors,
Karl Conrad

Dear Attorney General,

Don't you have anything better to do to earn your money? Why don't you investigate a few of your peers? That could keep you busy for the next 10 years! God willing, you won't be in office that long. Get busy with real criminals and leave Martha alone.


Dear Attorney General,
I think is unreal what you guys in Washington are trying to do to Martha. You are after her because she is a powerful woman and too perfect for so most people Could jealousy have entered in? You can't go after Enron and Worldcom, so you attach Martha. You all ought to be ashamed! I am a Republican and I am disappointed in any of you involved in this rediculous Martha-bashing. Get after the real criminals at Enron and Worldcom, and get you reputations back.

Toni Hall

Dear Attorney General,

Focus. An $80K win to Martha is like a $10.00 win to the rest of us. Quickly divert my tax dollars to the more pressing issues at hand.
Focus on terrorism in the US. Try looking at cab drivers (mobile mines), etc. Please leave Martha alone. It's very unpatriotic, annoying, and makes you look petty and unable to prioritize.

Lori Hale

Dear Attorney General,

Yes, I think what Martha is accussed of doing is something men have done on a larger scale. get off of her back. men
are such hypocrites.

miyo lefever

Dear Attorney General,

Here you go again; distract the masses in order to foot them with the bill!! You all did it with the savings and loan scandel...remember? Let your cronies go and bill the taxpayer. Martha Stewart is merely an easy target for you...she creates publicity that you hope will lure people's attention from the fact that your buddies (and probably you) are walking away with OUR hard-earned money. For who will be taking care of the thousands of employees who lost their retirement funds? From which fund will you be bailing these businesses (or our economy) out? Hmmm?

Perhaps you have greater motives...increasing the gap between the rich and poor? Another smear campaign against prominent Democrats? Mysogynistic opportunity?

The people who trusted those companies with their life savings and livelihoods were responsible, smart individuals who deserve your complete attention. They deserve to be compensated BY THE MEN WHO DECEIVED AND STOLE FROM THEM!!! Go after them! They are the criminals.

Leave Ms. Stewart alone. Shame on all of you. Your behavior is irresponsible, unethical, and lacks credible leadership. You are on notice that my vote will be determined by your conduct regarding this issue.

Jennie Lawrence

Dear Attorney General,

It is just like the wimpy Republicans to hide behind a woman's skirts and aprons when they (Enron/Worldcom/Bush.oil interests) get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Go after them Then Martha won't seem so bad.
Ann Sauter

Dear Mr. Attorney General,

You are without a doubt one of my most favorite persons in D.C. and a real fresh breath of air compared to your predecessor. However, I do wish there was something we (you) could do about this Martha Stewart thing. I for one like her very very much and think she helps many of we ladies (and yes, men) in the more important things in our everyday life. Like cooking, cleaning, gardening, and many too numerous other things to name.

Since this will come to you through a group you may think is doing it for the money, I think what they started off with was/is most serious.

Respectfully yours,

Jeannie B

To Congress & Media:

I say "leave Martha alone". Quit wasting tax payer dollars on "the Martha" case. What she has done has not caused her company employees to become unemployed or lose their retirement funds such as the Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, Imclone, etc. debacles. This continued "bashing" Martha is uncalled for. There are so many other more important issues that needed to be adjudicated than this. I am sure Martha has learned her lesson for what you consider that she has done wrongly. If this should continue and you consider her guilty, it could cause a domino effect. More unemployment, which we do not need in these economic times. Think of the effect that the unemployment could have on our economy and YOU? Where does your bread get buttered? From the "employed" taxpayer? Martha is an entrepaneuer and we need this type person for our economy to survive.

Lucy England

Dear Attorney General,
At best this is a minor infraction. There are far more serious crimes that require investigating. You have it within your discretion to dismiss the complaint and not file charges. Please do not allow taxpayers dollars to be wasted investigating foolish charges.


Dear Attorney General,
Please, I think our country has a lot more to worry about than trying to nail to the cross someone who has been nothing but a wonder for our economy. Giving jobs and making a fortune in the process. What is wrong with that. I thought that is what we are all suppose to do, be successful, take care of ourselves and if possible help others along the way. Give her a break, if guilty she was only doing what men have been getting away with forever. She is a credit to our way of life. A good role model. Let it go.
Thank you,

A concerned, ordinary homemaker from Ga.

Dear Attorney General,
It looks like this so-called scandal is something hyped by the administration and the media. Why don't you hound the sob's that jilt the people out of their jobs and life savings. When is it a sin to follow your brokers advice? What criminal act has Martha committed? What criminal act have the CEOs', Directors, etc. of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco, etc. committed that you are taking action on? Lets get everything out in the open about these despots of industry. There are more out there if you only undertake the power of your office to investigate.
Aren't you penalizing women executives inordinately compared to men? I believe women execs are much more honest than men execs any day of the week. Martha has perhaps gained $60,000 by selling stock, but at the same, the investigation and media has caused her to lose $300,000 by comparison. Everyone has the right to protect their investment - unless you can prove it was done illegally - drop the investigation. There are a lot more snakes in the wood pile to ferret out.
I don't thing Missourians would be proud of your actions against women.

Paul D Weatherford

Dear Attorney General,

Just what did Martha Stewart do that EVERYONE OF YOU IN WASHINGTON haven't done?? Everyone of you have sold stock when you found out it was going to go down and you will never convience me it was a gut feeling. All of you had inside information.
The Justice Department should be focused on the fat cat crooks that are padding the government pockets along with their own. Martha Stewart did not cause anyone to lose their life savings, their retirement funds or their jobs. She only did what you or I would have done. Sell their stock if we gained information that it may go down.
These actions are why the American people are losing faith in our goverment agencies.

Jerry Griffin

Dear Attorney General,

So much about Martha, so little about Kenny Boy ~

Joan Mark

Dear Attorney General,

I wish you would quit wasting time harrassing Martha Stewart and go after the really bad guys. We have plenty of them to go after. Surely one or two of them haven't contributed to your campaigns over the years.

We regular Americans need Martha to help us live more interesting lives. She has great recipes and ideas for arts and crafts. You ought to watch her show, or buy her sheets at Big K. She's really cool.

Sandra T. Thompson

Dear Attorney General,
LEAVE MARTHA ALONE! The only reason you're going after he is because you're JEALOUS! She's a talented, successful woman and that scares a lot of people. She is awesome in everything she does!


Dear Attorney General,
Martha Stewart is one of America's finest examples of how a woman in this country can be a successful entrepreneur without losing her femininity. She is a great role model for women of every age, and the witch hunt that has been mounted against her is deplorable. I speak not only for myself, but for every woman I know when I say, "Leave Martha alone!"

Lynn Hyatt

Dear Attorney General,

Please concentrate on our Homeland Security and the Drug Problem in our country. The Martha mess will boil down to pennies compared to the real culprits. This is a minor infraction if indeed one at all.
Thank you for listening.

Kathy Musso

Dear Attorney General,

I feel that there are real criminals out in the world today. Martha Stewart is not one of those criminals. Please stop wasting precious taxpayers' time and end this witch hunt.

Laurel Duncan

Dear Attorney General,
The disgraceful showboating of the La. congressperson is very much like another La. product who handled Wm. J. C.. Shame.Go after terrorists. Leave this 60 yr. old lady alone.. Shame on our party!

C. D. Cheek

Dear Attorney General,

WHY aren't you FOCUSING on the crooks at ENRON, TYCO, Global Crossing and Worldcom instead of MARTHA STEWART?Whether or not what she did is right or wrong it was only one persons trade not the mismanagement of an ENTIRE company that affected MANY people to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars. I personally lost a lot of money to TYCO. LEAVE MARTHA ALONE !!!

Richard Banconi

Dear Attorney General,

Surely there are more important matters than Martha Stewart to deal with in our country right now. This just looks like senators trying to make a name for themselves. I am so sorry that they are attempting to bring down someone who is trying to raise standards in this country when it is clear we need all the help we can get to raise them.


Susan Gregersen

Dear Attorney General,

Haven't you got bigger fish to fry out there!!! Their are CEO's and other corporations who should be investigated. Leave Martha alone as all you're doing to giving her more publicity and we are buying her products, stocks, etc.


Dear Attorney General,

Come on you "guys". What is it with your need to wipe out any woman who has "made it" in a man's world. First the Beef Association goes after Oprah (and lost) now Martha. Do something more important .PLEASE !

Beverly McInerny

Dear Attorney General,

Martha Stewart represents many of the values and interests that made America what it is today. The home, as a busy and active place all day or a comforting place to go after work, has never been more important. My husband and I both commend you for the excellent job you are doing and hope that you will give Martha Stewart every opportunity to tell her side of the ImClone story.

Iris Smith Starks

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft,

I certainly hope that you will spend your time and our tax dollars pursuing more important targets than Martha Stewart!

This smear campaign against her only makes Republicans look bad. Ironically, the wholesome images of home and family that Martha Stewart purveys are much more like the family values that we Republicans favor. I can far more easily picture Laura Bush enjoying the kind of homemaking that Martha exemplifies than I can Hillary Clinton. So let's not let Martha Stewart and her legions of fans think that we want to undermine her success just because she is a Democrat. She is already suspecting Republicans of using her stock trading plight in order to smear her because she is a prominant Democratic supporter. I'd much rather she come to learn that it is the Republican party that most appreciates family values, faithful husbands, and wives who enjoy making a lovely and wholesome home.

There are far too many gray areas in the Martha Stewart Imclone trading situation for there to be any clear assessment of blame, and I think it would be absolutely ridiculous to publicly pursue her instead of the other, much more serious stockholders and suspected inside traders. Republicans would look far better pursuing the Enron, Worldcom Global Crossing, Adelphia and Tyco tycoons in a more public way. We don't need their dirty money... if it is dirty. Our party stands for integrity and family values, and Martha Stewart Living is the only really wholesome program on daytime television, surrounded by smut like Jerry Springer, and smarmy daytime soap operas about promiscuity and infidelity. Can't you show Martha Stewart that Republicans have more integrity than the insincere Clintons and their party of sex scandals and lousy homeland security record???

Hope and Prayers,

Heidi Garofalo
Sparr, Florida

Dear Attorney General,

It is hard to believe what I read about Martha Stewart being a side show, when you and Congress profess to have such important issues like Al Queda to go after!

Martha Stewart does what she does very well.

Bill Miller

Dear Attorney General,

Martha Stewart has been targeted as a scape goat, an easy target amongst too many harder ones. Let's keep our focus on the really bad guys.


Tamara McCrossen

Dear Attorney General,
I am writing to ask you to review your priorities. To persecute Martha Stewart for a paltry $60,000 while the executives of Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, etc. make off with BILLIONS of dollars is not only reprehensible, but disgustingly immoral.
I couldn't care less about a pomegranate Christmas wreath. However, I care deeply about the fact that a single woman who built such a successful company for herself is running into the ultimate glass ceiling. As a woman who has worked hard to break through a glass ceiling, I support her efforts to create a business for herself, and I urge you to stop this harassment.

Liz Aull

Dear Attorney General,

Please concentrate on our Homeland Security and the Drug Problem in our country. The Martha mess will boil down to pennies compared to the real culprits. This is a minor infraction if indeed one at all.

Thank you for listening.

Kathy Musso

Dear Attorney General,
Please lay off of Martha Stewart. She is a national treasure who connects with average people throughout our country. My wife and I have followed suggestions and recipes that have enhansed our lives over the years. Put your efforts into bringing the big thieves to justice and make them give up their fat Golden parachutes to pay back the people they hurt.




Dear Attorney General,
I am adding my voice to the many others wishing an end to the investigation of Martha Stewart. She is an inspiration to many of us. This woman stands for values many hold dear. You will destroy more then just Martha by such determined persecution. You will also destroy many of us average folk who found her a shining light of taste and of trying to be the best one could. We need the likes of Martha Stewart!

PLEASE..PLEASE..PLEASE Call off the chase!

Sincerely, Bea Lotz

Dear Attorney General,

Doesn't the Justice Department have better things to do than to investigate Martha Stewart? I realize Congress referred this to you, but only after they milked every ounce of publicity they could out of this situation.

I am not asking that you ignore this issue, but only to review the facts, be that as they are, and give this appropriate priorty against the MAJOR PROBLEMS that face our country today.

Jim Lotz
Atlanta, Ga.

Dear Attorney General,

Do you really believe that Martha Stewart has done anything that the vast majority of politicians don't do every day? Let's face it, she has done something that thousands of MEN wish they had done: Made millions in business and stocks, and has become famous doing it. That's a tall order. How many politician have to spend a lifetime "kissing ass" and never become "lovingly" famous?
Don't you feel sorry for those who didn't bail out of ImClone fast enough? I guess they didn't know that they could have their broker excercise a STOP when their stock got below their set amount.
I say to them "Sour Grapes" and get off her skirttail in order to gain publicity for themselves!!!

Andrea Cassinelli

Dear Attorney General,

As a Southern lady, I don't even like Martha Stewart. She is so New England that nothing she does would work in the Snellville, GA area. However, GET OFF HER BACK!!! Even if she is guilty of insider trading, AND I DON"T THINK SHE IS, the amount of money is paltry compared to her reputation and her whole Martha Stewart empire. I don't really think that she would jeapordize everything over $200,000.

She did not cause any of her employees to lose any money. Compare that to the Enron, WorldCom, or Global Crossing antics and the whole situation becomes a joke. The real joke is on all of those doing the prosecuting and persecuting.

Pat Jones

Dear Attorney General,

PLEASE STOP THE MARTHA STEWART WITCHHUNT. She is being pinned to the cross because she is a successful wealthy woman. It is mean and you would not do this to other celebrities. She is being persecuted!! I stand by you Martha and be strong!! Please go after murderers and terrorists, not Martha Stewart.


Dear Attorney General,

The nation is now on Orange Alert for terrorism. By committing federal resources toward prosecuting a woman with a homemaking TV show, magazines and some home product lines INSTEAD OF FINDING TERRORISTS is an abomination of justice.

Please focus on what's important in America!

Steve H.

Dear Attorney General,

Witch hunts ended in salem along time ago! In this coiuntry we are free to make purchasing and selling decisions of our own free will!

Question? Am I going to get busted for knowing what sales are next sunday because I get the sunday morning insert's and flyers on wednesday?

Martha made a smart business move,,,,cut dry and simple. Remember your time is limited....but we the consumers will make sure that Martha stays around for a good long time....

Now stuff that in your armani shorts!

Dan Viger
New Bedford Ma

Dear Attorney General,
I feel like the Justice Department and you will be wasting time and taxpayer dollars if you continue to pursue this case against Martha Stewart that Congress has punted your way. It is time to put the Martha Stewart case to rest and go after the real bad guys-bin Laden and the terrorist groups connected to him, and those that oppose America and what we stand for!!
Please leave Martha alone!

Ernie Vick

Dear Attorney General,

The persecution -- not prosecution -- of Martha Stewart is an outrage. What does it say about this country that any woman who becomes extraordinarily successful must be cut down. It happens over and over again and the totally ridiculous attacks on Martha Stewart are just one more example. Conservative white men can't stand successful women, and especially hate Stewart because she is self-made, brilliantly successful, so it becomes politically expedient to cut her down.

The Justice Department has more important things to do than to continue this charade. Congress took the sworn, fraudulent testimony of a full line-up of tobacco company CEOs and never asked for a single investigation of perjury against them.

Persecuting her takes attention away from the corrupt CEOs who were political cronies of the President, Vice President and many other politicians, who probably will go free. Whatever mistake Martha Stewart may have made is nothing, nothing compared to their brazen behavior and yet she is being equated with them and worse.

This is such an outrage and injustice. Bring it to a halt.

Sherrie Moran

Dear Attorney General Ashcroft,

RE: Martha Stewart
You know you have "bigger fish to fry." The public knows this also!!!

You and our legislators are looking like fools in this matter. Worse than fools - vindictive fools. old-fogey fools. Just because a good-looking, smart WOMAN makes it to the top, you have chosen to go after her with vengeance. Shame on you all.......

Martha is very popular in my group (women 35-70) based upon my observations. We think it is high time to see some of the real criminals in the corporate world toppled. Martha is very popular with American women. We VOTE and we READ and we SHOP and we know how to operate the TV set.

Use your influence to take down the "big guys" who are real criminals.

Anne Larkin

Dear Attorney General,
As a man of principle, you must recognize that Martha is a positive influence on the young women of today.
She is responsible for teaching them some old fashioned homemaking skills that have gotten lost in the past few years. Whoever is driving the movement against her is a total hypocrite because this sort of thing has been going on between rich people since the beginning of time. To think that someone would leave their money in a losing deal is beyond understanding. There should not be laws that require that a person be so ethical as to be stupid. If she heard through her grapevine that something was amiss with her stock, then she would be very ignorant not to unload it. The fact that she has a grapevine that is more in tune than the common man is not something that one should go to jail. People are trying to equate what she allegedly did with the Enron and Worldcom scandals. There is a media feeding frenzy and Martha because of her positive and Godly traits is the fodder. The liberal media who believes in ugly things would love to bring down someone who tries to add beauty to the world.

God Bless you and God Bless Martha Stewart.

Kathleen Brennan

Dear Attorney General,
I think there are many more incidents occuring in, but not limited to, America that will affect our lives. Hands down, there will always be insider trading, whether it be 10 dollars worth, 10,000, and maybe more. But does that affect the way you live? How many times a day do you think peaople go around saying "oh man, my whole life is ruined because of insider trading!" Not very often. But think how many are shedding tears for their kiddnapped children? How many children must live with their grandparents because their mother and father have been murdered. Think about that before you focus on Martha Stewart.

Erin Mayo, 14

Dear Attorney General,

America is going through very sad times, emotionally and financially. While the public is sitting on edge about their job security, Anthrax, terrorism, and the posibility of yet another involvement in a war, it is insane to go after Martha Stewart for the probability of being involved in inside trading. It is absolutely ludicrous!! What she possibly did we all would have done, including members of Congress and Senate, had we been in the same situation. It is another witch hunt, and terrible waste of money, time and energy. And I am, by the way,a stauch Republican, and am very aware of Martha's love and friendship for the shameful,past administration, specially the Clintons.
Please focus on real crimes...kidnapping and murder of children by sick pedophiles and terrorists who live amongst us. These are REAL problems.


Miriam Neeson

Dear Attorney General,

Stop wasting our tax money on such stupid things! You should be using your time, energy and OUR money on going after Osama!!
I can't wait for the next election. I'm a registered republician and an changing to Democratic party.

Gretchen Symington

Dear Attorney General,

A lot of women where I live are very upset about the way Martha is being treated.

We would like to know why we have not heard in the news or media, what is being done to the CEO's at Enron, or Worldcom, it seems that all the media hype is directed at Martha. Its very obvious to the all the women I know in my community, that Martha seems to be the "Scapegoat" for the whole sordid mess. I don't see any big honcho guys from Enron or Worldcom being brought to task in the media especially like Martha. All of a sudden, it has gotten very quiet about them, and all the focus seems to be on Martha. Is it because Martha has the big bucks, and needs to taken down a peg or two, to make an example of a woman who made it to the top?
To tell you the truth, at this point, it doesn't matter to us even if she did screw up. I think Mr Clinton screwed more than once, and nothing happened to him, or Mr. Bill Gates, ahhhh, but they are men.

The message I am trying to send is, lets play fair, and punish all that need to be, including Martha if she is guilty, but we want to hear and see the rest get the same treatment Martha is getting. She hasn't even been accused of anything as yet. Lets give the same treatment in the media, to all, regardless of gender, and how much money they have, after all, who started all this crap, a woman?, I don't think so. Martha was doing what men have been doing for years.

Friends of Martha

Dear Attorney General,
Since I can't prove Martha's innocence or guilt, nor do I have any power to help her or hender her, I can only send you this letter. I really don't care if she is guilty or not. If she is guilty, the news media will get a lot of attention by raking her over the coals. If she becomes guilty and stops making her daily shows, many people will suffer. I have watched her show for years, and she has brought much happiness into my life. Has any thought been given as to how the daily lives of millions of Americans, especially women, will be without Martha's influence on the American home? What I am saying is not usually taken into concern when the law is concerned. Who hasn't made mistakes, but the media and politics do not forgive or forget.

Ann Cheever

Dear Attorney General,
Stop wasting tax payers money on this political personal investigation!! Get back to the guys who really hurt alot of people,Enron World Com, Adelphia,Tyco, Qwest,Ect.I am right now looking on the internet to see if I can find the real power person who started this whole fiasco and his real motives.

William Suba

Dear Attorney General,

All the American Government's time, energy, and money can surely be put to better use than trying to develop a case against Martha Stewart without sufficient evidence. Instead of falsifying allegations, why can't the government prosecute executive CEOs who have clearly undermined the trust of the American people and their retirement accounts????

Sarah Calhoun

Dear Attorney General:

Please treat Martha's case as fairly and objectively as possible. If you find the case without merit, please say so in a TV press conference. Your words will help counteract the deluge of biased reporting.

Martha's work represents a love of family and home that is not widely expressed in today's culture. She has inspired people to look at their homes and lives in a positive way, and has restored dignity and status to the time-honored values of home, family, and beauty in everyday life.


Sandra Henselmeier Funk
Indianapolis, IN

Dear Attorney General,
Instead of focusing on Martha Stewart I really think the Government should spend their time trying to bring Kenneth Lay, and Jeffery Skilling to justice.
Martha if she did have inside knowledge didn't do anything anyone else wouldn't have done and she didn't make that much money. Kenneth Lay on the other hand has put people out of work and taken their retirements so he can live high on the hog, and he is still walking around with no criminal charges pending. What is wrong with this picture.
I also think the government is to quick to ok mergers that will end up in monopolies. Even though they say not. It is time that government looked at its self and big business, and started to use common sense.

Thank You.

Susan Pollock

Dear Attorney General,
Keep your eyes on the overpaid and overindulged executives who do nothing to earn their golden parachutes except to kiss whatever ass is necessary.

Beatrice W. Vines

Dear Attorney General,

Prioritize your efforts, if you can. Martha Stewarts insider deal reminds me of how exasperated the Republicans were when Hillary Clinton made a measily $100,000 while Neil Bush bilked the governement in the Silverado Savings and Loan debacle for billions!

We are not stupid out here!


Dear Attorney General,

Stop wasting your time on Martha Stewart and go after the REAL bad guys!

M Dezine

Dear Attorney General,

At this point in time you certainly have more serious things to do than go after Martha Stewart. Nobody has laid a glove on that gang from Enron. They defrauded thousands of people. Martha's alleged infraction harmed no one.

Patricia Robinson

Dear Attorney General,

I have followed the Martha Stewart stock problemsand have concluded that Congress did not have the gutsto show how they spent all that money investigatingMs. Stewart to no avail so they passed the problem(If there is one)to DOJ. Let's quit this political foolishment and let DOJ do it's primary job of protecting the citizens from those who would attackthe USA!

Robert W. Tipton

Winter Park, FL

Dear Attorney General,
I understand HOW easy it is to be 'guilty' since you trust your broker. I had a 401K..and repeatedly requested (verbally) the broker to make changes, transfer some products and each time I would receive a statement from the company HE would reassure me he would take care of it. After SIX months plus I went to his office expressing my concern and HE advised me since I DID NOT PUT IT IN WRITING HE WAS NOT AT FAULT! It was my problem. Other incidents occurred with this broker and I had to go to the CEO to have the issues resolved. MORAL--GUILT DUE TO OTHERS NOT COMPLYING WITH THE CUSTOMER REQUEST IS ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, AND CAN CAUSE THE CUSTOMER EXTREME FINAICIAL LOSSES.
Martha may be in the same boat--trusting someone to do their job!!


Dear Attorney General,
Going after Martha Stewart is such a waste of taxpayer's time and money! Does it really have to get drug out even longer? The bottom line is that she was and is totally innocent! A lot of people love to hate her and only because she is a bright and successful WOMAN! I am here to say that there are more rotten & bigger fish to catch so please stop wasting our time and money!

Linda H. White

Dear Attorney General, Leave martha alone you all should go after the enron People, martha gives so much to the people.



Dear Attorney General,
It's hard to believe the Justice Department would allow itself to get involved in a witch-hunt against Martha Stewart. Here is another case of the time-worn mob-hobby of attempting to destroy a popular personality.
Find something better to do.

Stan Cowan

Dear Attorney General,
It seems unreal that Martha Stewart should be pursued so strongly - there are some really bad people among us that require investigation. It seems ludicrous for anyone to think that $250,000 of stock could "make or break" Martha Stewart. I will continue to buy her books, magazines and endorsed products.

A loyal Martha Stewart fan

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