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Online portal for fans of Martha Stewart.Portal provides news and discussion group for loyal Martha Stewart customers.

New York—(July 8, 2002) was officially launched today to provide an open forum for news and discussion of Martha Stewart . The site is designed for fans and others concerned about the rash of recent negative publicity as a result of the SEC investigation.

According to Save Martha! Editor John Small, "A group of Martha Stewart fans got together and decided the kind of negative coverage in the media of top female executives that we’ve seen recently deserves a response. is a place to address this concern and to ensure that we preserve due process while this investigation goes on. Fans of Martha need a place to come and voice their opinions and concerns."

The site offers the latest news, polls, discussion , and ability to send messages directly to major media outlets as well as to Martha Stewart’s media partners and advertisers.

"One of the interesting things about the site is it gives us the chance to see the difference between the public’s response to Martha vs. the media. So far people seem to be willing to wait and see what really happened and give her a chance to tell her story before they rush to judgement."

One poll on this site reveals that over 60% of users think that Martha Stewart is being treated unfairly by the press. "Given the recent scandals in corporate America, many are angry when they hear a CEO does something wrong. But our readers seem to feel that it’s the Enrons and Worldcoms that are much more important when it comes to what the media should cover and to the overall economy. There seems to be a double standard out there when it comes to coverage of female executives," said John Small, editor of

The site also offers merchandise, from Save Martha! T-shirts, caps and mugs to beach coolers. According to John Small,"What would a site about Martha Stewart be without quality merchandise? All of our products are being handled by Café Press, which provides great quality assurance and customer service. We hope people wear the cap or the shirt to the beach this summer as a show of support." is an independent news and discussion portal, and is unaffiliated in any way with Martha Stewart Omnimedia or its affiliates.

John Small is the founder of Sunday Media, a marketing company based in New York. He is a bestselling author and marketing consultant who has worked for Procter & Gamble, Revlon, GE and He is an alumnus of Williams College and the Kellogg Graduate school of Management.

SaveMartha is Sunday Media production.


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